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Every one of us is like a man who sees things in a dream and thinks that he knows them perfectly and then wakes up to find that he knows nothing.
Plato, Statesman

By virtue of memory, the mind seems to be even stronger than reality; it pits its strength against the inherent futility of everything that is subject to change.
Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind

Political orders are kept secure not only by means of distance from what would destroy them, but sometimes by means of proximity thereto: for when the citizens are afraid, they hold firmly to the political order. Therefore those who think on behalf of the political order must contrive causes of fear, that the citizens may be on guard and like sentries at night not relax their watch; and they must make what is distant appear to be at hand.
Aristotle, Politics 1308a24–30

No Defect of human heart suits despotism than egoism.
Tocqueville, DIA

There is no escape from yesterday because yesterday has deformed us, or been deformed by us.
Samuel Beckett (Proust 13)


(提摩太前书 6:20-21)

Sed mihi neutiguam cor consentit cum oculorum adspectu.



“The need to have authentically lived and also to know what to do about dying are knotted together in a way that none of our usual intellectual approaches can adequately untangle.”


Although I can at least confine
  Your vanity and mine
    To stating timidly
    A timid similarity
    We Shall boast anyway:
    Like love I say.
    Like love we don’t know where or why,
    Like love we can’t compel or fly,
    Like love we often weep,
    Like love we seldom keep.

Existence deploys itself only by a struggle against itself, and this is what explains the distressing and terrifying character of existence.

"Those who deny some being is contingent should be exposed to torments until they concede that it is possible for them not to be tormented." ——Duns Scotus

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