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List of math rock groups
2014-05-08 14:19:05
数学摇滚(Math-rock)(或称"数字摇滚")是一种实验性的摇滚风格,80年代后期 萌芽于美国。 数学摇滚曲风大多混合噪音摇滚(Noise rock)、后摇滚(Post rock)、前卫摇滚(progressive rock)、简约音乐(Minimal music)、电子音乐(Electronic music)等。它的一个特点是编曲复杂,经常使用不规则停顿或开始、不自然......

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[00:35.29]Interviewer: Just where ah... just where are you coming from?
[00:38.82]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Well... I don't like the way the country's ran, don't you know, and, erm...
[00:45.19]That's pretty much what I was expressing in my poem.
[00:48.68]The governm, the American government - they're sneaky, they're very deceitful, they're the liars, they're cheats, they're rip-offs.
[00:58.30]I mean, the American government is one systematic government that nobody can trust.
[01:04.80]I don't trust 'em myself.
[01:09.00]Interviewer: And how long have you been writing for?
[01:11.00]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Huh?
[01:11.65]Interviewer: How long have you been writing for?
[01:13.50]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Since I was four.
[01:17.40]Interviewer: Do you do this sort of thing a lot, like, open-mic kinda questions?
[01:20.15]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Oh,I love open-mics, I love coming here to do open-mics, absolutely.
[01:24.50]Interviewer: What kind of reactions do you usually get?
[01:28.45]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Usually, people are... are pretty much in agreement with what I'm saying.
[01:37.76]Interviewer: We overheard you before talking about... you went to court today for a speeding ticket?
[01:42.42]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: That's accurate.
[01:43.65]Interviewer: Right. Do you wanna tell us that story?
[01:45.40]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Yes,absolutely, I wouldn't mind telling you the story.
[01:49.45]Erm... I went to court today for a speeding ticket, and I told the judge, erm...
[01:56.90]"Let me tell you something. “
[01:58.65]And you listen and you listen good, I'm only gonna say this one time and one time only, I don't repeat myself for nobody," I said.
[02:04.98]I says "I'm here to pay a speeding ticket, not to listen to your lectures and hear you run your mouth for an hour."
[02:12.85]I says "I'm here to pay off my speeding ticket ...and I'm here to get my fines out of the way and get the fuck to work."
[02:19.69]The judge says "You can't talk like that in my courtroom, you're in contempt of court."
[02:23.15]Then I said... I told the judge, "If that's the best you can do, I feel sorry for you."
[02:30.32]I said "Why don't you just shut your fucking mouth for once and listen."
[02:32.90]I said "I'm not gonna take any shit."
[02:35.19]I said "I'm gonna pay my speeding ticket like I said."
[02:38.00]I walked up to the god damn judge and I hand him my 25 dollars and I says "Here's my money, now I am leaving."
[02:44.50][03:23.60]And I left it at that.
[02:47.20]I, before I left, I turned around and told the judge
[02:50.85]"I'm here to state who I am and be honest with you." “
[02:53.84]I said "If they thought I was dangerous on the road like you're trying to accuse me of, wouldn't they have taken my license when I first got it?
[03:02.50]Yes they would."
[03:03.60]And the judge says "Yeah, you have a point,"
[03:05.40]He goes "You don't need to get loud,"
[03:06.45]I says "Don't get loud?"
[03:07.85]I says "I've got every right to get loud."
[03:10.60]I says "You can't do a god damn thing about it, because I'm expressing myself in your court, and there is nothing you can do about it.
[03:17.15]You think you're god because you have a robe and you can put people up the goddamn river for 20 years? Well you're not." “
[03:26.25]Interviewer: Did you walk away?
[03:27.90]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Yes I did...
[03:32.23]I don't like the judicial system, I don't like the government system, I don't like the police, I don't like anything to do with this country's government.
[03:39.85]I just don't like it, because... they're sneaky, like I said - they're deceitful, they're lying, they're cheats, they rip people off.
[03:49.00]That's the American government for you.
[03:50.70]America is a third world country, and people don't recognise it...
[03:54.12]And I think that that's pretty god damn sad, that they don't recognise their own country as a third world, third rate, third class slum.
[08:08.20]Interviewer: Well... Do you have any weapons?
[08:11.12]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Yes,I do.
[08:13.15]I own a high-powered assault rifle,
[08:15.29]I own a 12-gauge double barrel shotgun,
[08:18.37]I own a regular shotgun,
[08:20.18]I own a regular hunting rifle, I own a 9mm, a 357, a 45 handgun, a 38 special,
[08:27.71]And, erm...I own an M16 fully automatic ground assault rifle...
[08:41.25]Interviewer: Do you think things are gonna get better before they get worse?
[08:44.51]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: No way. Things are just gonna get worse and keep on getting worse.
[08:48.62]Like I said, America's a third world country as it is and... and we're just basically in a hopeless situation as it stands.
[08:56.35]Interviewer: What do you think this country's gonna looklike in the year 2003?
[09:01.75]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Y'know, I'll tell you the truth - nothing against you guys, but I don't wanna answer that question because...
[09:06.45]I haven't even got a mind that's that...that inhumane.
[09:13.40]Interviewer: Are you ready for what's coming?
[09:16.90]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Ready as I'll ever be.
[09:21.10]Interviewer: Most people aren't.
[09:24.50]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: There's a little saying... Dates back for generations...
[09:29.60]Interviewer: Go on...
[09:31.10]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Be prepared for anything at any time from anybody, don't take no shit, always stand your ground.
[09:37.00]People wanna come up to me and run their mouth - guess what?
[09:39.35]I'll throw them through the fucking window... I won't think a thing of it.
[09:47.52]Interviewer: Would you mind reciting your poem for us?
[09:51.04]Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Not at all, I don't see why... I don't see why I couldn't.
[09:54.54]There's an evil virus that's threatening mankind
[09:57.12]It's not state of the art, it's a serious state of the mind
[09:59.95]The muggers, the backstabbers, the two faced elite
[10:01.97]A menace to society, a social disease
[10:04.60]To brainwash the mind is a social disorder
[10:07.20]The cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order
[10:09.40]Watching beginnings of social decay
[10:11.28]Gloating and sneering at life's disarray
[10:13.10]Eating away at your own self esteem
[10:14.70]Pouncing on every word that you might be saying
[10:17.00]To attack someone's mind is a social disorder
[10:19.94]The constitution, the government, martial law order
[10:23.15]Superficially smiling a shake of the hand
[10:25.40]As soon as your back is turned treason is planned
[10:27.67]When every good thing's laid to rest
[10:29.41]By the governments hate, by the constitution and their lies
[10:33.09]And every time you think you're safe
[10:34.73]And when you go to turn away
[10:35.90]You know they're sharpening all their knives
[10:37.63][10:39.90]All in your mind
[10:38.38][10:40.60]All in your head
[10:39.15]Try to relate it
[10:41.17]Try to escape it
[10:41.79]Without a conscience they destroy
[10:43.60]And that's a thing that they enjoy
[10:44.79]They're a sickness that's in all of our minds
[10:46.45]They want to sink the ship and leave
[10:48.26]The way they laugh at you and me
[10:49.36]You know it happens all the time
[10:50.79]But it only happens in your mind
[10:52.62]The rats in the cellar you know who you are...
[10:54.60]Or do you?
[10:55.60]Watching beginnings of social decay...
[10:58.46]Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

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