Scat Mistress Looking For A Male Slave

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2014-05-12 05:55:15 JamesWroe

hello, im quite young, turned 18 a few months ago, im small, short and skinny, fairly week and very submissive. you can have me for as long as you want, i'll serve as your loyal slave and come and live with you. Everything you ask, i will do. Im yours to command and yours only. I am very very interested

Dave Rowe
2015-09-03 16:06:18 Dave Rowe

Goddess...I am yours for

2015-11-09 02:31:41 xxpromo

looking for jobs for scat slave ........ plz write if availabel

Tahir Amjad
2016-07-12 07:49:16 Tahir Amjad

Hi. I am interested in this position for my whole life. Please contact me at

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