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    Nowadays, water is a scarce resource across the world and the shortage of it will challenge not only food supply (water for agricultural use accounts for 70%) but also domestic well-being (power plants, nuclear plants and others need water in their core cooling system). Hence the top target for water conservation lies in agriculture.

    As rain pattern changed by global warming, it is suggested that governments build reservoirs and tanks to store water rather than letting it run away during rainy seasons and finding it difficult to cover crop yeild. Sadly, these production are often moved to countries where water is less accessible, and the inproper way of irrigation lead to more water pollution.

    Technologies such as water desalination are not new to public, however the high cost and little incentives make it hard to expand world wide especially in poorer countries where water is most needed.

    Different from South African countries where water is sometimes charged for free, Australia takes greater priority in water scarcity and also set up higher price. They announced a scheme in relation to water conservation which allow land-owners to trade their shares of water after government’s annual allocation. This could increase people conscience in saving water for the use of drought seasons.

    Though this policy would be tough for some other countries for follow suit, it is urgent to set up an effecient water-management system, for example, better modeling tools and global-water-risk management system.

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