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    Questioner: Yes. You mentioned that the pyramids were an outgrowth of this. Could you expand a little on that? Were you responsible for the building of the pyramid, and what was the purpose of the pyramid? Ra: I am Ra. The larger pyramids were built by our ability using the forces of One. The stones are alive. It has not been so understood by the mind/body/spirit distortions of your culture. The purposes of the pyramids were two: Firstly, to have a properly oriented place of initiation for those who wished to become purified or initiated channels for the Law of One. Two, we wished then to carefully guide the initiates in developing a healing of the people whom they sought to aid, and of the planet itself. Pyramid after pyramid charged by the crystal and Initiate were designed to balance the incoming energy of the One Creation with the many and multiple distortions of the planetary mind/body/spirit. In this effort we were able to continue work that brothers within the Confederation had effected through building of other crystal-bearing structures and thus complete a ring, if you will, of these about the Earth’s, as this instrument would have us vibrate it, surface. This instrument begins to lose energy. We ask for one more query or subject and then we shall take our leave for this time/space. 发问者:是的。你曾提到金字塔是为了帮助水晶治疗的辅助物体。你可以更详细地说明吗?你是否要对金字塔的建造负责?金字塔的目的是什么? RA:我是拉。大的金字塔(the larger pyramids)是我们依靠利用太一的力量(forces of One)所建造。这些石头是活生生的。你们文化的心/身/灵变貌们对这个原理还不太了解。金字塔的目的有两个: 首先,有个适当方位的启蒙(initiation)场所,提供给那些想要被洁净成为一的法则管道的实体。 第二,我们希望能小心地引导这些启蒙者(initate)去发展治疗人群,这是他们寻求的,以及治疗地球的能力。一个接着一个的金字塔被水晶充能,启蒙者学习平衡来自太一与地球心/身/灵众多变貌的能量。通过这个努力,我们可以接续星际联邦其他弟兄们的工作,他们曾在地表上建筑其它可承接水晶能量的建筑物,完成一个环形连结,如果你们愿意,关于地球这些方面,因为器皿已经使我们无法稳定,表面。这个器皿正开始流失能量。我们还可以接受一个询问,然后我们就要离开这个时间/空间了。 Questioner: You might mention that originally there was a capstone on the pyramid at the top, what was it made of and how you moved the heavy blocks to build the pyramid. What technique was used for that? Ra: I am Ra. I request that we be asked this question in our next worktime, as you would term the distortion/sharing that our energies produce. If you have any questions about the proper use of this mind/body/spirit, we would appreciate your asking them now. 发问者:你能说一下,那原先金字塔上的冠石(capstone),是用什么材质做的,还有你们是怎样移动那些笨重的石头以建造金字塔的。 你们用了什么技术? RA:我是拉。我们请求下一次再问这个问题,因为你会限制我们能量产出的变貌/分享。 如果你对于适当地运用这个心/身/灵(复合体)有疑问,我们希望你现在问。 Questioner: Consider them asked. I don’t have anything to go on. What is the proper use of this instrument? What should we do? What should we do to maximize her ability and her comfort? Ra: I am Ra. We are pleased that you have asked this question for it is not our understanding that we have the right/duty to share our perceptions on any subject but philosophy without direct question. However, this mind/body/spirit is not being correctly used and therefore is experiencing unnecessary distortions of body in the area of fatigue. The vibrations may well be purified by a simple turning to the circle of One and the verbal vibration while doing so of the following dialogue: Question: “What is the Law?” Answer: “The Law is One.” Question: “Why are we here?” Answer: “We seek the Law of One.” Question: “Why do we seek Ra?” Answer: “Ra is an humble messenger of the Law of One.” Both Together: “Rejoice then and purify this place in the Law of One. Let no thought-form enter the circle we have walked about this instrument, for the Law is One.” The instrument at this time should be in trance. The proper alignment is the head pointed twenty degrees north-by-northeast. This is the direction from which the newer or New Age distortions of love/light, which are less distorted, are emanating, and this instrument will find comfort therein. This is a sensitive instrument, by which we mean the distortions which enter her mind/body/spirit complex come from any of her senses. Thus, it is well to do the following: Place at the entity’s head a virgin chalice of water. To the center, the book most closely aligned with the instrument’s mental distortions which are allied most closely with the Law of One, that being the Bible that she touches most frequently. To the other side of the Bible, a small amount of cense, or incense, in a virgin censer. To the rear of the book symbolizing One, opened to the Gospel of John, Chapter One, a white candle. The instrument would be strengthened by the wearing of a white robe. The instrument shall be covered and prone, the eyes covered. We feel that, though this is a complex of activity/circumstance and may seem very distorted from a purposeful teach/learning experience, these elaborations on the technique of trance will ease the mind distortions of those about the instrument as they perceive improvement in the instrument’s distortions with regard to fatigue. We add only that if these teach/learning sessions are held during time/space during which your sun-body does not light your room that it is best to call the instrument before the lighting of the illuminatory mechanism. I am Ra. I leave you in the glory and the peace of the One Creator. Rejoice in the love/light, and go forth in the power of the One Creator. In joy, we leave you. Adonai. 发问者:考虑被提到的。我不知道要做什么。怎样是适当地运用这个器皿?我们应该做什么?我们应该做什么,最能够增进她的能力与舒适? RA:我是拉。我们很高兴你问了这个问题,因为我们的权利/职责是分享哲学知识,对于其它议题我们不主动发表意见,除非你们直接提问。 无论如何,这个心/身/灵(复合体)目前并没有被正确地使用,因此她经历到不必要的身体变貌——疲倦。 单纯地调频到太一的范围,以及以下的对话,可以使这个振动净化: 问:“什么是法则?” 答:“法则为太一。” 问:“为什么我们要在这里?” 答:“我们寻求一的法则。” 问:“为什么我们寻求拉?” 答:“拉是一的法则的谦卑使者。” 一起说:“在一的法则中,欢庆并洁净这个场所,不让其它思想-形态灵体进入我们围绕器皿行走的这个圈子,因为法则为太一。” 此时,器皿应该在出神状态,适当的角度是将她的头指向20度北-北东,这是爱/光的新时代变貌里的方向,这样扭曲较少,放射好,器皿将会在其中找到舒适感。由于这是个很敏感的器皿,我们的意思是从她的感官进入她的心/身/灵复合体的扭曲。因此我们建议做以下准备: 在她的头部(后方)放一杯没有用过的圣洁的水。 在(桌子)中心放一本《圣经》,那是她常常接触的书本,和这个器皿的心智变貌最为一致,同时也和一的法则的属性最为接近。 在圣经的另一边放一小束馨香在清洁的香炉内。 在《圣经》的背面标记上“太一”(One),把《圣经》翻到约翰福音(Gospel of John)第一章,旁边放一根白蜡烛。 器皿穿上白袍可以增强气力,器皿的身体与眼睛应该被衣物覆盖,身体手心向下平躺。 我们觉得,尽管上述这个动作/环境复合体似乎有些偏离我们的教导/学习,但这些出体技术上的细节将有助于放松器皿的那些心智变貌,在觉察器皿变貌的疲倦上获得改进。我们再补充一点,如果我们的教导/学习集会在时间/空间里进行的时候,没有阳光照耀这个房间,最好在唤醒器皿之前,将照明器具点亮。 我是拉。我在太一造化者的荣耀与和平中离开你们。欢乐在爱与光中,在太一造化者的大能中向前迈进。我们喜悦地离开你们。天主与你们同在。


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