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    等啊等~ 强人赶紧来吧~

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    我从后面开始翻: PS for January 2010 Happy New Year, readers! As I wrote in my essay in my annual "The Year Ahead 2010" calendar, this will be a year we when we will all need to reinvent ourselves. The world is not the same world we inhabited just a few years ago, so we need to change, too. We won't be returning to the way things used to be, and honestly, even if we could, going backward doesn't sound that appealing. Although things had looked fine on the surface, as we, a global culture, saw over the past two years, there were cracks in our foundations that needed to be fixed. Last year was about discovering where those fissures were, and to decide what to do about what we found. This month starts off big, with two major eclipses. First a lunar, full moon eclipse will arrive on January 1 (in the USA it arrived a day earlier, December 31, 2009) and on January 15. When things start to shift rapidly, take on an experimental, playful spirit. To respond to events, do something new and innovative - and what the people surrounding you would not expect you to do. We learned last year that the old formulas simply don't apply anymore, so it's time to be brave and try something new. Jupiter will move into Pisces this month on January 17, the most compassionate and most artistic of signs. It's a sign of hope and happiness, and next month, on the weekend of February 27-28, we will all enjoy the Luckiest Days of the Year. We didn't have a luckiest day of the year in 2009, so this is really something to get ready for - in your report, you will have clues about how best to use this. For sure, February will be the best month of the year, with lots of dazzling aspects to enjoy. You have a big year! Make it your breakout year! 关于2010年一月的补充 新年好,读者们 当我写下2010年的展望这篇文章的时候,我认为:这将是我们需要重新塑造自我的一年。这个世界将再不是我们以前熟悉的世界,所以,我们也需要随之而改变。我们不能回到过去了,就算我们能回去,回到过去似乎也不是什么好的事情。虽然以前发生的一些事情(世界文化)在过去的两年表面上看起来还不错,但是事物的基础已经有所损坏,需要加以修复。去年是用来发现这些损坏所在并决定该怎样修复这些缺陷的一年。 这个月份一开始就有了大的星象变化,有两次大的日食,首先是月亮。全月食将在1月1日来临。(美国会早上一天,12.31.2009即会发生)第二次将发生在一月十五号,当事情开始出现迅速变化的时候。请保持一种玩乐的勇于实践新事物的精神。为了迎合这次这次变化,去尝试着做一些新的事物——这些事物将是你周围的人不期望你做的。我们在去年学到了旧的处理事物的方式已经不再适用。所以,现在是时候勇敢的尝试新的事物(或处世方式)的时候了。 一月十七日木星将移进双鱼,这是一个充满着怜悯和艺术气质的宫位。它象征着希望和欢乐。再接下来的2月的27-28号,我们将一起迎接全年(2010)年最幸运的一天。在2009年我们并没有这样幸运的一天,所以请为这一天的到来做好准备,在你的(心里?)已经有了怎样用好这幸运的一天的线索。可以肯定的是,二月将会是2010年中最好的一个月,有很多绚烂的事情让你开心。你将会有很好的,突破性的一年。 > 删除

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    Scorpio Dates to Note The eclipse of December 31 /January 1 (depending on your time zone) may bring a quick trip to a sunny isle. News about your sister or brother, cousin, or neighbor could be a main focus in January, especially at mid-month. You may need to travel again just after January 15. You may need to sign papers at mid-month - do so after Mercury is moving direct and leaving some space, January 17-19. Still, if you have any reservations about the deal, go slowly. Saturn goes retrograde, ruling agreements, January 13. Venus enters Aquarius late on January 19, and stays until February 11, great for beautifying your home or for entertaining others at your house. Once Jupiter enters Pisces this month, you'll be one of the most favored signs for love this year: January 17. Wow! Best romantic dates: January 8, 9. 12, 17, 19, and 28. Honestly, you'll do very well from January 17 onward! A key career development will occur within four days of January 31. You'll be ready to take action. 天蝎座需要注意的一些关键日期 12月31日或是1月一日的月食(由你所在的时区决定具体时间)将给你带来一次轻快的阳光之行(旅游) 在一月份,以期是一月你的兄弟姐妹们,堂兄堂弟堂姐堂妹,或者是邻居的新闻将会成为你关注的焦点。 在1月15号后你可能需要再次的旅行 在月中你可能需要签署一些文件,而水星的离开将留下空白,如果你仍有一些文件的处理没有完成,那么可以慢慢来。 1月13号土星的逆行,将会达成某项协议(?) 金星将在1月19日进入水瓶,并会一直呆到2月11号。在这期间美化你的房子,或是请朋友到家里来玩将会是一个不错的选择。 当木星在这个月进入双鱼后,你会成为最受爱情青睐的人。在这一年,所以记住这一天,1月17日! 最浪漫最适合约会的时间:1月的8,9,12,17,19和28号。实际上在1月17号后你都将有爱情上的好运。 事业上取得关键进展可能会发生在1月31号的前后四天,你将开始准备行动。

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    我要出门了 晚上要去吃喜酒 看大家的了

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    Scorpio women, if you wear stilettos, be careful when walking over uneven, broken sidewalks, potholes, or cobblestones as the month begins. All Scorpios, watch where you walk on the beach, lest you run into a rock, sharp shell, or something else that would hurt your feet. 天蝎女,在本月开始时,如果你穿高跟鞋,那么小心不平整的路面,坑洼,或者鹅卵石人行道。所有的天蝎们,当你们走过海滩的时候,尽量不要跑到石头,锋利的贝壳或者其他可能伤到你的脚的东西上。 Mercury will still be retrograde too, until January 15, which will increase the probability that there will be delays at the airport or that you will need very accurate directions. 水星逆行会持续到1月15号,这将增加你在机场延误的可能性,或者你可能需要非常准确的方向感。 It's also not a time to sign contracts, which is problematic this month, when paperwork may be presented to you for your signature. Try to delay signing until January 18 or even later if possible. 这也不是签署合同的好时候,这个月需要你签名的书面文件可能出现问题,如果可能试着延迟到1月18号或者更往后吧。 The second eclipse, January 15, will also encourage you to travel. With so many planets filling your third house - Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the new moon, and the Sun - you seem to be very busy and on the road, but not heading to foreign countries at that time so much as traveling to places closer to home. 1月15日的第二次月蚀也将鼓励你旅行。有这么多的行星填满你的第三宫——冥王星,水星,金星,新月,还有太阳——你可能会在路上非常忙碌,但是那时不是面向外国而是到离家较近的地方旅行。

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    大兮兮 我等你的哈 xingluofeixue 谢了

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    -v- 感谢。。。帮顶~ 细细

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    我真的很需要这句啊!! 身为一只蝎子,在1月和未来的几个月间,你将越来越发现自己占得天时地利。未来这一年绝不会旧辙重蹈 阿门 抱下lz

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    The trip that comes up later in the month will not likely be for work, but taken for rest and privacy. As a Scorpio, there is a limit to the amount of socializing you usually like to do before you call a halt to it and scoot away for time alone (or with only one other person). Scorpio is the Greta Garbo of signs - you gain strength by being alone - and then you are ready to be with friends again. 这个月晚些时候的旅程可能不是为了工作,而是出于休闲和个人的原因。作为一个天蝎座,在社交活动当中,你通常喜欢在你叫停和溜走独处之前就要求限制参与的人数(或者只和另外一个人在一起)。天蝎是葛丽泰嘉宝的标志——你从独处中获得力量——然后就可以再次与朋友在一起。 The two eclipses that are occurring this month aren't just about travel but about opening your mind to a bigger, wider universe. You will be grasping the bigger picture of things and seeing possibilities that eluded you before now. You seem hungry for new interests and ready to tackle new subjects. You also seem to want to start a new chapter in your life. Because the new moon, January 15, is also a powerful solar eclipse, it carries extra weight and punch. 这个月在两个蚀相中发生的事,不仅仅是关于旅行,还有开放思想到一个更大,更广泛的世界。与从前没有达到的(境界)相比,你将更全面的掌握事物的形势,看到更多的可能性,你似乎对新的兴趣很积极,并准备应付新的课题。你似乎也想在你的生活中开始新的篇章。因为新月,1月15日,也是一个强大的日蚀,它会带来额外的压力和冲击。 Because the third house of the horoscope rules communication, the solar eclipse of January 15 will have the power to teach you to communicate in a whole new way. You may start a blog or expand or revamp a website you have now. If you have always written papers or reports, you may be asked to teach your level of expertise to others. You may begin a very successful advertising or publicity campaign for your business, or you may sell a screenplay. You may take a class in improvisation and it may open up new vistas - you see the possibilities here! 因为占星的第三宫掌管交流,1月15日的日蚀将教你一种全新的沟通方式。你可以开始写博客,或者扩展和改造你现有的一个网站。如果你一直做书面工作或报告,可能被要求将专业水平教给别人。你将为你的公司启动一个非常成功的广告或者宣传活动,或者你可能会卖出一个剧本。你可以参加一个即兴创作,这将带来新的局面——你会看到这可能的! No matter how this very friendly eclipse affects you, the result will be the same: Some of your biggest personal growth this year will stem from learning how to communicate ideas or feelings to a wider audience and in a more sophisticated, polished way. 不管这个日蚀对你的影响有多好,结果可能是相同的:学习用一种更复杂细致的方式将创意或者感情与更广泛的人沟通,这将是你今年最大的个人成长的来源。

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    Let's now talk about your career. The month's first eclipse, December 31 / January 1, will fall in your solar ninth house and may mark a final chapter in a publishing or broadcasting project. If so, there will be something rather important about this particular assignment or job, simply because your work on it coincides with an eclipse. 现在我们来谈谈你的职业生涯。这月的第一个蚀,12月31日/1月1日,太阳将落在你的第九宫,这可能标志着出版或者传播项目的最后一步。如果是这样,关于这个具体任务或者工作的事情将很重要,因为你的这个工作恰逢一个月食。 You may see your book published, or you may see a radio or TV show you've worked on be wrapped up. If you are worried that your TV or radio show will be cancelled, it seems more likely to happen on the next eclipse, June 26, not now. I can't see everything in your chart, and I will admit I do see an ending, so it could happen now, but you seem happy this month. If you do see anything untoward happen, trust that it will be for the best, for you truly have a spectacular chart, and only good will flow to you. 您可能会看到你的书出版,或者会看到你正在工作的一个电台或电视节目结束。如果您担心您的电视或电台节目被取消,那似乎更有可能发生在下次月食,6月26日,而不是现在。我看不到你星盘的全部内容,我承认我看到了结局,所以现在它可能会发生,但你这个月似乎很高兴。如果你看到任何不愉快的事情发生,相信这将是最好的,因为你真正拥有了一个壮观的星盘,这只对你有好处。 Still, if you were born within five days of November 2 or have Scorpio rising near 10 degrees, the December 31 / January 1 eclipse will strongly benefit you. 不过,如果你是出生在包括11月2日在内的附近5天,或者你有天蝎座上升接近10度,12月31日/1月1日的月蚀将对你有很大好处。 If you were born November 17 plus or minus five days, or have Scorpio rising near 25 degrees, you will find the solar eclipse of January 15 very helpful. 如果你是11月17日出生,或者加减五天,或者有天蝎上升接近25度,你可能会发笑1月15日的日蚀很有帮助。 No matter when your birthday happens to fall, your future is assured. You may not be aware of how many top executives have been noticing your work and have become impressed with your vision and experience. With Mars in your tenth house of fame, your future sparkles like a thousand ten-carat diamonds in the Sun. Mars is currently on a mission to lift your profile in your industry. 不管你的生日在秋天的什么时候,你的未来都是有保证的。你可能不知道,许多高层已经注意到了你的工作,并为你的视野和经验留下深刻印象。火星在你声誉的第十宫里,你的未来像亿万颗钻石一样闪亮。火星目前的任务是提高你在行业中的资历。 The full moon, at month's end on January 30, will bring some sort of career news to an important plateau, but it won't be the last news you receive - there will be more good news coming. In many ways, it will mark the end of one situation but the opening of another. 在这个月末的1月30日,满月将带来许多职业消息,这是一个重要的稳定期,但这可能不是你收到的最后的消息——还有更多好消息呢。从许多方面来说,这标志着一个局面的结束,同时也是另一个的开始。 That full moon may require a decision. Mars will conjoin that moon, so you seem anxious to make up your mind, but if so, don't rush the details. Mars is now in weak retrograde position until March 10, so you'd do best to bide your time by having casual talks and making inquiries. Sort out the questions you have and listen closely to what you hear - you may need to negotiate some of the points of the job description. 这满月可能需要作出决定。火星将合月亮,所以你似乎急于修正你的想法,但即便如此,也不要太在意细节。火星现在微弱的逆行位置,一直到3月10日,所以你最好通过休闲谈心和做咨询来等待时机。为了应对出现的问题,你要细心吸取你听到的——你可能需要对工作描述的一些要点进行谈判。

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    天蝎座小组已经翻译完成,着急看的同学可以移步http://www.douban.com/group/topic/9275548/?start=0&post=ok#last 沃兮我借用了你的翻译,谢谢你! 每次的shelly和susan日运总是你出来翻,谢谢你给了我一个踏实的2009下半年。谢谢你沃兮! 新年快乐!

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    去XX的2009 爷2010要霸气起来!!!

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    准啊准啊 爆准 12月31 终于完成了艰巨的任务

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    决定放下一直放不下的 不再回头 就这样迎接自己的10年吧…一个人坐在楼梯上听大家倒数还是挺悲的 啊…加油吧

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    其实这几天一直在为某件事挣扎, 无论如何2009过去了,总还是应该打起精神开始新的一年, 希望如星象所示 大家新年快乐 XD

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    抱抱沃兮,辛苦了! 新年快乐!

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    12月31号/1月1号的月食可能带来阳光海岛的快速旅行。 这句话已中!

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    说1月30号会有职场上的好消息,暂时只知道那一天要加班- -! 其他听起来不错啊,很期待的说 LZ辛苦鸟:)

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    真的,2010年对你而言实在是非常非常棒 ! 啊哈哈

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    真的,2010年对你而言实在是非常非常棒 ! 啊哈哈

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