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42 years ago, I remember our family moving into the prestigious Chongqing Road, famous as 5th Avenue of the British Concession. The Avenue always seemed to have a quiet sedate atmosphere, there were very few cars, occasionally by chance one saw a old style car driving along at a steady pace, not fast or slow, as it came up to the gates of the Colonial Villa the armed guards never moved and yet the gates mysteriously opened to let the car in without it slowing down, just as mysteriously the gates closed behind it.


10 years ago, I decided to take our old house back on a lease. This old British Colonial style house built in 1936 that held so many extraordinary memories of a time that no longer exists. By the year 2010 I have managed to open it as a vibrant, living and stimulating meeting place, it has come back to life as The Coffice.


Throughout time people have always needed places where they could go to and meet others, be it for social or business reasons, a mixture of working and living, a place to meet strangers or old friends, a place to meet and discuss a stimulating idea, a place to sit quietly read a book, a place to having a party and enjoy world class Italian coffee. The Coffice is becoming a focal meeting point of interesting and stimulating people.We hope to see the business person as much as the coffee lover, in the Coffice we provide that coffee shop atmosphere plus also business facilities to support you in your work, but in a most pleasant environment. You can enjoy your work, if you do it at the Coffice! Also you can watch a film in 5.1 channel cinema.


We take pride in bringing joy to all our customers at Coffice in every aspect, from using the very finest ingredients and experienced barista's to offering you the best facilities and most welcoming environment that we possibly can.
When you come to Coffice, you're never "just" having coffee, you're sharing an experience that will last forever.

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