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    this is is amazing. i know ,it has every luxury option available. this sumptuous interior is so comfortable. you haven't seen anything yet. it has a climate control system for every seat and a voice-activated entertainment system. 截图部分

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    i've been initiated into a secret society at school. i'm one of the chosen few.
    is it supposed to be a big deal?
    of course it is.it's very exclusive. not many people are invited to join.
    but what is the purpose of the secret society?
    well ,we have a secret handshake and we have some really mysterious rites and rituals.
    what kind of rites and rituals?
    i can't tell you.i've been sworn to secrecy.

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    ESL Podcast is currently produced by a team of volunteers. It is a production of the Center for Educational Development, located in Los Angeles, California. My name is Dr. Jeff McQuillan, and I’m the host of ESL Podcast. I have been teaching English as a Second Language for many years both here in the United States and in other countries. I received my Ph.D., my doctorate, in applied linguistics from the University of Southern California. I taught as a university professor for several years here in California and in Arizona. I have written many articles and books on the teaching of English.

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    ESL Podcast is currently produced by a team of volunteers. It is a production of the Cente ESL Podcast is currently produced by a team of volunteers. It is a production of the Center for Educational Development, located in Los Angeles, California. My name is Dr. Jeff McQuillan, and I’m the host of ESL Podcast. I have been teaching English as a Second Language for many years both here in the United States and in other countries. I received my Ph.D., my doctorate, in applied linguistics from the University of Southern California. I taught as a university professor for several years here in California and in Arizona. I have written many articles and books on the teaching of English. ... 反长


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    hey,isabel,can you cut that out?
    cut what out?i'm not doing anything.
    you're tapping your pencil on your

    desk.it's driving me crazy.
    ok,i will if you'll stop slurping your


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    hey,isabel,can you cut that out? cut what out?i'm not doing anything. you're tapping you hey,isabel,can you cut that out? cut what out?i'm not doing anything. you're tapping your pencil on your desk.it's driving me crazy. ok,i will if you'll stop slurping your coffee. ... 反长


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    the merrier and invited adriano and his family to have christmas dinner with us.we were thrilled when they accepted our invitation.
    i'm so glad you guys could all make it.
    we wouldn't have missed it,for anything we brought a fruitcake.
    oh ,thanks make yourselves comfortable.we're just about to sit down to dinner.
    wow. it looks like you've prepared a feast.

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    good morning ,i'm dr vaneyck.i understand that you're not feeling well.
    that's right,doctor.i've had a stomachache for three days.the pain comes and goes.but i also have heartburn and i am feeling bloated all the time.
    well .let's take a look.have you felt nauseous?does it hurt when i pree here?
    oh ,yes .that hurts, and i nauseous all the time.but ,doctor,that's not all .i've also had had headaches in the past week and i feel fatigued all the time.
    have you had a stuff nose , a cough,a sore throat,or and earache?
    yes ,i've had all of those.
    you have ?all of them?
    and ,there's more.i've been feeling pains in my leg.sometimes it feels stiff and sometimes i lose feeling in it.i'm having a lot of trouble walking.
    i have to say that you have an unusual combination of symptoms. have there been any significant changes in your life in the past few days?
    well ,my in-laws are visiting from out of town.do you think you'll need to admit into the hospital for tests?
    i'm not sure that's necessary.are thinks really that bad at home?
    you have no idea.

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    now that the holidays are here,it's time to decorate the house. every year,we always go all out.we buy a christmas tree and the kids decorate it with ornaments that we've bought and made over the years,and with silver and gold tinsel.we also hang a wreath on our front door and i make sure that there's mistletoe above every door.around the chimney,we hang our stocking ,and when we get holiday cards from our friends and neighbors ,we put then all around the room.
    outside of the house ,we have lawn ornaments that we put it in the front yard.people who visit our house will see snowmen ,reindeer,and of course,santa claus. the best part is the outdoor lights.i string them across the front of the house ,around our trees,and in our fence .when i turn them all on ,you can probably se our house from miles away.it's no wonder that people come from all over town just to see our house at night. i have to say that i enjoy the holiday seasons as much as the kids..and maybe just a little more.

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    why the long face?
    i don't know. i guess i'm feeling a little homesick.
    i thought you got over that. i know the adjustment was hard when first got here,but i thought you were coping pretty well.
    i was. it's just that the holidays are coming up and i won't be able to go home because i can't afford the airfare. i'm just longing for some of the comforts of home, like my mom's cooking and being around my family.
    yeah,it can get pretty lonely over the holidays.when i first got here,i'd get depressed and nostalgic for anything that reminded me of home. but ,you know,i think i was just seeing things through rose-colored glasses.
    what do you mean?
    well ,things back home weren't really that idyllic,but from this distance,all i could think of was the good stuff and none of the bad.

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    好久不看 都丢了 5555

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    my boss asked me to come up with some holiday promotion ideas so that we can make inroads into the gift-buying market.for us to stay cometitive,our company has to increase retail sales for this important sales cycle. my boss is expecting some innovative ideas from me.
    since we're an online business and not a brick-and-mortar store,we can't just put signs in the window or do other types of traditional advertising.lucky for us,though consumers are increasingly computer savvy and are more likely than ever to buy online.that's something we want to capitalize on.
    like other companies,we're willing to slash prices to attract holiday shoppers.we have a large inventory and we don't have to worry about running out of stock.the trick is how do we increase sales without resorting to gimmicks? dressing up salespeople to look like santa claus may work for some business but not ours.
    i'm just hoping that i can come up with some fresh ideas to jump-start this sales season.i know that my boss is counting on me.

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    好久不看 都丢了 5555 好久不看 都丢了 5555 7

    重新看 重新找回来

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    here is the bill for your four-night stay.would you like the incidentals charged to your credit card?
    incidentals? i think there's some mistake.i didn't order any pay-per-view movies and i never ordered room service. and ,i didn't have any spa services,either.
    are you sure? we show three movies and two room services orders.
    i'm positive .could i speak to a supervisor,please?
    he's not on duty right now.but let me see if i can resolve this for you .how many of these chardes were made in error?
    all of them. is it possible that my bill was switched with another room's?as i said,i didn't order any movies, i havn't had any room service,and i haven't visited the spa since i checked in to the hotel.
    i see . i'll need to check with each of those departments to determine whether a mistake has been made.
    not long ,i'm sure. if you could take a seat in the lobby..
    i have a plane to catch and i don't have a lot of time. is there a general manager i can speak to ?
    i'm not sure. if you'll have a seat,i'll see if i can get ms cardenes for you.
    thank you ,i'd appreciate it.

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    i have been suffering from back pain for years. i've tried several treatments prescribed by my doctor,but nothing has had a lasting effect. i finally decided to try alternative medicine.
    my friend ,amelia,swore by acupuncture.she said that her knee pain went away after only a few weeks of therapy. she was skeptical when she first started,but she knew after only a few sessions that it was working for her and that this was no new age nonsense. she thought it might work for me,too.
    my co-worker,ray ,suggested that i try some home pathic treatments .he said that taking herbal supplements that are all natural has helped him recover after complementary to the traditional medication his doctor gave him. he said that even though the herbs he takes haven't undergone clinical trials ,his own experience told him that they work.
    i'm a little nervous about trying these unorthodox treatments ,but after hearing about amelia's and ray's experiences ,i'm willing to give them a try. nothing has worked so far, so waht do i have to lose?

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    楼主,这书是? 楼主,这书是? 树怪宝宝

    ESL pod

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    i'm always worried that for her,it's out of sight ,out of mind.
    i know what you mean,but is it that way with you?
    no ,not at all,i think about her all the time. it's not that there aren't temptations,but i'm committed to diana.
    don't you get the same vibe from her?
    sometimes i do,but a lot of times i don't. it's so easy to get into a fight on the phone. we have misunderstandings all the time or i hurt her feelings without realizing it. and plus,i'm still in school and she's already out working, and it seems like we're growing apart.
    that's what happened with theo and me. we grew apart and we had less and less in common. after a year,we called it quits.

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    i was in a department meeting and our manager was asking for our feedback on improving our product. i had a few idears and i wanted to get them across,but one of my colleagues was giving me a hard time.
    in my opinion,i think that we need to looke at question more from the customer's perspective. i really we need to do more market research.
    i tend to think that we have enough information already and it's time to make some decisions.
    well ,the way i see it, we've only scratched the surface in getting to know our customers. we need to get inside their heads if we want to offer what they want and aren't getting right now.
    you may be right, but if you ask me, i just don't think it's worth it to sink more time and money into the type of market research you're proposing. it's far more than what other companies are doing.
    that's precisely my point. i'm sure that if we can get information that other companies don't have ,we'll be one step ahead.
    that's when the manager stepeed in and offered her opinion. and ,i'm happy to say, she sided with me.

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    to drive(someone)crazy-to annoy someone,to irritate someone; jone's mother always comes into her room without knocking and it drives her crazy.

    to slurp- to make a loud noise while drinking a beverage; i really hope that the kids will remember not to slurp their soup at dinner tonight.

    to shoot the breeze-to have a relaxed conversation about things that aren't important; he doesn't really like fishing ,but he does like spending time on the boat,just shooting the breeze with his friends.

    to not be able to stand- to not be able to tolerate something; to be frustrated and tired of something; i can't stand the way my girlfriend is always trying to tell me what to do with my free time.

    no skin of my nose-something that does not matter to someone because it does not affect him or her,it doesn't matter to me.
    he can sit in the front seat if she wants to.it's no skin off my nose.

    pent up-built up over time,an emotion that has been growing stronger over time but has not been let out; he didn't cry when his father died,but at the funeral ,he cried for hours with all of his pent-up feelings of anger and sadness over his death.

    close quartes-cramped or crowded space; a room with little space for the people in it; in college ,i lived with three other guys in a small apartment. those close quarters made it hard to have any privacy

    to let off steam-to do or say something that lets someone get rid of negative emotions that have been growing over time.
    i'm sorry i yelled at you earlier. i was just letting off steam from my frustration at work, but it really had nothing to do with you.

    truce-an agreement to stop fighting;
    jill has been fighting with her roommate all week. her roommate wants to call a truce,but jill isn't interested. she's still too angry.

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    the more,the merrier- the more people there are,the more fun something will be;
    she asked if she could bring her cousins to the party, and i said : of course the more the merrier

    thrilled- delighted ,very happy;
    she was thrilled to learn that she had been accpeted at boondocks university.

    fruitcake-a traditional christmas cake that contains small pieces of dried fruit.
    ashley doesn't like raisins ,so he always picks them out of the fruitcake.

    feast-a very large meal,usually for many people;
    the wedding feast was delicious ,with enough meat,breads ,desserts ,and drinks for 300people

    roast- a large piece of uncut beef or pork cooked in an oven;
    grandma chin has a delicious recipe for a pork roast with an apple-butter sauce.

    ham-pork,the meat from the top part of a pig's leg;
    he always has a ham-and cheese sandwich for lunch.

    stuffing-a mixture of chopped bread,herbs ,vegetables, and fruits put inside of a turkey ,duck,or chicken,and cooked in an oven;
    their family makes a stuffing with apples and carrots it sounds strange,but it's very tasty.

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    to come and go- to appear and disappear,to

    arrive and leave; ella is tired because she

    was coming and going all day yesterday

    ,betweent her house ,her work,the school

    ,and the store.

    bloated-uncomfortable full of food,gas,or

    water; i drank too much soda with lunch and

    now i feel bloated.

    nauseous-sick to one's stomach,a feeling

    that one wants to vomit or throw up;

    standing on the roof of a tall building and

    looking down makes me feel nauseous.

    to press-to gently push; to push down;the

    little boy pressed all of the buttons in

    the elevator so we had to stop on every


    fatigued-very tired; after working 12 hours

    at the hospital,the doctor was very

    fatigued and she needed some rest.

    stuff nose-the feeling that something is in

    one's nose which makes it difficult to

    breath; grandpa always has a stuff nose

    when he visited their house.maybe he's

    allergic to their cats.

    cough-the noise caused when air is forced

    through one's throat,especially when on is

    sick; i would have enjoyed the opera,but it

    was difficult to hear the singers because

    the man sitting behind me had a bad cough.

    sore throat- a burning pain in one's

    throat; my mother taught me that whatever i

    have a sore throat,i should drink a lot of

    orange juice and hot tea with lemon.

    stiff-difficult to move; my body is so

    stiff today because i went running

    yesterday for the first time in six months.

    to lose feeling- not to be able to feel

    anything; to have no feeling in a part of

    one's body; karen slept on her right

    arm,and when she woke up,she realized that

    she had lost feeling in her hand.

    symptom-a problem with one's body that

    shows that someone isn't healthy; the

    symptoms of the flu include fever,body

    aches,and tiredness.

    in-laws-the parents of one's husband or

    wife; even since my parents died,my in-laws

    have treated me like their own son.

    to admit-to send someone to a clinic or

    hospital for special care,usually

    overnight; when the doctor couldn't

    identify the cause of carly's symptoms,he

    admitted her to the hospital for more


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    to decorate-to make something more attractive by putting objects on it;the students are going to decorate the high school gym so that it looks like a dance club for their dance on friday night.

    to go all out- to put all of one's energy and effort into doing something; she went all out during the race and finished in first place.

    ornament- a small object used for decoration, usually with a string for hanging on the branches of a christmas tree; my favortie christmas tree ornament is the blue glass ball that my daughter gave me three years ago.

    wreath-a circle of flowers and leaves hung on a door or wall for decoration; everyone who visits their house admires the beautiful christmas wreath hanging on their front door.

    mistletoe-a plant with green leaves and white berries that is used as decoration during the christmas holiday; i'm hanging mistletoe above the doors because tradition says that if a man and a woman stand under the mistletoe,they have to kiss each other.

    stocking-a very large,colorful sock that is hung near the chimney and filled with presents the night before christmas; last year,josiah made a giant stocking because he thought he would get more presents that way.

    lawn ornaments- statues and other objects placed on the grass in front of a house as decoration; look at the lawn ornaments across the street, that family must be very excited about the holidays.

    reindeer-a large animal that looks like a deer with long antlers on its head that lives in the snow; according to christmas stories and songs,santa claus uses flying reindeer to help him go from house to houses ,delivering christmas presents.

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    long face- an expression of sadness on someone's face ; the look on a person's face when they are unhappy; he had such a long face when he got home from work that we immediately knew something was wrong

    homesick- sad to be away from family friends and home ; missing or longing to be home; whenever alexander looks at pictures of his family, he becomes homesick

    adjustment- adaptation, change to fit into a new environment or place;
    it was hard for shelia's daughter to make the adjustment to going to daycare most of the day when shelia went back to work full-time.

    to cope-to manage or to deal with a difficult situation; she isn't coping very well with her mother's death i wish i knew how to help her.

    to long for something- to strongly want something; to have a strong wish for something; they have been studying very hard for final exams, and now that the exams are over ,they're longing for summer vacation;

    comforts of home-things found in the home that make life more pleasant; things that make you feel comfortable's and happy at home; after two weeks of hiking in the mountains ,we were ready to enjoy the comforts of home, a hot bath,good food ,and a soft bed.

    to be depressed- to be sad ,sometimes without an explanation; when people are depressed ,they often stay in bed all day.

    nostalgic-sad when remembering a past time or a place far away that is part of a happy memory; i felt nostagic when i thought about how my brother and i used to play together when we were children.

    to see through rose-colored glasses-to see something as being better than it really is ; to see only the good and not the bad; ever since they got married, they're always so happy and optimistic. they're seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

    idylic-perfect; without problems,peaceful and beautiful; we had an idyllic vacation in the caribbean. the beaches were beautiful and quiet, and we were able to forget about all of our problems.

    to be bummed out- to be disappointed,depressed,or sad; he was bummed out when he heard that he didn't get the job.

    on one's own- without other people,by oneself; do you live on your won or do you have a roommate?

    misery loves company- a saying that means that sad people like to be around other sad people; julie and zelda spend a lot of time together crying about their ex-boyfriend. i guess misery loves company.

    to be up for something-to be willing to participate; to be willing to do something; do you think you'll be up for a movie tonight after work?

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    to come up with something-to think of something, usually a new idea or a solution to a problem; how did you come up with that idea?i've never heard anything like it before

    holiday promotion-actives to increase sales during the holiday season, usually in november and december; the store's holiday promotions are incredible. they sell everything at 30% off of its regular price.

    inroad-progress; advancement;
    japanese car companies rapidly made inroads into the us automobile industry.

    gift-buying market- the economic market of people who buy presents; was there an increase in the gift-buying market during 2 for valentine's day?

    retail sales-sales of small number of products to individual buyers(not to other business); because it was extremely hot last august, retail sales of air conditioners increased significantly that summer.

    sales cycle-the same time of year when there are very high or low sales. most types of products have predictable sales cycles .for example,sales of scholl supplies and children's clothing are highest right before the school year begins.

    innovative-new and creative; original; everyone admires her innovative ideas for making this a better team this year.

    brick-and -mortar store- a business that serves customers in a real store,not through a website; my brother likes to see and touch what she's buying ,so she prefers shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

    computer savvy-knowlegeable about computers; today,children are often more computer savvy than their parents are.

    to slash prices-to greatly reduce prices,usually during a sale; when one company slashes prices,many competing companies feel pressured to do the same because they fear losing their customers.

    inventory-a complete list of what is in place,such as the products a store has available for sale; we are closing our store for two days to do an inventory of what we have in the store.

    stock-the number of products that a store has available for sale; i'm sorry,sir,but we don't have that product in stock. but i think our downtown store does.

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    to be prescirbed-to have something ,usually medicine,recommended in writing by a doctor to treat pain or an illness; the doctor told her that she should never take medicine that was prescribed for someone else.

    lasting-premanent,continuing for a long time; living in another country has a lating impact.it often makes people more respectful of culture differences and more interested in world news.

    alternative medicine-ways to treating pain or illnessses that are not taught in most western medical schools or considered standard in a community; the doctors said her illness could not be treated ,but with alternative medicine she got better.

    to swear by-to believe in ,to rely on ,to trust in; manuel swears by carrots as the key to a long life because his grandfather eats them every day and he is 103 years old.

    acupuncture-a treatment for pain by placing needles in the skin on certain parts of the body; kim would never use acupuncture because she's afraid of needles

    therapy-a set of exercises or treatments designed to reduce pain or treat an injury;after i broke my leg,the doctor said i would need two months of therapy to be albe to walk normally again.

    medication-a drug,someting taken to treat an illness; she is taking two medications

    unorthodox-non-traditional; unusual;at first, her unorthodox ideas about the project shocked her co-workers but eventually ,they all agreed with her.

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    to be prescirbed-to have something ,usually medicine,recommended in writing by a doctor to treat pain or an illness; the doctor told her that she should never take medicine that was prescribed for someone else.

    lasting-premanent,continuing for a long time; living in another country has a lating impact.it often makes people more respectful of culture differences and more interested in world news.

    alternative medicine-ways to treating pain or illnessses that are not taught in most western medical schools or considered standard in a community; the doctors said her illness could not be treated ,but with alternative medicine she got better.

    to swear by-to believe in ,to rely on ,to trust in; manuel swears by carrots as the key to a long life because his grandfather eats them every day and he is 103 years old.

    acupuncture-a treatment for pain by placing needles in the skin on certain parts of the body; kim would never use acupuncture because she's afraid of needles

    therapy-a set of exercises or treatments designed to reduce pain or treat an injury;after i broke my leg,the doctor said i would need two months of therapy to be albe to walk normally again.

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    feedback-thoughts and opinions given in reachtion to an idea or thing;the presenter asked them to complete the evaluation forms so that he could use their feedback to improve his future presentations.

    to get something across-to make an idea understandable or acceptable; i think i have found a great solution to the problem, but my boss never listens to me.how can i get my idea across to him?

    to give someone a hard time-to make things difficult for someone; please don't give him a hard time about not doing his homework last night,his mother is sick.

    perspective-a way of thinking about something; one's view of something based on a belief or opinion; to understand his perspective on the war, we need to remember that he lived in that country for three years.

    to really feel-to strongly believe; the governor wants to build a new courthouse,but the mayor really feels that the city needs a new hospital first.

    to tend to think that--to usually or normally believe something;to have a natural feeling toward something; my sister tends to think that eating at home is best, but when she doesn't have time to cook, she eats in restaurants,

    the way sees it-in one's opinion; according to one's beliefs; she thinks that opening a new office is a wonderful idea,but the way i see it ,we aren't ready to expand yet.

    to scratch the surface-to deal with only a small part of a topic or promble; to be at the beginning of a long task; even though people have walked on the moon, we have only scratched the surface of space exploration.

    to get inside one's head- to understand what someone else is thinking ; the reporter will need to ask more difficult questions if she wants to get inside the criminal's head.

    to sink-to put time,money,or other resources into a project; why are you sinking so much time into this project?

    to side with-to agree with ; most people are siding with sela,because her opinion is the most logical one.

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    a friend from work, nia ,asked a few of us over to her apartment to watch the game this sunday and i was really nervous. i've always liked nia and i was hoping we could be more than friends. my brother,charlie,said that if i really like her,i should be sure to give her plenty of compliments when i saw her.

    i arrived on sunday and knocked on her door.

    hi ,i'm glad you could make it. you're the first one here. make yourself comfortable.

    thanks and you look great. red looks great on you.

    oh, thanks,it's nice to be out of work clothes. can i get you something to drink?

    sure ,what are you having?

    i'm just having a beer.want one?

    sure.what a cool place. this is a really nice apartment.

    here you go. actually,i just moved in last month and i'm still decorating. but,that's nice of you to say.

    wow, nice picture. did you paint this?

    no ,i didn't. someone named picasso did. it's just a copy. you know, i really appreciate the compliments ,but what's up?

    up? nothing,i'm just glad to be here.

    well,i'm glad you're here too. now ,drink up. the others should be here any minute.

    sure, cheers.

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    hey,henry.you look busy,what's that you are reading?
    oh,hi,jane. i'm studying the driver's manual so i can finally get my driver's license. i just hope i can remmember all these traffic laws.
    i'm sure you'll pass the tests with flying colors,especially since you can miss a few and still pass.just don't forget to bring your glasses with you so you don't fail the vision test.
    yeah,i know. i think the written test will be okay,but i'm really worried about the road test. i never took driver's ed and i'm nervous behind the wheel.my brother failed his test the first time because he forgot to signal a left turn,and then he didn't yield to a pedestrian. he also screwed up on the parallel parking.
    it sounds like he just got nervous. a busy intersection is always tricky. so when's your appointment at the dmv?
    next tuesday. but i might just go in earlier and take the test as a walkin.
    can't wait? well, i'll let you get back to studing. good luck.
    thanks. see you around.

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    反长 2016-11-30 20:34:15

    hello, portland airport,lost and found.
    hello, i was a passenger on a suncal airlines flight yesterday and i think i left my keys on the plane.
    i see. to claim the item, you have to fill out a claim form. what did you lose again?some luggage? you'll need your claim receipt to get your luggage.
    no ,i lost some keys on the airplane. keys. i think i left them on my seat. is it possible to find out if anyone has turned them in to your office?
    i don't know. can you describe them?
    well ,they're on a key chain and there are eight keys on it, including a car key.
    was there anything distinctive about the key chain? you'll need to prove ownership if you want to claim them.
    no ,it's a plain key ring. maybe i should come down to the office to see if i can identify them. what happens to property that's unclaimed?
    we keep it for 30 days and then we dispose of it. don't worry. we don't have a policy of finders,keepers. if you lost some luggage,it'll turn up.
    no ,i lost some keys .keys.never mind. i'm coming down right now.
    that's a good idea. it's easier to pick up your lost luggage than for us to send it.

  • 斗鱼

    斗鱼 2016-11-30 21:07:31


    来自 豆瓣App
  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-02 00:14:58


    i think that,in principle,it's a good idea.it would save us a lot of money,but i see a downside. we would lose control of some of our key in house operations.
    well ,i think that we want to focus on non-core operations ,such as IT or accounting. i know that other companies have outsourced their call centers, but that would take a lot of training ,especially with our call volume.
    i completely agree. i don't think that the call center needs to be micro-managed,but it does take more oversight than IT or accounting for quality control,especially if we decide to go offshore.
    ok, i think we're thinking along the same lines. let's call a meeting with the rest of the staff to get their thoughts. how about next tuesday at 10am?
    that works for me. i'll send out an email out to everybody today.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-02 00:15:10

    赞❤️❤️❤️ 赞❤️❤️❤️ 斗鱼


  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-03 00:16:16

    it's been almost three months since i got a haircut and i went to the barbershop where i always get it cut. but when i got there,the barbershop had been replaced by a hair salon.
    hi,i used to get my hair cut at the barbershop that was here.
    yeah, they closed. we've been open for about a month. i can cut your hair.
    uh, i guess that's okay.
    why don't you come over here and sit down. what do you have in mind?
    well as you can see, my hair is pretty curly. when it's long ,it looks like an afro. i want it to be a lot shorter,but i don't want a buzz cut.
    are you sure you want to cut it? if you keep it long, you could have great dreadlocks.
    uh, i'm not sure that that style would work for me.
    okay, then. how about if i cut it short on the sides ,leave the bangs medium length, and then keep the back long?
    no ,i don't think that would work, either. i'd like it an inch off the collar in back, above the ears,no sideburns, with a part down the right side. i really need a trim.
    hmm..how about if i shave your head? you 'd look great bald.
    no ,i definitely don't want that. you know that, i just remembered that i'm supposed to be somewhere else right now.
    oh, are you sure? i'm sure i know exactly what you want.
    i'm sure you do , but i really have to go.
    i left that hair salon as quickly as i could. who knows what would have happened if i'd stayed there? she may have given me a mohawk.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-03 19:15:43

    214 见日记

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-04 23:16:30

    i went to the bike shop on saturday morning to buy a bicycle.
    what kind of bike are you looking for?
    i'm really not sure.
    well,let me show you what we have.we carry road bikes,mountain bikes,beach cruisers,and racing bikes.
    i'm going to start biking to work. i'll be riding mainly on the road,but i want something versatile enough for anything.
    well ,the road bike are for everyday use.they have heavy frames and tires.the seats are comfortable and so are the handlebars. the mountain bikes are very sturdy for off-road cycling and have wider tires. beach cruisers have just one speed,so you won't be shifting any gears.
    ok,are the brakes hard to handle?
    no. you either have foot brakes,like on the beach cruisers,or you have hand brakes. they're very easy to get used to.if you want to keep it simple,i would either go for a road bike or a mountain bike. those are the most popular.
    if i get a bike,waht other things do i need?
    i usually recommend an air pump,a bike lock,and a helmet.
    ok,i'll take a look around.
    sure ,just let me konw if you have other questions.

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    反长 2016-12-05 23:47:39

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    反长 2016-12-06 22:21:14

    211 日记中

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    反长 2016-12-08 00:02:11

    our family decided to take a road tirp across the country this year. the kids were really excited and my oldest son wanted to help navigate. before the trip, we looked at the road maps and decided on our route and the points of interest we would try to see. since we wouldn't be taking a camper,we needed to make hotel reservations along the way. after a little planning, we were ready to go.
    the kids were behaving themselves the first day. my daughter was a little car sick in the morning, but we made it to our first stop without any major problems. on the second day ,though,the kids were acting up. they kept asking,are we there yet? and they wanted to stop at every rest stop. my youngest son,who is only four,kept calling out the mile markets as we passed them, and i thought my head would explode if he didn't stop. on top of that,my wife wanted to stop every few miles for a photo op and i thought we'd never get to the next town.
    by the third day ,i was really questioning the wisdom of taking three young children on the road for 10 days. i suspect that after this vacation, i'll need another one to recover from it.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-08 23:25:02

    219 words
    to ask someone over-to invite someone to your home or to the place where you are;
    benjy asked julia over to his place to see the changes he made to his house.

    to be more than friends- to date; to be romantically involved; she told christopher that they couldn't be more than friends because she already had a bf.

    compliment- praise; a nice thing said about a person or a thing that is meant to make the other person feel good; oscar gave angelica a compliment about her new hairstyle and she had a smile on her face for the rest of the day.

    to make it- to come; to arrive; to attend; now that the meeting has moved to tuesday, i'm not sure the other department heads can make it.

    what a fantastic- this is very good; what a fantastic idea.let's call the others to see if they want to join us.

    this is a really nice-you have a very nice; this is a really nice car. can i take it for a test drive?

    to decorate-to add details such as paint ,furniture, or decorations to a place to make it look nice; will you be able to come over early to help us decorate the house for the surprise party?

    to drink up- to finish your drink; the bartender said, drink up,everybody,the bar closes in 12 minutes.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-10 00:07:16

    218 words
    driver's manual-a handbook of rules and

    laws that tells drivers what they can and

    can't do while driving on public roads;
    all of the answers to questions on written

    driver's test can be found in a driver's


    with flying colors-easily; without

    difficulty; having studied all week, she

    passed the test with flying colors.

    vision test-a test taken when applying for

    driver's license to check how well a person

    can see; there is little chance that she'll

    pass the vision test if she doesn't wear

    her glasses.

    behind the wheel- driving a car ; being in

    control of a car; truck drivers spend most

    of their day behind the wheel.

    to signal-to let someone or something know

    what you're going to do; to get someone's

    attention; when our plane crash-landed on

    an island, we tried to build a fire to

    signal for help

    to yield- to make way for someone or

    something; to allow someone else to go

    before you; when people are rushing home

    after work, many of them forget to yield to

    the people trying to cross the street.

    pedestrian-any person walking on a

    sidewalk, street or road; since pedestrians

    are harder to see at night, it's a good

    idea to wear bright-color clothes if you

    plan to walk home.

    to screw up- to make a mistake; every time

    ,i try to help my wife in the kitchen, i

    screw it up and ruin our meal.

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    反长 2016-12-11 02:14:44

    217 words
    lost and found- a place that holds lost

    items for people until they come to find

    them; i left my glasses at the theater last

    night, and i'm hoping someone turned them

    in to the lost and found.

    to claim- to say an item belongs to you;
    everyone is waiting to see who will claim

    the 20 million lottery prize.

    claim form-a form that someone completes to

    say that an item that was found belongs to

    him or her; before we can allow you to take

    this bicycle, you'll need to fill out a

    claim form.

    to turn in-to give to someone else, usually

    something that doesn't belong to you, to

    submit; he wasn't sure if he would get to

    his professor's office in time to turn in

    his final assignment.

    key chain- a small metal ring for holding

    keys ,can come in many shapes or with

    special decorations; i'd better put my new

    apartment key on my key chain before i lose


    distinctive- easy to notice; special ;

    unique; this artist has a very distinctive

    style and should get a lot of attention at

    the show next month

    to prove ownership- to prove or give

    evidence that you own something; erin's car

    was stolen but the police found it. at the

    police station, she had to prove ownership

    before she was allowed to drive it home.

    to dispose of -to throw something away,

    usually in the garbage; would you please

    dispose of that food in the refrigerator?

    it's turning green.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-12 00:54:49

    216 words
    overhead-the money a company spends to run ts business; moving to a bigger office building will mean an increase in the company's overhead for upcoming years.

    to outsource-to have company business done by people outside of the company; to pay someone else to do part of the company's work; many companies outsource for services that they need only once in a while.

    pros and cons-reasons for and against something; the positive and negative reasons for something; she sat down with her parents and made a list of the pros and cons of gong to an out-of-state college.

    in principle-in general, but not necessary all the time or in all cases; she followed the recipe exactly, so in principle ,the cake should taste good.

    downside-the bad parts of something; the negative aspects of something; the disadvantages; the downside of the job promotion is working more hours.

    call center-a place where people answer or make phone calls for companies; many us airline companies forward customer calls to call centers in other countries.

    oversight-supervision; overseeing someone or some work to make sure it is done properly and on time; hopefully, having beatrice working at the downtown office will give her more oversight of the showland project.

    staff-a group of workers
    for martha's birthday, the staff put money together and bought her a nice sweater.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-13 01:19:21

    215 words
    barbershop- a place where men get the hair

    cut; i'm taking my brother to the

    barbershop tomorrow to get his hair cut

    before school starts on monday.

    hair salon-a place where men and women get

    their hair cut; when i was little, i didn't

    like going to the hair salon with my mother

    because it smelled of chemicals and hair


    curly- not straight; wavy; hari that curls;

    he has curly hair and has to keep it short

    or it'll look messy.

    buzz cut-a haircut given with a razor or a

    machine normally used for men's shaving to

    leave the hair very short; when my brother

    went into the military, they gave him a

    buzz cut

    dreadlocks- a hairstyle in which all the

    hair is braided into long, thin braids;

    dreadlocks take a long time to create, but

    don't require a lot of care afterwards.

    bangs- the part of the hair that covers

    part of one's forehead; this kind of dog

    has long bangs that covers his eyes and

    makes it hard for him to see.

    an inch off the collar-to cut hair so that

    it stops an inch above the shirt collar;

    the school has a very strict dress code and

    requires that all male students cut their

    hair at least an inch off the collar.

    above the ears-the area around the top of

    the ears; the barber cut the two sides

    above the ears to different lengths, and

    the left side definitely looks shorter than

    the right.

    trim-cuttng off a little hair;i told the

    hair stylist that i wanted a trim, but he

    cut off three inches of my hair.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-13 20:43:12

    214 words
    to hang out- to spend free time with others; mary wanted to go to the movies with josh, but he was already hanging out with kim that afternoon.

    jealous- wanting something or someone that belongs to another person; after getting a short haricut, lisa couldn't help but be jealous of other women with long hair.

    to avoid- to stay away from someone or something; to stop oneself from doing something; kelly knew that michal was avoiding her when he didn't go to class for two days.

    to be up front- to be honest; to be direct when speaking; wanting to be up front with the boss, jake told him that he was looking for another job and would be leaving the company soon

    possessive-wanting very badly to control things or other people; wanting very much to keep what one has to oneself; she was possessive about her baby the first three months after it was born and would not let anyone near him.

    to flip out- to go crazy; to suddenly be out of control; coming home after a long day at work, my mother flips out if the house is a mess.

    insecure- not have confidence in oneself; he's insecure about his skinny body and always wears clothes that are too big for him.

    the root of the matter-the source or main reason, usually of an issue or problem; the root of the matter is that she's lazy, and that's why she was taken off his project.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-14 23:37:35

    213 words

    beach cruiser-a simple bicycle designed for

    comfort and style with usually only one

    gear; billy likes his beach cruiser, but i

    prefer to have one with more options.

    versatile-able to change easily or handle

    different types of situations easily; this

    chair is so versatile. i can sit up

    straight or lean back as far as i want to.

    tire-a round ring of rubber with air inside

    that goes around the wheel to support a

    bicycle or vehicle; on my way home from

    work, my car had a flat tire and i couldn't

    figure out how to change it.

    seat-on a bicycle, the part of the bicycle

    where the rider sits; if you want more

    light, take a seat next to the window.

    sturdy-strong; will not break or fall apart

    easily; my desk is so sturdy that five

    people can sit on it.

    off-road-not on a paved or smooth road or

    street; usually a rough surface such as

    dirt or grass; her dad doesn't want her to

    ride off-road because he's afraid she'll

    fall and hurt herself.

    gear-a set of small wheels in a car or on a

    bicycle that determines how fast you will

    move; when we were in china, we often had

    to shift our car to the lower gears to get

    up the steep hills.

    helmet-a hard cover that is worn on the

    head for protection; i won't ride on a

    motorcycle unless i have a helmet on.

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    反长 2016-12-15 21:40:39

    212 words 日记中

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    反长 2016-12-17 00:37:12

    211 words 日记中

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    反长 2016-12-18 01:49:13

    210 words

    road trip- a trip using a car to get from

    one place to another, usually with a lot of

    driving; barry and i are going on a road

    trip from vegas to florida next summer.

    to navigate-to find out which way to go or

    how to get somewhere; i'm very bad with

    directions, so someone else should


    points of interest- things or places that

    are famous; usually why tourist visit an

    area; one of main points of interest in los

    is the hollywood walk of fame.

    to behave-to be good, usually used with

    children; to be quiet and to not cause

    problems; ben doesn't like to spend time

    with his sister's kids because they don't

    know how to behave.

    camper-a large vehicle that has beds, a

    place to cook,adn other equipment for

    camping; when my cousin visits my house,

    she sleeps in her own camper because she

    feels more comfortable there.

    to act up- to be bad; to misbehave; to be

    loud and to cause problems; can you go

    outside to see why the dogs are acting up


    rest stop- an area near a freeway or

    highway where people can stop for a short

    time to use the bathroom, get something to

    drink or eat, or to rest, usually not near

    towns or cities; i drive so much for my job

    that i know where all the rest stops are in

    this state.

    mile marker-signs along a freeway or

    highway showing the number of miles;

    usually from the state's border; the mile

    markers said that we were 60miles from the

    border, but i didn't think we had been

    driving that long.

    photo op- short for "photograph

    opportunity"; a chance to take a good

    picture; mickey mouse walks around

    disneyland to give kids a lot of photo ops.

    to question the wisdom-to doubt how

    intelligent or sensible something is; i'm

    beginning to question the wisdom of eating

    six hamburgers for dinner.

    to recover-to get better from an illness or

    from a stressful or worrying situation;

    wow, that movie is really scary. i think

    it'll take me a few days to recover.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-19 01:18:06

    i'm so glad it's friday. are you doing

    anything this weekend?

    i'm going snowboarding with james.

    didn't you guys go bungee jumping last


    yeah, and we plan to go cave diving in a

    couple of weeks.

    i didn't know you were into extreme sports.

    i guess it's a big adrenaline rush.

    it is. but for me, it's about pushing

    myself to the limit.

    aren't you afraid of getting hurt?

    sure. there's always a danger of getting

    hurt, but we don't do these sports

    competitively. it's just for fun. i like

    trying new stunts and seeing how far we can

    push the boundaries of the sport. do you

    want to come with us sometime?

    me?i'm not really the adventurous type.

    you never know. you might like it. after

    cave diving, we'll probably try climbing.

    oh. that doesn't sound too bad. i've done

    some climbing before.

    i should tell you that we plan on going ice


    oh, in that case. i think i'll pass. have

    fun this weekend.

    thanks and let me know if you change your


  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-20 00:35:02


    with our expansion into these new areas of business, i think we need to think seriously about changing our coporate image. we're much more than just a paper company now.

    i think you're right. our brand has changed, and if we want to keep brand loyally, we need to think protecting and improving our product image.

    i agree that that's a key issue as we reposition ourselves in the industry. we can never lose sight of our end-users.

    and ,even though we have registered trademarks on some of the new prestige products ,we need to have a plan if we want to turn these new products into household names.

    i suggest we think about hiring a public relations firm. they may be able to help us update our corporate image and logo, and to shape our new corporate identity.

    why don't i contact a few PR firms and set up some meetings?

    yes,do that. that seems like the logical next step.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-21 02:20:49

    it was 2o'clock in the morning when my wife woke me up. she is eight and a half months pregnant and she told me that her water had broken. she said that she was have contractions and she was sure that she was in labor, i paged our doctor and drove to the hospital.

    when we arrived, we went straight to the maternity ward. i went to the reception desk, and told the clerk that my wife was in labor and needed to be admitted right away. the nurse asked me for my insurance card and gave me three forms to fill out. she said that someone would take my wife into the brithing suite soon.

    the doctor arrived and she examined my wife. she told us that this wasn't false labor and that my wife was pretty far along. after a lot of pushing ,the baby came out head first, not breech, and it was healthy.

    i was so relieved, i couldn't stop hugging my wife. then ,i hugged the doctor, and the nurse ,and the janitor?

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-21 20:06:58


    belinda, maybe you can explain it to me.my parents still don't get me.i got a couple of tattoos and they freaked out.

    why are you asking me? i may be a few years older than you are, but i don't understand parents any better than you do. they're hopelessly behind the times.

    i don't really expect them to keep up with what's going on right now or to know anything about what's in and what's out, but i thought they'd understand if i wanted to express myself. they were hippies in their day.

    yeah, but being a hippie isn't the same thing as being a hispter. most of them just don't keep up with pop culture. you know, now that i think about it , i'm not sure that's such a bad thing.

    what you do mean?

    can you imagine going to the same clubs as your parents ,or you and your parents reading the same blogs?

    oh, that would really suck. ok, you've made your point . things could be a lot worse.

  • 反长

    反长 2016-12-23 00:45:03


    can i help you find something?

    yes ,i'm looking for some drees shoes for

    work, something with a low heel.

    have you tried this brand? they make really

    comfortable shoes. this company makes

    several styles of dress shoes, including a

    sandal, a low boot, and a loafer. these

    right here are open toe and thoseover there

    have a strap in the back.

    oh,i like these slip-ons, but they seem too

    narrow. my feet are pretty wide.

    those actually come in three widths.

    narrow, medium, and wide .do you want to

    try them on?

    sure. do you have them in a 6 and a half or

    a 7,in black or brown?

    i'm not sure. i'll have to check in the

    back... here you are. how does the 6and a


    they're a little too tight in the toe. let

    me try the 7. oh, that's better, but now

    the heel is a little too loose.

    keep in mind that since they're leather,

    they'll stretch a little.

    in that case, i'll take the black pair in

    the 6and a half.

    great.i can ring you up over here.

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  • Michelle开心地

    Michelle开心地 (我要为校争光!) 2016-12-24 04:15:25

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    i was supposed to meet jenny at the jiulongshujuerary,but i was late. jenny texted me :i m @lib where r u?

    i'm not very good at texting so i used a template to say . i was going to be late. when i arrived at the liberary, jenny laughed at me because she knew i didn't know how to text.

    i don't know how to use this thing. the phone kept making up words for me.

    that's because you were composing in predictive text mode. you have to change your setting to normal tap mode so only the characters you want show up in the screen.

    ok, but everything still shows up in capital letters.

    you can change the option by pressing the button. see? the screen will show you what kind of letters or numbers you can get, and you keep pushing the button until the one you want comes up.

    what about the symbol you used in your message?

    you press the 1 button or the 0button for those. i use them as abbreviations to save time when i am texting. i always use the symbols @ and & for at and and. simple words like you are and be can be spelled with the letters, u r and b it saved time.

    thanks .i think i've got it .but it'll take some practice for me to get up to speed.

    no problem. each time i get a strange message that doesn't make any sense, i'll know it's from you.

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    反长 2016-12-24 21:50:48

    同在学习ESL 楼主加油~~! 同在学习ESL 楼主加油~~! Michelle开心地

    恩 一起努力

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    楼主加油耶!!! 楼主加油耶!!! 洞洞鞋小姐

    谢谢亲们的鼓励~ 我会继续继续继续 下去

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    it's been a long time since i've seen my friends steve and liz, and i thought this would be a good weekend to drive up to santa barbara to see them. gas prices have been through the roof, but i decided to take the short road trip anyway. before getting on the road, i went to the gas station to fill up my tank.

    i drove past the full-service pump and parked at the first self-sevice one. i got out of the car and saw that there was an out of order sign telling customers to pay inside. i wanted to pay at the pump so i got back into the car and pulled up to the next one.luckily for me, this one was working.

    i swiped my credit card and took the gas cap off .i pushed the button for the grade of unleaded gas i wanted and put the nozzle into my tank. there was a sign on the pump that read. do not top off .after the tank was full, i replaced the nozzle and pressed the button for a receipt. right when i was about to leave, i noticed that my windows were dirty, so i got the squeegee and some paper towels and cleaned them. now, i was ready for my drive up north.

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    谢谢 seven 。

  • 软糖。

    软糖。 (NO MORE.) 2016-12-28 01:16:57


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    209 words

    snowboarding- a sport where you use a snowboard, which is a small board that looks like a small surfboard, to go down hills with snow. we tried to go snowboarding last weekend, but it was too warm and the snow was melting too quickly.

    bungee jumping-a sport where you jump off from very high up, usually an airplane or a bridge, while attached to a strong elastic rope, called a bungee cord, that pulls you back up. she's scared of heights so i don't think she'll go bungee jumping with us tomorrow.

    cave diving-to go underwater for long periods of time and explore caves, or deep holes,in the ocean or sea. cave diving is considered a dangerous sport because it's not easy getting back up to the surface of the water if you have trouble breathing.

    extreme sport-a type of sport that is more dangerous that regular sports, usually invoving great heights or speed, and taking chances on getting hurt. extreme sports are popular with people who want to do something exciting and a little dangerous.

    adrenaline rush- a chemical reaction in the body that makes you excited and caused your heart to beat fast, sometimes caused by a very exciting experience. the snowboarder got an adrenaline rush from the jumps he made.

    to push oneself to the limit-to go beyond what one can normally do; i've been pushing myself to the limit by working two jobs and only getting five hours of sleep every night.

    stunt-a difficult or dangerous action; i'm sure that the people in the movies who perform stunts, like falling off a horse or jumping off a building, are professionals.

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    你也很酷 谢谢~

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    208 words

    expansion-to become larger; to spread from one area to other areas; the expansion of the company from telephones to computers has required the hiring of many new employees.

    corporate image-the way people see a company; the financial problems the company has had will probably negatively affect their corporate image.

    brand-a type of product made by a company that is given a specific name; i recommend this brand if you want to buy some high quality luggage.

    brand loyalty-preference for a brand; usually means that someone will continue buying a specific brand; our company hopes that with endorsement from major athletes, we will get customers to develop brand loyalty.

    to reposition-to change a company's image for a new or bigger audience; to change position; if our organizations is to continue for another 100years, we need to reposition ourselves as a leader in the field.

    to lose sight of -to overlook; to forget; it's hard not to lose sight of my goal to lose weight when i see all of these delicious desserts.

    end-user-the person who will use a company's products; the reports from our marketing department are important, but what i really want to know is what our end-users think of the new product.

    household name-a product name that is popular or common and that most people know; you may not have heard of this brand yet, but in five years, it will be a household name.

    to update-to bring something up to date; to add or change something so that it reflects current tastes or opinions; have you updated our website yet with information on this week's events?

    to shape-to have infulence on ; to develop; one of my high school teachers helped me shape my plans for a career in music.

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    207 words

    pregnant-a woman when she will be having a baby; after having her second child, lin decided to wait at least two years before she got pregnant again.

    to have water break-to have the membrane, or thin skin where the baby is located inside of a woman's stomach break and for the fluid inside to come out; now that i'm in my eighth month of pregnancy, i'm starting to worry that my water will break while i'm at work.

    contraction-a painful feeling when a woman's muscles tighten, usualy before a baby is born, that becomes more frequent the closer it is to the birth of the baby; the contractions started while she was eating dinner and her husband took her to the hospital.

    in labor-in the act of giving birth to a baby; after being in labor for seven hours, she told her family that she will never have another baby.

    to page-to send an electronic message to a pager; we tried paging dora for this important phone call, but she must not be carrying her pager right now.

    reception desk- an area where guests stop first in a public place or place of business; since elias wasn't in his office in the morning, i left a message for him at the reception desk.

    to admit-at a hospital, to be received as a patient, usually to stay overnight; the doctor told me that he wanted to admit me into the hospital so that they could run some tests.

    birthing suite-a room where a woman gives birth to a baby, usually in a hospital. the birthing suite has everything the doctor needs to deliver a healthy baby.

    far along-the amount of time, usually in months or weeks, a woman has been pregnant already; when she told us that she was pregnat, we asked her how far along she was.

    to be relieved-to stop being in pain or difficulty; to stop worrying; we were all so relieved when the police rescued her son from the top of the building.

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    206 words

    to get-to understand someone or something; i don't get why you have to leave this week if your job in jacksonvile doesn't start to three weeks.

    tattoo-permanent ink words or pictures made on the skin; she doesn't want to get a tattoo now because she's not sure if she still like it when she's 60-years-old

    to freak out-to have extreme emotions, usually when someone is very angry or very sad, but can also be used when someone is very happy; denny freaked out when he heard that he had won the drawing contest

    any better than-at the same level; used when comparing two people or things ; i can't type any better than she can, but she always finishes her letters before i do.

    behind the times-to be uninformed of recent trends or news; we want to buy a present for our grandchildren, but we're so behind the times, we don't know what they would like.

    to keep up with-to know; to be informed about; it's hard to keep up with the changes in the tax laws in this country when they change so often.

    what's in out-what is fashionable and what is unfashionable; she never looks at fashion magazines and has no idea what's in and what's out.

    to express- to show your thoughts,ideas, personality, or style; he has trouble expressing himself in front of the other students in class.

    hippie- young adults in the 1960's who were seen as rebels or people who rejected traditional culture; she's parents were hippies, but she became a politician and is nothing like them.

    hipster- someone who is very fashionable or well-informed about what is popular; the most popular students in school are usually the hipsters.

    to suck- to be bad; to be disappointing; it suck that everybody else gets to go to the concert and we have to work all night.

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    205 words

    dress shoes-formal shoes worn with formal or business clothes; my brother asked me to help him pick out a pair of dress shoes to go with his new suit.

    heel- the back part of a shoe under the ankle; the bottom back part of the foot; she stepped on some gun with the heel of her left shoe and had trouble getting it off.

    brand- the name of the company that makes the things you find in stores; i've never heard of this brand of televisions. do you recommend them

    sandal- a type of shoe made with straps so that the foot is easily seen ; summer is the perfect time of year to wear sandals.

    boot- a type of shoe with a tall top so that part of your leg is covered; make sure you wear your winter boots if you plan to be out in then snow all afternoon

    loafer-a type of shoe that is flat or has a low heel, with no shoelaces or buckles; he prefers wearing a loafer because they are easier to put on and to take off.

    open toe-a type of shoe that doesn't cover the toes; people don't normally wear open toe shoes in the winter.

    slip on- any type of shoe without shoelaces or buckles that someone can put on simply by putting their foot into the shoe; slip ons for young kids are a good idea because many of them haven't learned how to tie shoelaces yet.

    to keep in mind that- to remember; to think about ; to consider; my wife decided to buy a large couch to replace a smaller one even though i told her to keep in mind that there may not be enough space in the house for it.

    to stretch- to make wider, longer, or larger by pushing or pulling; i don't want to try on your sweater. i'm bigger than you are and i'll probably stretch it.

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    204 words

    pointers-advice; suggestions; after clara gave some pointers on driving, i passed the road test without any problems.

    visuals-anything that people can see, such as a picture or display, usually used to make something else clearer or interesting; our manager liked the new report, but he suggested that we add more visuals.

    slide-a small picture that is usually put into a projector or that is projected so that it can be made bigger for others to see. in this next slide, you'll see a painting by pablo

    pie chart-a type of visual with a circle that is divided into parts,each part having a different meaning; do you think you can create a pie chart showing how much money each company has given to help build the new hospital?

    to represent-to subsitute for something else, to take the place of something; can you tell me what this line represents on the map?

    slice-a small piece cut from a larger piece, such as a slice of pie, cake , or bread; that cake smells so good, can i have a slice?

    to turn back on- to turn so that your back is facing someone else; the photographer told the model to turn her back to the camera and to look over her shoulder.

    token- a thing that is given or done for someone to show one's feelings; as a token of my love for her, i plan to give her these roses.

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    203 words

    template- something that is a sample or a model that someone can change and use for their own purposes; the template we used to build our website uses red as a background color, but i changed it to yellow.

    to make up- to invent; to creat; all he said was he that he couldn't come tonight. don't make up a story in your head about the reasons why.

    predictive text mode- a setting for next messages that allows the machine to complete words for you as you enter the first letters in a word; predictive text mode makes it easier for me to text people quickly.

    normal tap mode- a setting for text messages that allows you to enter your own words instead of having the words completed for you by the machine; i don't use normal tap mode very much anymore unless i'm texting a list of names.

    symbol- a character that is not a number or a letter ,a small picture that represents something else; the logo for that company was created as a symbol of their long history.

    screen- the area on a electronic device where you can see the characters; my computer screen stopped working so i can't see what i'm typing.

    abbreviation- a shortened version of a word; do you know what the abbreviation for texas is? i'm not sure if it's tx or ts.

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    202 words

    throught the roof- very high, higher than people thought possible; i read that during world war2, many people couldn't buy meat because prices were through the roof.

    to fill up- to put something in a space until the spaces is full; could you hand me those empty bottles so i can fill them up with water?

    tank-a container or an object, usually made of metal, that holds large amounts of liquids or gas; those large round containers over there are the city's water tanks.

    full-service- getting gasoline and making payment at a gas station on your own, without the help of a gas station employee; it costs less to buy gas using-service than full-service at most gas station.

    pump- the machine at a gas station where you buy gas; can you help me with this? i don't think this pump is working.

    out of order- not working; broken; we were in the bathroom so long because three out of the four sinks were out of order.

    pay inside-being required to go into the gas station building or store to pay for the gas you buy; she was sure she was going to be late for work if she had to pay inside for gas.

    to swipe-to slide; to move your credit card through a machine quickly to make a payment; after the clerk told me the total amount for my purchases , i swiped my credit card through the machine.

    nozzle- the smallest part of the end of a hose, tube, or pipe; be careful. i think you just broke the nozzle off the garden hose.

    to top off-to add to something that is already full; she planned to top off the five-course meal with three different kinds of cake.

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    201 words

    back of the line- end of a line of people waitting for something, some event ; we'll never get in. i can't even see the back of the line from here.

    to step out of line- to leave your place in a line of people; if you'll hold my place, i'll step out of line to get us some water and snacks from the store across the street.

    to flip for it- to decide a winner by using a coin; using a coin, each person selects a side, then one person throws it in the air to see where side is up when it lands; there are three of us and only ticket left for the show, why don't we flip for it?

    to take the odds-to decide to take the risk or the chance; he took the odds on that basketball game and he won for the first time in weeks.

    you're on- said when someone accepts a bet or gamble; to agree to a contest or competition; you think you can beat me in a bike race around the park? you're on,

    double or nothing- a bet in gambling where a player bets again to double or cancel the debt depending on the result; i can't believe i lost the last game. how about double or nothing?

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    200 words

    you wanted to see me ?- short for did you want to see me, i'm here as you wanted or requested; you wanted to see me? i've been out to lunch for the past hour.

    to pull out all the stops- to give something the most effort that you can; to try as hard as you can; the university research team pulled out all the stops to make the discovery before any other university.

    milestone- an important time, action, or event that marks a change in the development of something; most people believe that the 10-year wedding anniversary is a milestone in a marriage.

    scope- the boundaries or the outside limit of something; the wide scope of power he has in this company allows him to make decisions at all levels of management.

    turned out to be- a phrase used when someone expect one thing but gets something else; to wonder about something that is mysterious or unclear and then to find out what it is; we thought that there was a dangerous animal trapped under the car, but it turned out to be a cat.

    to anticipate- to expect; to predict ; to think something is likely to happen; all of the employees in the company anticipated getting a large cash bonus at the end of the year.

    to allocate- to give for a specific purpose; how can we finish building this park if the city government won't allocate enough money for the project?

    resource- anything valuable or useful that someone can use to do something; this is a big job but i'm sure we have enough resources in this organization to get it done right.

    to push back- to delay; to reschedule for a later time;she's too busy right now to take time off from work, so we decided to push back our vacation from august to september.

    the time to ask something was- a phrase used to mean that it is too late to ask for something now; you should have asked for it earlier; the time to ask for a day off this week was last week when i was making up the schedule.

    to miss- to be too late; she got to the station 10 minutes too late and missed her train to boston.

    to stall- to delay to give yourself more time; he didn't have enough money to pay his rent and tried to stall the landlord by telling her that he had already sent a check in the mail.

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    what are you working on?

    if i tell you , will you promise not to laugh?

    all right. what is it?

    it's a love letter to julie.

    isn't it a little premature? you've only been going out for a month.

    maybe. but i really want der to know how i feel.

    let me see it. dear julie. i'm writing this letter to pour my heart out to you. when we met , it was love at first sight and i cna't get you out of my head. you mean everything to me. now that we're together, how can i ever live without you?

    so ,what do you think?

    i thought it would have some simple sweet nothings, i didn't expect it to be this heavy.

    do you think it needs more terms of endearment? maybe i should have called her my love my darling or sweetheart. tell me the truth, do you think it's too much. i don't want to scare her off.

    well ,i know you're head over heels in love with her,but if i were you, i'd play it by ear. give it to her when you feel the time is right

    ok, thanks. i'll try to play it cool. for now

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    at work one afternoon, my friend michael asked me if i wanted to help him start a band. i was really surprised because i didn't even know michael was a musician. as it turns out, not only was michael a good guitarist, he was also a good songwriter. he wanted to get together a band and maybe start playing some gigs.

    i was interested, but i wasn't sure if my voice was good enough to be the lead singer. after hearing me sing, michael said that he thought i was. with me in the band, we still neeeded a drummer and a bass player. my sister wanted to be a back-up singer for the band, but we didn't think we needed one yet.

    we auditioned a lot of people and found our other two band members. they had their own instruments and even had the sound equipment we'd need. we start rehearsal next week. hopefully, we'll be able to get a demo made soon and get hired as an opening act for another band. and ,who knows? you may be seeing us as headliners in your city before too long.

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    about a year ago, i came up with an idea that i thought would revolutionize the way people sell their goods on the internet. after a lot of planning ,i decide to try to attract investors by developing a business plan. i got some advice from my friends steve who is a very successful entrepreneur.

    first, he told me i needed to figure out my business model. how would my investors make money? how long would it take for the company to be in the black? steve said that the proposal would need to show revenue projections for the first five years, and that i should give an estimate of gross sales for that same period.

    steve also said that i should include what i thought was the target market for the new service and my plan for convincing potential buyers that the new service would give them a competitive advantage.

    after working on the plan for a few months, i thought it was ready to show to some prospective investors. all i need is just one big investor to take a chance on it. hopefully, this time next year, i'll be well on my way to building a new business empire.

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    my brother, his wife, and their two daughters are in town and i had promised the girls that i would take them to an amusement park. i don't really like roller coasters, but i knew the kids would like it.

    on saturday morning, we drove down to the theme park. we parked and took a shuttle to the park entrance. we looked at the ticket prices and decided to buy a day pass for each of us. maria, the younger of the two kids, is only 2-years-old, and children under three get in free.

    the first thing we did was stand in line for the biggest attraction in the park, a really big roller coaster. actually, only grace and i stood in line since maria was too young to ride it. my brother and my sister in law took maria to ride the ferris wheel and carousel, and afterwards ,we planned to meet near the concession stands so we could watch the parade at 2o'clock. grace and i finally made it to the head of the line and we got on the ride. i really don't like roller coasters. when we got off, i felt queasy and had to sit down for a few minutes before i could walk again.

    all in all ,we had a good day at the amusement park. but ,it will be long time before i go on a roller coaster again.

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    194 日记

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    good morning, this is lipman calling from wexman. i wanted to place an order.

    certainly. are you ordering from our catalog?

    yes,i have the item numbers. but ,before i place the new order, i wanted to check on some items we have on backorder.

    sure, let me pull up your account. it looks like you have two items that are still outstandin, but we should have that to you by the end of the week.

    can you give me a delivery date?

    it should arrive no later than the 19th.

    ok, let me give you the new order. the first item is 2456. we'd like 52boxes. last time, we were able to buy in bulk and got the wholesale price.i'm hoping we can negotiate that again for this order.

    that's not a problem. what are the other items?

    the second item is 6849. we'd like 40 of them.

    there's price reduction of ten percent on that item. that brings the net price to 19 dollars. anything else?

    that's it for now. there are a few other things we need to order, but i still need to submit for a purchase order. can you fax over an invoice for the items i just ordered?

    sure. i'll get that to you by the end of the day. we appreciate your order.

    no problem. thanks.

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    反长 2017-01-16 19:19:03


    thanks for getting mine, too. when is the drawing?

    saturday at 6pm. it's being televised on channel4

    what would you do if you had $168million dollars?

    the first thing i would do is quit my job. no more slaving away for me. what would you do?

    if i were rich, i would travel around the world. if i were younger, i'd learn how to fly a plane. i've always wanted to do that.

    it's never too late. you could still do that.

    you can't teach an old dog new tricks. i'd probably just retire and buy myself a nice new house.

    yeah, that sounds nice. i suppose i'd have a lot of family and friends asking for money.

    i know i would. i can just see them coming out of the woodwork and pestering me. maybe winning the lottery isn't such a good thing.

    you're right. it's a curse. when you win, you can give me all of the money.

    right, don't hold your breath.

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    反长 2017-01-18 22:38:54


    i was at the airport to pick up my friend sandra, who was visiting from italy.

    do you have everything?

    yes, i think so. but , i don't have any us dollars. where can i change money? can i do that here?

    you could, but i wouldn't recommend it. the exchange rate is really high and so are the fees. i'll take you to the bank tomorrow.

    the next day, i picked sandra up from her hotel and we went to a branch nearby.

    what can i do for you?

    i'd like to exchange some currency and to get some u.s dollars.

    ok, how much would you like?

    how much is one euro worth?

    the current rate is one dollar to .8 euros

    in that case, i'd like 500 u.s dollars.

    ok, that will be 400 euros. would you like that in large or small bills?

    i'd like a mix of both. i'd like some change, too.

    that's no problem. please sign here. that will be 300 dollars in 20's, 150 dollars in 10's and 45 dollars in fives and ones. and ,here's five dollars in change quarters, dimes, and nickels.

    that's perfect. thanks a lot.

    is there anything else i can help you with?

    no ,that's all. thanks for your help.

    it's my pleasure. have a nice day.

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    反长 2017-01-19 23:25:52


    hi ,could i speak to tony?

    he's not here right now. can i take a message?

    do you know when he'll be back?

    no ,i don't

    ok. i 'll call back later, thanks.

    ten minutes later, the phone rang again.

    hi, is tony here?

    no ,he's out.

    could i have a message?

    sure. give me a second to get something to write with. ok. i'm ready.

    could you tell him that pam called and ask him to call me back as soon as he can.

    does he have your phone?

    he should. but i 'd better give it to you. it's 279 555 6235

    ok. i 'll tell him.


    as soon as i put down the receiver, the phone rang again. i couldn't believe it.


    hi, is this tony?

    no ,i'm his roommate, palo. tony's not here right now.

    i need to get a hold of him. do you have his cell number?

    yeah, i do . but i'm not sure he wants me to give it out.

    oh, i'm sure he'd want me to have it.

    i'll tell you what. why don't i take your number and have him call you back.

    i really need to get a hold of him right away.

    i'll give him your message as soon as he gets home.

    fine. this is susan and my number is 724 5553344 please make sure he gets it. it's important.bye.


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    199 words

    to promise- to assure or to tell someone you definitely will do something; i need you to promise me that you'll always be there when i need you.

    love letter-a letter to tell someone how you feel about them romantically; when i was 10 years old, i got a love letter from the boy who sat behind me in class.

    premature- something that happens or is done before the usual time; quitting your job before you find out if you're being offered the one you interviewed for today is a little premature.

    to pour heart out- to express or tell your thoughts or secrets completely someone; he poured out his heart to his parent and told them that he wanted to become a musician and not a doctor.

    love at first sight- to fall in love the first time you see someone; when dale saw angelina in her first movie, it was love at first sight.

    to not be able to get out of head- to not be able to stop thinking about someone; my boyfriend and i had a terrible fight and i couldn't get it out of my head for all night.

    to mean everything to- to be very important or the most important; being able to make enough money to move out of my parents's house means everything to me.

    heavy-serious; i thought this play was a comedy but it turned out to be really heavy.

    head over heels in love- when someone has a very strong feeling of love for someone else; if she weren't head over heels in love with him, she'd realize that they don't have very much in common.

    if i were you,,,i'd ;; a phrase used to offer advice to someone, to give them a suggestion; if your situation were mine.. i would..; i think she likes, if i were you ,i'd ask her out on a date.

    to play it by ear- to decide your action later, depending on a future situation; i'm not sure if i'll have time to stop by after work today. can we play it by ear?


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