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    大声呼唤摩羯的翻译…… 富来,你在哪里?

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    等待白羊,THANK YOU

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     Aquarius    It’s the rare Aquarian who’s remotely egotistical. So you may not be comfortable with the impulses you feel around Wednesday’s encounter between Mars, the planet that’s all about ego, and your ruler Uranus. And because the situations involved accent practical or financial matters, either you could find you must make demands or point the finger at those whose performance is falling short. And you must be blunt. Once you understand that because things are moving swiftly, this is as much about efficiency as it is ego, you’ll be more at ease with what’s taking place. You might even discover a new, more self-involved, side of your nature.   水瓶座的孤僻的自私非常罕见。因此你会对周三与火星之间你感觉到的冲动情绪弄得不舒服,火星是关于一切的自我,和你的掌管者天王星。而且因为这情况涉及当地的实际和财政事件,你不仅发现你必须提出要求或者指出那些业绩下滑的项目。你必须直言不讳。一旦你明白事物飞速发展,与自我一样有效率,你将会更放心所发生的事。你甚至会在自身的本性中发现一个新的,更加自我的一面。

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    天蝎: 2009-04-12 12:32:39 圓 (踏雪泥)    很久以來你一直保守着一些事不告訴別人,大概因為你害怕有些不負責任的人會拿它們來做些什麼。明顯地,你沒有因為最近這些事被逼着要公開而受到震動,因為這正好使你獲得這麼年來沒有過的輕鬆。不只是那些的人行動在特別尊敬地關注你,那討論的結果使一些困惑得以大白真相,使這些關係邁向新的、健康的、穩定的步伐。但是,會有某些別的事情是你仍舊極力地在圍護的。考慮一下對這些事表現得開放一點吧,其他人早已知道得比你想像中多,更重要的是,他們仍會同樣以尊重的態度對待這些事。

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    我要孤僻自私 不想再对谁好

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    Taurus    April 20 – May 20    Your stars for the week beginning 12 April 2009       Unsettling as dramas involving certain activities you adore or individuals you care about deeply seemed, they’re brought troublesome issues to the surface. Hopefully, by now you’re discussed these frankly, so will be ready for yet more sudden and, initially, unsettling developments. Jarring as these are, in retrospect you’ll realise they broke up patterns that were familiar and reassuring - but restrictive. Bear that in mind and when instincts tell you to battle to maintain the status quo, you’ll ignore them. Initially this requires faith. However, by Saturday’s brilliant alliance between Mercury ? in Taurus ?and the precise Saturn, you’ll be discussing those unexpected developments with an unexpected frankness and enthusiasm. 我总觉得这段原文有点奇怪,还是我能力有限,比较难翻译啊! 如肥皂剧中那些令人不安,混乱的场面将出现在你生活中,这往往是由你深深在乎的人引起的,他们所带来的麻烦将会显现。可喜的是,现在你可以更坦率的面对这些麻烦,所以做好准备去面对这些突如其来的不如意,即使这只是开端。混乱充斥其中,通过反省你领悟到他们打破了某种模式而遵循某些非正规却又能达到目的的方法去行事,可是这种方法也是有一定局限性的。记住,直觉将告诉你不和谐的局面将维持现状,你不妨忽视它。(小m:不然我也无力改变啊!)任何开端都需要真诚!无论如何,周六的时候,水星和土星在金牛形成了一个辉煌的同盟,你将热烈而坦率的去讨论这些突如其来的发展。

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    双鱼座英文好的人很少吗? 55555

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    摩羯座 Capricorn    It may take some time for you to determine whether the ideas others are suggesting are for real or it’s just big talk. Judging by the current planetary set up, it’s a combination of both. While they’re been exploring some ideas in depth, others have appeared so swiftly they’re had no time to gather facts so have embroidered on them. Usually you’re wait for something more solid. However, because the pace and nature of this cycle’s changes is unlikely to halt for some weeks yet, you’re better off exploring both others? ideas and new developments as if they were reliable, then testing them out more seriously later. By then they might be. 别人的意见是正确的或者只是些空话呢?你可能会这个问题上花上时间。现在,行星的相位上显示出一个合相——火星合天王星。当你在深入探究一些问题的时候,另一些问题的快速出现会让你应接不暇,没时间弄懂真相所以在对事件的看法上有所偏颇(原文为渲染了它们)。通常你会等待一些更为确定(原文为牢靠)的事务。然而,事物在这一时期所变化的速度和性质是不可能停上几个星期的(事务在不断地改变)。你最好停止思索别人的建议与事物的新情况,就当它们是对的,等以后再去认真检验它们。到那时,它们就会得以解决。 最后一句不确定,不过应该是差不多的意思。。

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     白羊~          Accepting that even the simplest of plans are unlikely to proceed as you intended won’t be easy. Ultimately, however, the events and encounters triggered by Wednesday’s meeting between your ruler Mars and Uranus will be memorable not for what takes place at the time, but for what they lead to. This breaks up old patterns, allowing you to shake off restrictions you didn’t realise where there, and introduces ideas that previously wouldn’t have occurred to you. Whatever the nature of events, they’re unlikely to come together until the 22nd, when Mars? move into Aries commences the most dynamic cycle of the year. After that, things will fall into place, and magically.          让你接受连最简单的计划都未必能按照你的预期进行并不太容易,然而,在周三,你的守护星火星和冥王星的相遇是非常有意义的,并不是因为那天有什么会发生,而是因为发生的那件事而将你带向何方。他将让你打破旧规矩,让你甩掉你从来没有意识到的限制,并让你有一个自己从来没有过的想法,不管如何,根据天文学,这些事情22号之前并不可能发生,22号之后,白羊将进入一年最有动力的时间,所有事情如魔法般的变得有条不紊。

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    Libra      September 23– October 22      Your stars for the week beginning 12 April 2009           Last Thursday’s Libra Full Moon will have heightened both unsettling personal issues and those that have been overshadowing relationship matters. Usually the last thing you’re want to do is discuss these further. However, with the communication planet Mercury forming a series of brilliant aspects, that’s exactly what you should be doing. Not only will the resulting exchanges ensure facts are updated as situations evolve, talking things over clear up past issues as well. As important, when plans change? as they will frequently? You’ll have no difficulty conducting a top to bottom reorganisation. Keep things loose. That way, when yet more changes arise, you and others can work closely to update arrangements.      天平:      上周四天平的满月应该已经增强了不确定的私人事件和私密的关系的影响。通常你最后想做的事是进一步讨论一下这些事宜。然而,随着代表交流的行星水星正形成一系列的良好的相位,正好支援了你应该要做的事。随着情况的发展,结果也在改变中,请在整理好过去的事情后再来进行谈论,并确保事实(情况)是即时的。同样重要的是,要明确计划何时改变?是频繁的改变吗?你会容易的进行彻底的重组与改变,保持轻松的状态,只有这样,当面临过多的改变,你和其他人才能紧密合作并做出适于时宜的安排

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      Virgo    August 23 – September 22    Your stars for the week beginning 12 April 2009       There’re no question that the actions of others are as worrying as they are sudden. Judging by brilliant aspects involving your ruler Mercury and the forthright Pluto, last week, and sensible Saturn, this Saturday, you’re already discussing your concerns frankly and will continue to. Stop short of giving them advice. While this isn’t easy, judging by the constant changes in circumstances, what’s wise one day could be questionable the next. Besides, discussing challenging situations would only heighten the already tense atmosphere. Instead simply assume others will make the right decisions and relax and enjoy the time you spend with them, and you'll relieve certain worrying issues rifts without having to say a word. 处女。 目前毫无疑问,其他人的行动令人担忧,因为他们突然。由于您的统治者水星、直率的冥王星以及从上周开始的土星的介入,这个星期六,您已经开始坦率地讨论您的问题,并将继续。停止给他们短期的意见,虽然这是不容易的。在不断变化的形势下,怎样才是明智的将会成为下一个值得探讨的问题。此外,现在对于机遇和挑战的讨论只会加剧本已紧张的气氛。不如简单地将你苦苦思索的时间用来放松和享受生活,你会减轻某些令人担忧的问题上的裂痕,而不必说一句话。

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    等了好几天都没人来翻,只好自己来。。。觉得这个什么shelley的运程读上去很拗口,没啥实际内容,不太好翻,没有susan的好懂。双双们就凑和着看吧 Gemini    May 21– June 20    Your stars for the week beginning 12 April 2009       For ages you’re been hoping that certain issues you dislike even thinking about would somehow, magically, resolve themselves. While things won’t be that easy, if you began discussing these frankly last week - uncomfortable as those exchanges they may have been ?by now you’ll be working out plans that could actually relieve this problem. Take things in stages, and with each ensure that even the most difficult of issues are dealt with to the greatest possible extent. Do that, by Saturday’s brilliant aspect between your ruler Mercury and the most practical planet of them all, Saturn, you’ll have achieved more than you would have imagined possible, only days ago.    很久以来,你都希望某些你不喜欢的事情能自己神奇的被解决掉。但是事情没那么简单,如果你从上周开始能够坦率的讨论这事(和这些交流一样的让人不舒服。)那么到现在为止你会制定出一个计划可以实际解决这个问题。事情要一步一步来,每一步都能保证即使是最困难的部分都可以最大程度的解决。周六双子们才华显现被掌管星水星和所有星星里面最务实的土星所影响,你可能会比你想象的得到更多。

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    狮 的 反 译 达 人 呢 ?

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     白羊      让你接受连最简单的计划都未必能按照你的预期进行并不太容易,然而,在周三,你的守护星火星和冥王星的相遇是非常有意义的,并不是因为那天有什么会发生,而是因为发生的那件事而将你带向何方。他将让你打破旧规矩,让你甩掉你从来没有意识到的限制,并让你有一个自己从来没有过的想法,不管如何,根据天文学,这些事情22号之前并不可能发生,22号之后,白羊将进入一年最有动力的时间,所有事情如魔法般的变得有条不紊。

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    每次缺的都是巨蟹。 话说巨蟹都不学英语的???

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    2009-04-15 20:36:11 summer (敢不敢稍微顺利一点?)   每次缺的都是巨蟹。   话说巨蟹都不学英语的??? 我同意

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    22号之后,白羊将进入一年最有动力的时间,所有事情如魔法般的变得有条不紊。 期待着那天的到来 蛤蛤


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    双鱼 这一段时间以来你都在为谁该为事情负责而困惑。在很多情况下,你的工作必须要跟他人一起完成,尤其是那些想要卸下自己的担子或者是假装去误会有时间限制或者是财务制约的事情的人们。但是,平心而论,你还是不会被卷入这些事情。你还是会去享受该有的愉悦,或者还有一种可能是,你能确保他们兑现对你的承诺。因为这不是皆伐的,你回避了这一时期的冲突。明显的这样作只会导致事情复杂化。最终周三的双鱼宫上的天火相刑示意了这样的局面,时间未必那么精确,他们可以解决所有的问题,然后朝着同一方向前进。


    GLENROSE 2009-04-16 22:45:16


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    感觉这个说得太模糊了。。。 基本找不到感觉

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     by brookth    白羊      让你接受连最简单的计划都未必能按照你的预期进行并不太容易,然而,在周三,你的守护星火星和冥王星的相遇是非常有意义的,并不是因为那天有什么会发生,而是因为发生的那件事而将你带向何方。他将让你打破旧规矩,让你甩掉你从来没有意识到的限制,并让你有一个自己从来没有过的想法,不管如何,根据天文学,这些事情22号之前并不可能发生,22号之后,白羊将进入一年最有动力的时间,所有事情如魔法般的变得有条不紊。 天哪····周3我真的被吓到了1!!

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     目前毫无疑问,其他人的行动令人担忧,因为他们突然。由于您的统治者水星、直率的冥王星以及从上周开始的土星的介入,这个星期六,您已经开始坦率地讨论您的问题,并将继续。停止给他们短期的意见,虽然这是不容易的。在不断变化的形势下,怎样才是明智的将会成为下一个值得探讨的问题。此外,现在对于机遇和挑战的讨论只会加剧本已紧张的气氛。不如简单地将你苦苦思索的时间用来放松和享受生活,你会减轻某些令人担忧的问题上的裂痕,而不必说一句话。 不如简单地将你苦苦思索的时间用来放松和享受生活,你会减轻某些令人担忧的问题上的裂痕,而不必说一句话。 天啦!~这个超准的说! 我被惊呆了。。。


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