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    January 2017

    In 2016 your natural optimism was tempered by sheer practicality courtesy of dour Saturn and by shocks and upheavals thanks to several wild card eclipses shaking your life upside down. As a result, some important underpinnings of your life were either removed or had to be strengthened. So Happy New Year! You’re a year older and much wiser and it’s time to steer your life in a fresh new direction by following your instincts. January’s astrology is all about your finances - watch for important news around the Full Moon on January 12th.All month your thoughts are occupied by what you attract and earn and ways to set up some passive income streams. One of the most important themes of 2017 for you is your people landscape-other people will have a major supporting role - so start by asking who you need on board as you launch those cherished entrepreneurial ambitions.

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    Tender Venus moves into your Domesticity Sector on the 2nd, giving you a special appreciation for household pursuits. It's a great time to putter around your home, adding decorative touches, fixing comfort food and spending quality time with family. If you're looking for a place to live, you'll find a beautiful one in early April. It may be more expensive than you expected, but a generous relative could help with the down payment. Restrictive Saturn goes retrograde in your sign on the 5th, causing great relief. Rigid rules and heavy responsibilities could give way to a more flexible schedule. Communicative Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th. It's possible you'll be offered a job with a former employer. If you're looking for work, seek a temporary position. Accepting a permanent spot could be cause for regret, since whatever role you are offered will radically altered after joining the company. The Full Moon on the 10th might mark the end of a friendship. It may be impossible to look the other way at a loved one's unethical behavior. Dynamic Mars moves into your Partnership Sector on the 21st, making you more outgoing. If you meet someone who makes your pulse pound, prepare to make the first move. Do you have a serious partner? Adopting a more assertive attitude will strengthen your bond, not weaken it. The New Moon on the 26th is ideal for starting a health regimen. This time around, you'll have the patience and persistence to meet your fitness goals.

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    Speed and simplicity are the Sagittarian way, and most of the time this approach to life works well, but in an astrological climate like this, you need time to think and a plan B up your sleeve. Circumstances beyond your control could get in the way of arrangements and a situation you believed was irreversible could perform a backward flip. This may not be the end of the story, but adjustments need to be made to get things back on track, and these will take time. Creativity and pleasure have a part to play in April’s narrative, and some of you will be welcoming a new person into the family fold. And although this may not be the smoothest month of 2017 by the end of it you will have reason to count your blessings.



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    蒂古 2017年4月

    Career and Finances

    There’s a lot on your plate during April 2017 and it’s not easy to deal with it all.

    Mars is in Sagittarius’ house of work, which means intense activity, decisiveness and being quick to react, but also circumstances that are annoying, urgent or conflict-laden.

    Mercury, retrograde also in your house of work, doesn’t make things any easier: you might trip yourself up when things seem to be going well, you might experience communicational issues or issues related to documents, office equipment, various devices.

    The rulers of both professional houses (the house of career and that of work) are retrograde, sign of complications and difficulty. You’re lucky it doesn’t last for long: next month things will be different.

    But April 2017 is good for analyzing and re-evaluating the situation or returning to some older projects.







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    April will be a month of interesting and important events connected with relatives from far and near. You can expect all sorts of surprises, related to relatives, usually related to money.
    It will be a month in which you can arrange various financial relationships, contracts and agreements in your favor.
    In April, Sagittarius parents will have reasons for strong emotions and experiences related to important events.
    There is a possibility of a birth of a girl in the home of relatives or friends.
    You will be awaiting development or completion of troubles that hinder the development of important professional plans important for your family.
    Definitely, luck will be on your side and you will be sober and sensible enough not to lose it.
    One of your strengths this month is the ability to solve tangible property issues or problems, or problems with housing construction and others. The danger might come from having some highly unrealistic expectations, which can be out of desire for rapid development of your doings.
    Despite the harmony and stability of your family connections, you will have difficult days that will easily provoke conflicts over minor things.
    Unexpected news or events associated with engagement or wedding will come to you.
    Some may receive an invitation for an event of a family nature.
    An important conversation will develop with a person from your friendly environment. You are about to have a change in your life in which she or he will take great, fateful participation.



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    Sagittarius, the daily pattern of your life will be affected by the long Mercury Retrograde cycle, which begins with the shadow on Friday 31st March. It looks as though there will be a reshuffle at work, or a switch in rights and responsibilities. If you don’t work, this applies to university life, or housework. What happens near Monday 10th April makes it necessary for everyone to agree on some kind of roster system, but it may not be until 21st May that everything is in place. Be aware of that when you are talking and try to get things in writing if you can. Some Sagittarians will have major stories taking place with new jobs or projects at this time. The other central issue throughout April and May is your body and the choices you are making about food, drugs, doctors, drink, healers, fitness and the rest. Near 20th April light will be shed on something you need to know (or discuss). That’s not the end of the story, though. For a further three-four weeks you may find things are rewritten around you, so that it takes longer than usual to call a situation final. There may be rescheduling, for example. Sagittarius, this is all a really early step in a very long path, which becomes bigger and more obvious from May 2018. If you are psychic you’ll know it now. You are simply not going to work the way you did, live the lifestyle you had, or go about your business in the same way! It begins when Uranus moves into Taurus in May 2018, but as we have a fair amount of activity in Taurus in April 2017, this is like the first course on a huge menu of change. It’s not a bad idea at such times to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what you do/don’t want to do, in terms of your career, housework, university degree, unpaid work, service, duty, full-time parenting and the rest. Nobody else can hear and you are the only audience. What you pick up now, helps you wake up faster, sooner. That will save you a great deal of time in about one year from now. April will help you tune in, as you will be receiving signals from your body, or your job.

    Your house of courtship, romance, children and young adults is showing the usual ‘regular revolution’ that you see every year. Each time this happens, you are shown a new way to separate yourself from circumstances (and sometimes people) which restricts you. It takes great insight and honesty to admit this, sometimes, but if you can step back from your love life, your parenting, or some other role with younger people – you will soon see why you are locked into a system, or confined by a particular set-up. Sagittarius, it is also possible that you know, immediately, who or what is tying you down. Normally, the changes which destiny requires would take 2-3 weeks, but as there will be a lot of stop-start conversation, or even a standstill with plans, you may have to keep talking until 15th May. The background to all this is really about your continuing independence, and that has been evolving over a number of years. It is certainly time to make your romantic life, or your connection with younger people, a unique statement again. If that means another rewrite, or even a radical edit, then so be it. There are an awful lot of restrictions, rules, do’s and don’ts about parenthood (you may have noticed). Likewise the family, and what it means to continue the tree. Then we have the whole lucrative business of dating, mating and relating to consider. Everyone has an opinion, but with Uranus completing his cycle in your Fifth solar house of love, sex, romance, children, pregnancy, contraception, fertility, adoption and the rest – you are entitled to do what you want, when you wish, as you wish. As long as you are allowing space for others, your horoscope suggests that you can rightly claim that freedom in April. And the beat goes on.

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    法国 帕特里克·吉亚尼2017年4月

    The lunation of 26 in your sixth solar house is perfect to start an activity or to improve a work that you already started. You will see the results around full moon. During this month of April you may be concerned about your health. Make sure you don't overwork and that you relax more often.
    This month you may find some inspiration and joy besides your children or the person you love. Is it anything more beautiful than love? However make sure you also treat yourself! If you're an artist it's a good month to let your inspiration guide you in your creativity.
    You may take some time off to enjoy your family. You may also work around the house, redecorate it or just listen to some music!
    Mercury will boost your creativity and you will have so many ideas! You should write them on a paper or save them on your computer.
    Mars is in your sixth solar house and you may have a few health issues (inflammatory). But first and foremost make sure you relax a little.
    The Lunar nodes are in square to your Sun and you will be at the crossroads. Follow that little inner voice that will show you the way!

    Mars is in opposition to your Sun in the week of 23 and you will go through a rough patch. Your partner and co-workers will criticize you a lot.

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    Saturn’s presence in your birth sign (or perhaps your Moon sign) describes this as one of the most important times in your life. This is the transit that’s about fundamentally coming to terms with yourself. It may seem like someone is imposing limits on you, but that’s the Saturn principle: what you don’t structure in your own life gets structured for you (i.e., criminals who cannot control themselves run the risk of prison, which is a rather structured life). Right now your chart is exploding with creativity and, thankfully, at the same time, Saturn is making itself known. These two things are not only happening conveniently at the right time: it’s a miracle of karma that they are; or rather, a perfectly paired combination of factors to cultivate you into a fully functioning artist, musician, writer, healer or whatever form of mature adult you want to be. Make no mistake: this is about maturity, something that’s in exceedingly short supply these days, and is not especially rewarded in our outlaw-loving culture. But this is not about them, it’s about you. ‘They’ can break all the rules they want; ‘they’ can lie, cheat and fake their way to the world record or a big income or stroll down the red carpet. You have another mission. You’re here to do things the real way, which may indeed be the hard way. So be it.

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    保加利亚纳蒂亚·嘉珊6月 2017

    In June you will be attending various events related to a boy or a young man who probably lives at a distance from you. It is possible that you will travel related to a vacation, a personal holiday, relocation by place of residence, etc.
    This month you may get news related to maternity or the birth of a child boy.
    It will be a favorable time for travel this month for men up to 35 years of age, especially if it is related to tourism, recreation or other entertainment.
    In June, you may get unpleasant news about a woman over 35 who does not live very far from you.
    Difficulties or some kind of care may be imposed on a man over 35 years old who will experience a difficult time in his life, some loss or failure, disappointment or another personal drama.
    You may have more emotional stress around a man born under the sign of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.
    In June, you will have many different meetings, quite often unforeseen, incidental. You will get important information for you or some kind of benefit, something that will be useful for you in the future.
    You may also be lucky in your financial affairs, earning unexpected money, or gaining better from a particular business.
    In June, you will receive a proposal, contract or document that will make you safer for your future or about the realization of your specific plan.
    Your feeling of insincerity or manipulation by some people may take you away from them, but avoid emotional reactions, conflicts, unspoken words, etc.

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