life is now

2017-03-14 04:49:27
life is what it is happening now don't expect people to bring what you want go get it yourself you are the bravest strongest and unique enjoy the presence relax in the moment

single expert

2014-09-29 04:41:43
speaking to being single i consider myself as an expert of this field even much better than my major: communication when it comes to student parties i have been told that what sort of drawbacks of them like, well students don't know what they want they cant give you anything promising or they just......

it meant to be...

2014-09-09 00:33:20
it meant to be in this way i had to say goodbye to my summer lover by pushing him to the next level of our relationship of course it was too rush and too spontaneous so it did not work out surprislingly i was sad for like a couple of days now i only have you and it is a bit werid because i know fr......

you are here

2014-09-04 06:27:41
you are here touching everything i have been working on for the whole afternoon you are here you checked my paper you cooked with me you played "Sacrilegious" on Grooveshark you smiled you saw the univerise check we talked we huged I am thinking about you for the whole day but now you ......

my future hushand

2014-09-03 05:44:18
when i first time saw you my heartbeat stopped and im glad that we started talking and being into each other i like the night when you asked me to grab some beer with your buddies honestly first, i thought it was a date and then i thought, wait, in kings head, does not sound promising to be a dat......


2014-05-19 10:35:07
在字典里的意义是:Someone who would make better marriage material than baby momma material. 还可以是Someone who you'd likely spend the rest of your life with if you found him or her,或者更简单的就是something is worthy to keep。我不知道我现在算不算是遇见了他

From Chris my love

2013-03-27 21:11:15
Thanks! I know I have told you this already but here it is again. You are the most special girl i have ever met and i have enjoyed every single second i have spent with you. I was always haopy even on that horrible train journey because I was with you! I think you are beautiful every time i see you ......


2013-01-02 22:47:00
2013我要换新的策略,对于你。因为我不能再是2012那个对于爱勇敢直前追着你跑,没有一点攻略的小妹妹了,因为我们更加了解彼此,明白对方所需要的东西和人生的目标,我们合适,我们又不适合。可是,这一切时间可以给出答案。 2013,你的工作将注定会让我心神不宁,你的进退也会让我快乐或者伤神,我当然是希望你可以和我在......    (7回应)


2012-11-09 20:56:43
i am about to fall in love 吗?其实还有有一段漫长的过程要走,才可以时不时冒出it is the one的强烈感觉。慢慢来,我觉得这次我可以玩得很好!
我知道那个时候 我的身上一定散发着廉价的气息 但是 勇敢站出来应该没有错八 btw 美韩couple还蛮配 我真是嫉妒><
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