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    e.g.News that the company is attempting an image makeover has been welcomed.
    e.g.Honda unveiled the car's high-tech makeover this week.
    2.in a matter of days:
    e.g.The tornado swept the village to empty in a matter of days.
    e.g.The city council has refused to finance the project.
    4.convert to:
    e.g.I used to hate exercise, but my sister has converted me (to it).
    5.inhabited by:
    e.g.These remote islands are inhabited only by birds.
    6.sit in:
    e.g.There will be a school inspector sitting in on your class this morning.
    7.charge with:
    e.g.He was charged with taking care of the premises.
    e.g.At the forthcoming elections, the government will be seeking a fresh mandate from the people.
    e.g.In the phrase "Leave him alone!", the verb "leave" is in the imperative form.
    (The president said it was imperative that the release of all hostages be secured.(也有很紧急重要的意思))
    e.g.I tripped on a piece of wire that someone had stretched across the path.
    11.fight off
    e.g.I was trying to fight off the urge to sneak into the kitchen for something to eat.
    e.g.Her body couldn’t fight the infection off.
    e.g.The system costs £99.95 including shipping and handling and a twelve-month guarantee.(保修)
    e.g.Can you give me a cast-iron guarantee that the work will be completed on time?(类似于承诺)
    e.g.It's a relatively simple task that really doesn't warrant a great deal of time being spent on it.(有必要)
    e.g.a search warrant(搜查令)
    e.g.There's no warrant for that sort of behaviour!(原因)
    14.up front:
    The more you pay up front, the less you’ll have to finance.
    15.spurred by
    Spurred by her early success, she went on to write four more novels in rapid succession(一连串一口气).
    e.g.France and Britain have squabbled over who will lead, but in this new kind of multilateralism, coalition management will be a constant challenge.(联盟)
    e.g.Instead, be completely open about your affiliation or ownership with the business in question, and explain exactly why you’re responding to any public criticism.(从属关系)
    e.g.This will show the relationship between them as an association.(协会/联合的关系)
    19.prod (刺棒-敦促)
    e.g.The question is intended to prod students into examining the concept of freedom.
    20.spring up
    e.g.Buildings in Shanghai continue to spring up without loft insulation or double glazing.


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