Auto complete for JavaScript(nodejs),...

Auto complete for C/C++ macros.

sr-speedbar, still has some problems.

auto-complete for scheme(via geiser)

Browse common lisp hyperspec document...

auto-complete for elisp

Helm find recent file, buffers.

Helm select mutliple files for later ...


helm-M-x, "M-x" with better completion.

View man page within Emacs with helm ...

Auto-complete for python.

Org-mode, org-babel, with auto-comple...

Startup screen

Auto-complete for common lisp

Auto-complete for clojure with nrepl

Auto-complete for C++ Qt

Auctex mode with outline-minor-mode

Some screenshots for oh-my-emacs(https://github.com/xiaohanyu/oh-my-emacs)

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