How do you get better?怎样提高自己的水平?


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    Ray Martin

    For me, it's been a mix of surrounding myself around others I admire (designers, developers, people in other industries; basically, anyone who gives a fuck about what they do) and getting out of my comfort zone.

    Sometimes this means going into a presentation and bombing, or being challenged about design decisions I was sure were the right ones—being critiqued with full honesty has been one of the biggest things for me because it can help you see things differently. Tunnel vision is real, and it's so easy to spin your wheels on the same thing.

    Kill your ego. This will only help you grow by welcoming valuable feedback with an open mind. This is crucial when you're in a team whose common goal is to make great products, experiences, brands, etc. with the best possible solutions.

    As overly cliche as this is, "failing" will only make you a better designer. This circles back to getting out of your comfort zone and realizing that the people you work with are looking at you (and trust you) to solve whatever it is you're working on.

    Immerse yourself in multiple areas, not just design. Read up on anything and everything, because you never know when NASA will come to you to design an app and now you're suddenly a rocket scientist.

    tl;dr... hang out with people who are doing cool stuff, step out of your comfort zone, kill your ego, and be interested in multiple things.


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    三二 (偏偏喜欢你。) 2016-11-08 14:53:10

    Jonas S

    Being a better designer is only about skills and practices. This is what I have done that have worked for me:


    – Read books by the best writers and deliberately practice the advices in the books. Brainstorm about fake projects or apply the advices on previously done projects to really, really understand what they try to teach you. And, read at least to different books from different authors on the subject to get a better overview.


    – Teach. To really understand a subject try to explain it to others in the simplest way possible. You will discover how little you actually know. And you don't really need an audience. You could just write it down.


    – Practice. There are no shortcuts. Select a skill that you want to improve like typography or creativity and set a side at least a couple minutes everyday for a year Create an exercise around the skill.


    – Steal. Find a design that you really love and try to rebuild it. It could be a whole app or just a button. You will discover all the little decisions behind the solution. Those decisions are now you in your own toolbox.


    – Have patience. You will not improve over night.


    You have to try to discover what works. I want to recommend 《The little book of Talent 》which is about finding exercises that could improve any skill.


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    Andy Leverenz


    I've done my best work as a result of hacking other people's designs or code. If you can find a mentor (who is good at what they do) try and shadow them on their projects if possible.

    I remember years ago when Photoshop was king I had a mentor that would knocking out some really impressive designs. I asked if could get a copy of his PSDs and since we worked together (I was an intern at the time) he was cool with it. From there, I dissected each layer piece by piece and later used the techniques in my own work. At that time layer masks were new to me and from that point forward it changed my entire workflow for the good.

    Fast forward to now: not a day goes by where I'm not trying to learn or achieve something new. If anything I'll be sure to read the latest news regarding web design and tech so I can have some knowledge about where the future of my work is headed.

    My takeaways and suggestions:

    Pick apart other people's work
    Practice a lot
    Try and always push boundaries. Humans can get too comfortable and in doing so we tend to be repetitive
    You will always feel out of touch. There will always be someone better than you. It's how you approach your own path is what makes you unique to a prospective client or project. Figure out what you accel at the most and focus on it. More often than not people get hired for being a specialist in one skillset rather than a jack of all trades whose work is decent but not great.
    I wrote a short article on the matter if you have interest.
    Hope this helps!


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