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Cat person
trying to: past IELTS

A few yrs ago:
Used Airbnb service for people who want to rent rooms in my homes. Used to run and manage twenty rooms on my own.

Elegant is yet to be.

We can enjoy a beautiful flower without necessarily wanting to own it.
We see the flower as if its perfect structure and organization should have a purpose.

The only end it serves is its own existence.

We see the flower as if it is a perfect embodiment of a rule, whereas it is a rule unto itself.
We say “this flower is beautiful” not because we have reasoned it based on principles but because we perceive it that way.

Sometimes, the artist releases control of the materials, letting the colors spread freely, splashed onto canvas, burlap, or metal. This liberation is the spirit of Marcel Duchamp’s invention of the ready-made, an artwork salvaged from the world’s detritus.
— On Beauty.


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