Let's setup regular 1:1? 何意?


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    恩。 他发给我的时候也没前后文的。。。所以不明白啊不明白。 商务英语的常用语? 

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    没有上下文意思 是不是是指的人情方面啊?

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    Are you going to have a meeting with him at some stage, or do you need to determine a ratio of some kind?

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    樱妖岚 2012-10-09 14:40:54

    Haha...I post the question on italki.com and got comments. I think this sentence is kind of business English. Check the answer as below:

    Answer No.1:
    Let's set up regular 1:1 meetings isn't a standard use but if someone wrote that to me I would take it to mean, the person wants to meet on regular schedule with me one to one. As in we are the only two people who will be in the meeting.

    Answer No.2:
    1:1 in this case means "one on one". Your manager is asking to setup a regular meeting between the two of you, as the other poster said.

    The sentence is not quite clear, however, and would be better written as "Let's setup -a- regular 1:1" or "Let's setup regular 1:1s"

    The first sentence meaning "Let's setup a standing/recurring one on one meeting" and the second sentence meaning "Let's setup regular one on one meetings". Essentially the same meaning, but one way you are able to write singular and the other must be plural. You manager did neither.

    ......... 我说的怎么那么死硬啊。哭


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