In the name of music, visit the city of civilization.
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Dreamland San Francisco
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Round 2,2012
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@Barnes & Noble, signing of Winter Journal sep.10th
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She is a study of lines,an immortal name through the confident precision of lament.
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Seen her three time: gig last summer, poetry reading of Allen Ginsberg last month, and discus...
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Lollapalooza 20th Anniversary ,Chicago, IL
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Land of a thousand stances
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Hopefully we can hear more great music from James' label DFA. Good luck to them all. @Term...
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Nov.4th,2010 @Webster Hall, NYC Review:
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Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY Oct.23rd,2010 快两年没听他们的歌了,09年那张resistance也...
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Oct.8th @Terminal 5
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By canon 40d
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A unique artistic voice can set our soul ringing
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It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable.I love this...
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我的摄影是坦白的,一如我的秃头。我不会戴假发来修饰外表。 ...
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