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B7-5 "Selfless"

A4-3 "The House Always Wins"

说着就去看了一眼"Beer Bad"。。哈哈哈B...

B7-4 "Help"

A4-2 "Ground State"

B7-3 "Same Time, Same Place"

A4-1 "Deep Down"

B7-2 "Beneath You"

S4E06 "Wild at Heart"之前一直抱怨Rile...

B7-1 "Lessons"

"Who Are You" my favorite Riley momen...

"Who Are You" 多大程度上后面几季的走...

Hush 原来后排有Andy Hallett(Joss说他...

"Television with a Bite" 电影版的幕后...

B6-21 "Two to Go" B6-22 "Grave"

B6-20 "Villains"

B6-19 "Seeing Red"

A3-20 "A New World"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel 截图观剧笔记

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