Improve something

2018-10-16 21:53:48
Opportunities are for those who get ready. I got A twice in this year.But I don’t happy. The data is more and more better.But I don’t happy. I should improve my skill and presentation skill.Looking for a good opportunity.

Try to grow up

2018-10-16 00:59:00
I’m looking for a change to get new life. Asked for a help from xy and gc.Goto wechat or ali is my goal when I graduated with my college. 4 years later,maybe should start planning for it. Just hold on,something will be better somehow. Peace and love

So sad

2018-10-10 21:42:24
My lighting to 3.5mm adapter is missing. That is so sad

New field

2018-10-09 23:48:41
Today, I went to a new filed of streamer We launched a new activity. IF you stream in Nimo TV. We will give you salary. Financial personnel and forensic personnel need to review the activity to makesure anything is ok. The point is how to sent salary, but they focus on the rules. Speed is impor...

Keep Fit

2018-10-08 20:49:35
Since I graduated from school, I kept the bad habit of sleeping late.Then my health was unhappy. So I went to the gym in my company in this evening. I realize that my heart rate is 145 when I am running.That is a bad news. I need to go to bed early and go to gym regularly .Back to a healthy life....

Happy National Day

2018-10-07 23:30:27
I don't think I can write a diary in English. But I just try to do it. I feel high pressure recently.I can't sleep buecuse i can not help thinking about my job detials in anytime. In National Day, XY came to GuangZhou to see me. That is so beautiful time in this year. We went to HuangPuGuGang, we...


2015-11-23 12:16:01

设计与死 读后感

2015-11-13 19:37:22
本书的作者是黑川雅之,著名的建筑与工业设计师。然而我并不熟悉这个领域,购买此书,更多是冲着书名《设计与死》而去。 读完此书,我依然不能看透此书的中心思想,也不能理解设计与死的关系。 本书是作者的博客“曼荼罗纪行”搜集下来的文集,读起来就是一本很轻松很清新的散文,积极向上的风格,没有半丝沉重。关于设计......
如果对设计不敢兴趣,请看文章最后的故事「老头的孙子」,里面揭示了用手机注册的严重后果。 曾说「注册」这破事儿,麻烦起来会让人发指。如果你在2004年申请了第一个 QQ,成功后有朋友叫你帮他注册一个,你会燃起杀了他的焰火。 注册所追求的,是流畅和安全。如果用户在注册时就开始担心忘记密码,那这个产品是失败的。 ......


2014-04-19 16:08:53
有没有试过在QQ空间发了一条心情后,在新浪微博发了一遍。其实还想在朋友圈发一遍,因为麻烦,想想还是算了? QQ空间、新浪微博和朋友圈,这三个社区成为我发布状态的地方。无论在 LOFTER上发照片,博客上发文章,其分享方向都离不开这三个社区。 三个之中,分享微博是最简单直接的,浏览器打开新浪微博和QQ空间,分享微......
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