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    Hard up for money recently,Ah-Q perhaps got a little bit

    bitter,besides ,on an empty stomach, he'd drank two bowls of liquor at

    noon,which fueled the intoxication in a hastened manner,hence he


    Somehow or other,it seemed like,all of a sudden, the revolutionary

    were himself whilst all the Way villagers his captives. Overwhelmed

    with complacence,he couldn't help but blurt out loud:
    "Insurrections coming up!Insurrections coming up!"

    Some Way villagers,without exception,looked at him in terror--------a

    wretched sort of glance Ah-Q had never ever seen.Once met with that,he

    felt himself drinking snow water in June,gratifying,then he capered

    more excitedly and yelling:

    "Well,.....I'll get whatever I want, anyone as I see fit.
    Bang bang, boom boom!
    What a rue,drunken fool,wrongly beheaded poor Zheng dude.
    What a rue,ahaha...
    Bang bang,boom boom,bang,ooh la la!
    A steel mace in hand and I'll lick you good..."

    At the meantime,two male servants and two authentic sibs of the Zhaos

    were standing at the gate of the Zhao's mansion,discussing about the

    Revolution.Ah-Q hadn't seen that,holding up his head and humming all

    the way through.


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    “Ha! Look at you! The beard!” a sharp strange noise suddenly broke out.I was shocked. Looking up, I saw a woman standing at my front, high cheekbones, thin lips, about 50 years or so. She stand her hands at her thighs without an apron, stretched her two feet, exactly like a pair of fine smart compasses.

    I was astonished!

    “Forget me? I had hugged you when you were little!”

    I was astonished even more.

    Luckily my mother came in and said: “He has been out for many years and totally forgets who is who. You should have remembered,” then she turned to me,” This is our neighbor Yang Ersao living in the opposite door,……, she runs a Tofu shop.”

    Oh, I remembered.

    When I was little, one could always see Yang Ersao sitting in the Tofu shop across the road. They all called her “Tofu Beauty”. At that time, she wore powder on the face, and had lower cheekbones; the lips were not this thin either. She used to sitting all days long, and I never saw her posed like compasses. In the old days, people said that the Tofu shop had run very well just because of her. Maybe I was too little then, such beautiful person had nothing to do with little me. So I totally forgot who she was!

    The compasses seemed feeling rather unfair, and showed out a look of contempt. It is like one sneer French not knowing Napoleon; or, Americans not knowing Washington. She smiled coldly and said: “Forget? This is really somebody who knows nothing about nobody, eh?”

    呵呵 凑热闹

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    “Oh, you’ve changed so much , your beard has grown so long.” A piercing shrill suddenly broke out.

    I was shocked. When I looked up I found in front of me a woman about fifty. She had prominent cheekbones and thin lips. Hands on hips, legs apart and with no apron on, she looked just like a pair of compasses with two long and thin legs you’ll find in a box of geometrical instruments.

    I was dumbfounded.

    “You no longer know me? I once held you in my arms.”

    I was more flabbergasted. Fortunately my mom came in at the moment and said:

    “He’s been away for so many years and forgot almost everything. You should have remembered,” she turned to me, “this is Auntie Yang from across the road…of the bean curd shop’s.”

    All of a sudden, I remembered. When I was a child there was an Auntie Yang who used to sit almost all day long at the bean curd shop and she was nicknamed “beauty of bean curd”. She used to powder herself, and her cheekbones were not so prominent, nor her lips so thin. I never saw her standing like a pair of compasses as she did now, for she remained seated almost all the time. In those days it was rumored that, thanks to her, the bean curd shop did a very good business. However, being only a kid then, I was not impressed with that at all and now I have forgotten her completely. The compasses, on the contrary, seemed to be rather unhappy with me. She looked at me most contemptuously, as if to ridicule French for not knowing Napoleon or American for not knowing Washington, and said sneeringly:

    “Forgotten? Maybe I’m nothing for so important a man as you…”

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    Chapter 7 Revolution

    With a tight pocket Ah Q felt a little discontented with life recently. After having two bowls of liquor on an empty stomach at noon, however, he soon got drunk and began to feel quite self-satisfied. As he walked and pondered, he somehow started to imagine himself as belonging to the revolutionary party and all the people of Wei village were his captives. The thought pleased him so much that he could not help crying out:

    “A Rebellion is coming! A Rebellion!”

    Upon hearing these, the people all turned to look at him with horror and fear in their eyes. For the first time in his life, Ah Q saw a pitiful look on those people’s faces and he never felt so good. He walked on with growing excitement and shouted, “Right... I can get whatever I want and like whoever I like!” Then, he even started to sing:

    “De de, qiang qiang!(1)
    I wish I had not killed him when I was drunk
    I wish I had not…
    De de, qiang qiang, de, qiang ling qiang!
    With a steel whip in hand, I’ll beat you up…” (2)

    As Ah Q passed by the house gate of the Zhaos, two male members and two of the family relatives happened to be talking about the revolution. Without even casting a look at them, Ah Q held his head high and kept on singing.

    Notes:(1). “De”, “qiang” and “ling” are all onomatopoetic sounds and respectively stand for the sound of drums, the sound of gongs and the sound of cymbals.
    (2). These are lyrics from the traditional Chinese opera The Battle of the Dragon and the Tiger. The story goes like this: The emperor of the Song Dynasty sent two of his men, Ouyang Fang and Huyan Shouting, to stop the separatist activities in a certain area. It turned out that one of them was a traitor and he set the other up to be killed. Huyan Zan, the son of Huyan Shouting, thought his father was killed by the emperor and wanted to take revenge. Fortunately, things were cleared up and the traitor was killed in the end. In the scene here, the first three lines are sung by the emperor, and the remaining two lines are sung by Huyan Zan.

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    对滴 f是一等奖

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    书已收到。译者Julia Lovell在正文前面写的introduction 和further reading对研究鲁迅的英译很有用啊...



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