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    *Story 2*:〈Act your age,not your shoes size〉

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    *Story 3*:〈Are you trying to get me killed〉

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    *Story 4*:〈Behave yourself〉

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    *Story 5*:〈Contrary to popular belief,she's not a bad girl〉

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    Speed is desirable
    what's that mean?

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    The meaning of "Speed is desirable" is to move at once.

    *Story 6*:〈Could you exert all your strength〉

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    *Story 7*:〈Current trends in clothing are becoming more and more bizarre〉

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    *Story 8*:〈Two Tickets Please〉
      A young man was in love with a girl. At one weekend, he invited his girlfriend to the cinema. When they were at the ticket box, the young man said to the ticket seller, "Two tickets, please. "
      When the ticket seller told him that all the tickets had sold out, the disappointed young man said, "Then do you have any sur- tickets that can allow us to stand together?"
      (1) be (fall) in love with 爱上
      (2) disappointed adj.失望的
      (3) sell out 售完,卖完
      (4) sur-ticket n.附加票


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    *Story 9*:〈I'll Keep it on My Floor〉
      My 16-year-old son, Jeff, is a boy any parent would be proud of --until you see the floor of his room, covered with layers of clothes, magazines and sports equipment.
      Recently I accompanied Jeff to the credit union where he opened up his first bank account. While the credit officer was processing the paper work, I told Jeff he needed a safe, accessible place to store his passbook. "I know, Mom," he replied. "I'11 keep it on my floor. "

      (1) be proud of 为……感到自豪They were Very proud of their success.他们对他们的成功感到非常骄傲。
      (2) layer n.层
      (3) equipment n.设备
      (4) accompany v.陪伴
      (5) credit union 信用联社
      (6) account n.(银行)账户
      (7) process v.办理
      (8) accessible adj.可接近的,可用的


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    *Story 10*:〈The Attraction of the Map〉
      Mr. Smith taught English at a school .At the beginning of his lesson, he liked to have one of his students give a report on any subject. When it was Jack's turn, he told his audience about his elder brother who was a local worker. But during the report, his eyes were staring at the world map on the wall all the time. Mr. Smith knew that Jack didn't look at the audience because he was nervous. He said to Jack jokingly, "We can see you miss your brother very much. But is he 0. K. now in South America?"

      (1) subject n.题目
      (2) audience n .听众
      (3) jokingly adv. 开玩笑地


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    *Story 11*:〈What Grade?〉
      Kristin,, my 17-year-old niece, had just gotten her driver's license and offered to take her mom's car to the gas station. She pulled up to the full-service pumps, and the attendant asked, "What grade, miss?"
      "Eleventh!" Kristin replied.

      ① niece n.侄女 ④ full-service n.昼夜服务
      ② license n.驾驶执照 ⑤ pump n.加油机
      ③ pull up 停止


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    whatever, thank you, guy

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    *Story 12*:〈An Adult Decision〉
      The year before my son turned 18, he constantly pleaded to be allowed to a tattoo, but I refused to sign permission for one. He argued that soon he would be a man and he should be able to make adult decisions. Sure enough, a few days after his 18th birthday, he come home with a tattoo. Although I was not happy about this, I was curious to see what symbol of masculinity he had chosen. There, on his shoulder, was a two-inch image of Mickey Mouse.

      (1) constantly adv. 不断地
      (2) tattoo n. 文身
      (3) permission n. 允许
      (4) masculinity n. 阳性,男性
      (5) image n . 形象,肖像
      (6) Mickey Mouse 米老鼠


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    *Story 13*:〈We are on That Mountain Over There〉
      My son and I became lost while hiking high in the southern Rockies. I immediately went to work with my map and compass to determine where we had gone off course. My son, an electronics engineer, produced from his pack a hand-held Global Positioning System receiver.
      "I know exactly where we are, " he proudly announced, after carefully locking the instrument on four satellites high above the earth and checking his map. "We're on that mountain there!"

      (1) hike v.远足;徒步旅行
      (2) Rockies n.(美国)落基山脉
      (3) compass n.罗盘
      (4) go off course 走下了道
      (5) electronics n.电子学


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    *Story 14*:〈I'm Going to Let My Chauffeur Answer it〉
      A famous scientist was on his way to yet another lecture when his chauffeur offered an idea. "Hey, boss, I've heard your speech many times, I bet I could deliver it and give you the night off.
      "Sounds great," the scientist said.
      When they got to the auditorium, the scientist put on the chauffeur's hat and settled in the back row. The chauffeur walked to the lectern and delivered the speech. Afterward he asked if there were any questions.
      "Yes," said one processor.Then he launched into a highly technical question.
      The chauffeur was panic-stricken for a moment but quickly recovered. " That's an easy one, " he replied, "so easy, I'm going to let my chauffeur answer it. "

      (1) on one's way (to)某人在……的路上
      (2) chauffeur n.受雇驾驶私人汽车之司机
      (3) give you the night off让你休息一个晚上
      (4) auditorium n.礼堂
      (5) settle v.使安身;使安定
      (6) launch into开始
      (7) panic-stricken adj.惊慌失措的


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    *Story 15*:〈Where Do You Want These Blinds〉
      A drill sergeant ordered two young female recruits to paint a room in the barracks, stressing that they not get any paint on their uniforms. Doubtful they could avoid ruining their clothes, the women locked the door, stripped naked and painted in nude. After about an hour they heard a knock at the door . "Who is it?" asked one of the women.
      "Blind man, "came the reply.
      Seeing no harm in letting a blind man in, they opened the door.
      "Wow, what knockouts!" the man said with surprise. "Now, where do you want these blinds?"

      (1) drill n .军事训练;操练如: The soldiers were at drill in the barrack square.兵士们在营房的操场上操练。
      (2) sergeant n.中士
      (3) recruits n.新兵
      (4) barracks n.兵营;营房如:The barracks are quite new.那些营房相当新。
      (5) doubtful adj.怀疑的;不能确定的
      (6) ruin v.使毁灭;使败坏
      (7) strip v.脱下;除去
      (8) nude n.裸体人像
      (9) knockouts n.动人的人或物
      (10) blind adj.盲的;瞎的n.卷式窗帘


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    *Story 16*:〈Whose Dog Was the Smartest〉
      Four friends were arguing over whose dog was the smartest. The first man, an engineer, called to his dog, "T Square, show your stuff. " The dog trotted over to a desk, pulled out a paper and pencil, and drew a perfect triangle.
      The next guy, an accountant, called to his dog, "Slide Rule, go ahead. " The dog went to the kitchen, nibbled opened a bag of cookies and divided the contents into four equal piles.
      The next man, a chemist, beckoned his dog, Beaker, to show what he could do. The dog went to the fridge, took out a quart of milk and poured out exactly eighty ounces into a measuring cup.
      The last man was a government worker. "Coffee Break," he hollered to his dog, "go to it. " With that, the dog jumped to his feet, soiled the paper, ate the cookies and drank the milk.

      (1) do (show) your stuff显显你的本领;露一手
      (2) trot v. 疾走;快步走
      (3) triangle n.三角形
      (4) accountant n会计
      (5) nibble v.轻咬
      (6) beckon v.招手令他人走近或跟着来
      (7) ounce n.盎司(重量单位,常衡为1/16磅)
      (8) holler v.喊叫
      (9) soil v.弄脏;弄污


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    Sorry,story 1-7 are caricatures.

    *Story 17*:〈What Will Be the Headline〉
      When a man in Macon, Ga. , came upon a wild dog attacking a young boy, he quickly grabbed the animal and throttled it with his two hands. A reporter saw the incident, congratulated the man and told him the headline the following day would read, "Local Man Saves Child by Killing Vicious Animal. "
      The hero, however, told the journalist that he wasn't from Macon.
      "Well, then," the reporter said, the headline will probably say, 'Georgia Man Saves Child by Killing Dog. '"
      "Actually," the man said, "I'm from Connecticut."
      "In that case," the reporter said in a huff, "the headline will read ,'Yankee Kills Family Pet.'"

      (1) Ga. Georgia的缩写(美国的)乔治亚州
      (2) come upon 偶然遇见
      (3) grab v.抓取;揽取
      (4) throttle v.勒死;缢死
      (5) congratulate v.祝贺
      (6) vicious adj. 凶恶的
      (7) Connecticut n.(美国)康涅狄格州
      (8) huff n.发怒
      (9) Yankee n.(美国南北战争中)北部诸州的人;北方佬


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    *Story 18*:〈A Challenging Hunt〉
      A woman answered her front door and found two boys holding a list. "Lady," one of them explained, "we are on a treasure hunt, and we need three grains of wheat, a pork-chop bone and a piece of used carbon paper to earn a dollar. "
      "Wow," the woman replied, "who sent you on such a challenging hunt?" "Our baby-sitter's boyfriend. "

      (1) pork-chop 猪肉排
      (2) carbon paper复写纸


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    *Story 19*:〈You are Not Going to Make it〉
      Gravely ill, a man went to the doctor with his wife. After the examination the physician motioned for the wife to meet him in the hallway.
      "Your husband is very sick, " the doctor said, "but there are three things you can do to ensure his survival. First, fix him three healthful, delicious meals a day. Next, give him a stress-free environment , and don't complain about anything. Finally, make passionate love to him every day.
      On the drive home the husband asked, "What did the doctor say?"
      "I'm sorry, " she said, "but you're not going to make it.

      (1) gravely adv.特别严重地
      (2) physician n.医生
      (3) motion v.以动作或手示意
      (4) ensure v.保证
      (5) survival n.生存
      (6) stress-free adj.没有压力的
      (7) complain(about)v.抱怨;发牢骚
      (8) passionate adj.热烈的


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    *Story 20*:〈A Pleasant Surprise〉
      A friend of mine had been wanting new kitchen cabinets for a long time, but her husband insisted they were an extravagance. She went to visit her mother for two weeks, and when she returned, she was overjoyed to find that beautiful new cabinets had been installed.
      A few days later a neighbor came over to visit my friend. After admiring the new cabinets, the neighbor added, "All of us were so glad that the fire your husband had while you were gone was confined to the kitchen. "

      (1) cabinet n. 橱柜
      (2) extravagance n.奢侈
      (3) overjoyed adj.大为高兴的;极为开心的
      (4) install v.安装
      (5) be confined to限制;限于范围内


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    *Story 21*:〈A Clever dog〉
      A dog owner claimed that his pet, when given money, would go to the news stall to buy a paper. His friend insisted on a demonstration and handed the dog some money - The dog trotted off, but an hour later he had still not returned with the paper.
      "How much did you give him?" asked the owner.
      "Five dollars.
      "Well, that explains it. When you give him five dollars, he goes to a movie."

      (1) claim v.声称
      (2) when given money是 when he was given money 的省略
      (3) news stall n.售报亭
      (4) insist on 坚持
      (5) demonstration n.演示
      (6) trot off 小步跑开


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    *Story 22*:〈It Seemed like Hours〉
      As a band instructor at an elementary school, I require my students to turn in practice sheets signed by their parents so I can be sure they are putting in enough time. I had to laugh, however, when one parent wrote on her child's sheet, "Practiced 17 minutes, but it seemed like hours.

      (1) band n.乐队
      (2) instructor n.指挥
      (3) turn in上交;归还
      (4) signed by their parents:由他们的父母签名的。这是一个分词短语作定语修饰sheets.
      (5) so I can be sure they are putting in enough time:这样我才能确定他们投入了足够的时间。这是so that 引导的目的状语从句,其中that省略。


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    *Story 23*:〈Mother's Feet〉
      To prevent our dog, Lacy, from pestering visitors to our house, my mother often massaged her as she lounged beneath the kitchen table, her favorite resting spot. One day a contractor came over to talk about a home-improvement project. As he and my mother sat across the table discussing the renovations, my mother slipped off her shoes and mindlessly soothed Lacy with her feet. My mother had been talking for about a half-hour when to her great embarrassment she heard Lacy bark outside the front door.

      (1) prevent (from)v.避免;阻止
      (2) pester v.使苦恼;困扰
      (3) massage v.按摩;揉捏
      (4) lounge v.懒洋洋地坐着或站着
      (5) contractor n.承包商
      (6) improvement n.改进;改善
      (7) renovation n.修复;修理
      (8) slip off滑脱;掉
      (9) mindlessly adv.不注意地
      (10) soothe v.抚慰;使镇静
      (11) embarrassment n.局促;不安


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    *Story 24*:〈I Want to Get Out〉
      A bar owner locked up his place at 2 a. m. and went home to sleep. He had been in bed only a few minutes when the phone rang." What time do you open up in the morning ?" he heard an obviously inebriated man inquire.
      The owner was so furious, he slammed down the receiver and went back to bed. A few minutes later there was another call and he heard the same voice ask the same question. "Listen," the owner shouted ,"there's no sense in asking me what time I open because I wouldn't let a person in your condition in----"
      "I don't want to get in," the caller interjected. "I want to get out

      (1) obviously adv.明显的
      (2) inebriated adj.酒醉的
      (3) slam v.砰然放下
      (4) interject v.突然插话


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    how do you compile these funny stories

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    :) They are all from other's share. Please correct it when you find out any mistake. Thanks!

    *Story 25*:〈Nest and Hair〉
      My sister, a primary school teacher, was informed by one of her pupils that a bird had built its nest in the tree outside the classroom.
      "What kind of bird?" my sister asked.
      "I didn't see the bird, ma' am, only the nest," replied the child.
      "Then, can you give us a description of the nest?" my sister encouraged her .
      "Well, ma'am, it just resembles your hair. "

      (1) inform v.告诉
      (2) nest n.窝;巢
      (3) description n.描述
      (4) encourage v.鼓励
      (5) resemble v. 相似;类似


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    *Story 26*:〈I Never Work after Supper〉
      A penny-pinching farmer didn't want his hired hand to stop working. One morning, he told the farmhand, "It's such a nuisance to come in from the field,, wash up for lunch and take time to eat. Why don't we save time and eat lunch now?"
      The hired man agreed. The farm's wife brought in some cold meat and fried potatoes, and the two men ate again.
      When they had finished, the cheap farmer said, "While we're still at the table, let's have supper too. " They were now served steak, boiled potatoes and mixed vegetables, and they ate once more.
      "Now that the meals are out of the way, " the farmer announced, we can go out and work all day without interruption. "
      "Oh, no, " the farmhand answered. " I never work after supper.

      (1) penny-pinching adj.吝啬的
      (2) hired hand n. 帮手
      (3) nuisance n. 讨厌的事物、人、行为等
      (4) wash up洗
      (5) be out of the way解决某事
      (6) interruption n.打断某人


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    *Story 27*:〈I've Just Bitten My Tongue〉
      "Are we poisonous?" the young snake asked his mother.
      "Yes, dear," she replied - "Why do you ask?"
      "Cause I've just bitten my tongue! "

      (1) poisonous adj.有毒的
      (2) Cause I've just bitten my tongue因为我刚咬了自己的舌头。句中Cause是Because的缩略形式。


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    *Story 28*:〈Job Technique〉
      Vacationing on the island of Oahu, we were waiting in our tour bus for some stragglers to show up. A man, obviously not with our group, approached the bus and was about to board. How would our driver handle the situation, we wondered. Straight-faced, he leaned toward the door and asked, "Going to the nudist Colony, sir?"
      "Oh, no," replied the would-be passenger, retreating quickly.
      "Works every time," the driver said with a wink.

      (1) Oahu n.瓦胡(岛)
      (2) straggler n.落伍者;掉队者
      (3) show up显现
      (4) approach v.走近;接近
      (5) be about to(do)(表计划)即将做
      (6) board v.上(船、火车、飞机、公共汽车等)
      (7) straight-faced adj.板起面孔的
      (8) nudist Colony天体营(裸体主义者实行其信条的场所)
      (9) retreating quickly迅速后退。这是一个分词短语作状语,表示伴随状况。


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    *Story 29*:〈A Bad Doctor〉
      A man walked into a doctor's examining room.
      "Put out your tongue," the doctor said.
      The man put out his tongue and the doctor said.
      "0. K. You can put your tongue back now. " the doctor said. "it's clear what's wrong with you . You need more exercise."
      "But, doctor, " the man said. "I don't think--"
      " Don't tell me what you think, " the doctor said "I am the doctor, not you. I know what you need. I see hundreds of people like you. None of them get any exercise. They sit in offices all day and in front of the television in the evening. What you need is to walk quickly for at least 20 minutes a day. "
      "Doctor, you don't understand," the patient said "I -"
      "I don't want to hear any excuses, " the doctor said. "You must find time for exercise. If you don't, you will get fat and have health problems when you are older. "
      "But I walk every clay," the patient said.
      "Oh, yes, and I know what kind of walking that is. You walk a few feet to the train station from your house, a few more feet from the station to your office , and a few more feet from your office to a restaurant for lunch and back. That's not real walking. I'm talking about a walk in the park for twenty minutes every day. "
      Please listen to me, doctor! " the patient shouted, getting angry with this doctor who thought he knew everything.
      "I'm a mailman," the patient went on, "and I walk for seven hours every day. "
      For a moment the doctor was silent, then he said quietly, "Put your tongue out again, will you?"

      (1) examining room检查室
      (2) mailman n.邮递员


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    *Story 30*:〈A Woman Who Fell〉
      It was rush hour and I was dashing to a train in New York City's Grand Central Terminal - As I neared the gate, a plump, middle-aged woman sprinted up from behind, lost her footing on the smooth marble floor and slid onto her back. Her momentum carried her close to my shoes. Before I could help her, however, she had scrambled up. Gaining her composure, she winked at me and said, "Do you always have beautiful women failing at your feet?"

      (1) rush hour n. (大城市上下班时的)拥挤时刻;高峰时刻
      (2) dash v.猛冲
      (3) terminal n.(铁路、公路的)终点站
      (4) near v.接近;靠近
      (5) plump adj. 圆胖的;丰满的
      (6) sprint v.以全速缩短距离
      (7) momentum n.动量(即物体质量与速度之乘积)
      (8) scramble v.爬
      (9) composure n.泰然自若


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    *Story 31*:〈My wife Thinks So〉
      Reading water meters in an unfamiliar part of town, I came upon a house with no number. Then I noticed an elderly man gardening at the first house on that block.
      "Excuse me," I said to him. "Are you Number One?"
      He smiled and replied, "My wife thinks so!"

      (1) water meter n.水表
      (2) unfamiliar adj.不熟悉的
      (3) come upon偶遇(等于come across)
      (4) Number One第一;一号


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    *Story 32*:〈A Plumber〉
      My daughter Judy, who works for a plumbing company, found herself in need of a plumber at home. When she got to work, she asked that a plumber be sent. For several days her request was ignored.
      In desperation, as she departed one afternoon she left her boss this note - "I will come to work in the morning as soon as a plumber gets to my house. " One arrived shortly before 7 a. m.

      (1) plumber n.水管修理工
      (2) ignore v.不理;不顾
      (3) desperation n.不顾一切的冒险;拼命
      (4) depart v.离开


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    *Story 33*:〈A Tough Teacher〉
      A school teacher friend of mine injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. On his first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he was assigned to teach the most undisciplined class. Stepping confidently into the rowdy classroom, he opened the window as wide as possible. Just then, a strong breeze made his tie flap. Trying to fix the tie , he took a blackboard eraser and hammered a large tack through his tie into his chest.
      He had no trouble with discipline that term.

      (1) injure v.伤害
      (2) plaster cast n. 石膏绷带;石膏夹
      (3) assign v.分配;分派
      (4) undisciplined adj.缺乏纪律的
      (5) rowdy adj.粗暴而吵闹的
      (6) breeze n.微风
      (7) flap v.上下或左右移动
      (8) eraser n.黑板擦


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    *Story 34*:〈I'm a Police Officer〉
      When my husband, Jack, was a police officer, he once approached a home guarded by two ferocious dogs. They lunged at the screen door with such force that it opened, and they tore out into the yard.
      Thinking quickly, Jack, stepped into the house, closing the door tightly behind him. " It's all right, ma'am," he reassured the homeowner " I'm a police officer."
      "Not a very brave one," she observed.

      (1) guard v.保护;保卫
      (2) ferocious adj.凶猛的;残忍的
      (3) lunge v.冲刺;前冲
      (4) tear v.急奔;冲
      (5) reassure v.消除对……的恐惧;使安心


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-05 21:54:14

    *Story 35*:〈A Business Trip〉
      On a business trip to India, a colleague of mine arrived at the airport in Dilhi. He took a taxi to his hotel, where he was greeted by his hospitable Indian host. The cab driver requested the equivalent of eight dollars U. S. for the fare, which seemed reasonable, so my friend handed him the money.
      But the host grabbed the bills and initiated a verbal assault upon the cabby, calling him a worthless parasite and a disgrace to their country for trying to overcharge visitors. The host threw half the amount at the driver and told him never to return.
      As the taxi sped off, the host gave the remaining bills to my colleague and asked him how his trip had been. "Fine," the business- man replied, "until you chased the cab away with my luggage in the trunk."

      (1) colleague n.同事
      (2) hospitable n.好客的
      (3) equivalent n.等值;等量
      (4) initiate v.开始
      (5) verbal n.言辞的
      (6) assault (on/upon) n.猛烈而突然之攻击
      (7) cabby n.出租汽车司机
      (8) parasite n.寄生虫


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    *Story 36*:〈Get a Job〉
       One day shortly after I had come home from college, my father was outside doing yard work. He found a baby bird under a tree and assumed it had fallen from its nest. Wanting to return the tiny creature to its home, my dad went to get a ladder . When he got back, he found another baby bird on the ground.
      Suddenly he heard a loud chirping from above. Looking up, my father saw the mother bird giving a third baby the boot from its nest. With that, Dad walked into our house, took one look at me watching television and barked, "Get a job!"

      (1) assume v.猜测
      (2) chirping n.啁啾声
      (3) give sb the boot开除;赶出
      (4) bark v.咆哮着说出;吼叫


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-07 23:31:03

    *Story 37*:〈A Stubborn Horse〉
      The great novelist had gone mad, but now there seemed to be some hope for his recovery. For six months, he had been sitting at his typewriter pounding out a novel. Finally, he pronounced it completed and brought the book to his psychiatrist, who eagerly began reading it aloud:
      "General Jackson leaped upon his faithful horse and yelled, 'Giddyap, giddyap, giddyap, giddyap"' The doctor thumbed through the rest of the manuscript." There's nothing here but 500 pages of giddyaps! " he exclaimed."
      "Stubborn horse," explained the writer.

      (1) go mad 发疯
      (2) pound v.连续重击;砰砰地打
      (3) pronounce v.宣称;宣布
      (4) psychiatrist n.精神病专家
      (5) leap upon跃上(马)
      (6) thumb through以拇指翻动(书页)
      (7) manuscript n.草稿


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-08 22:10:42

    *Story 38*:〈Looking for a companion〉
      A bachelor asked the computer to find him the perfect mate: " I want a companion who is small and cute, loves water sports and enjoys group activities. "
      Back came the answer: "Marry a penguin. "

      (1) bachelor n.单身汉
      (2) perfect adj.完美的
      (3) mate n.配偶
      (4) cute adj.聪颖的


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    *Story 39*:〈My Roommate〉
      My roommate was interested in a young man in her English-literature class, but she was too shy to let him know. One day she overheard him say he was on his way to the library for a certain book. She rushed to the library, found the book and stuck in it a letter from her mother.
      "Why would he want to read a letter from your mother?" I asked.
      "He wouldn't, but if he's any kind of gentleman, he'll return it to me " Her dorm and room numbers were on the envelope, of course.
      The next day he appeared with the letter and asked my roommate out on a date. "Couldn't fail," she later told me. "The book was Great Expectations.

      (1) overhear v.偶然听到;无意中听到
      (2) on one’s way to在去……的路上
      (3) date n.约会


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    *Story 40*:〈The Big Baby〉
      "You'll have to take care of the baby today," a woman told her husband . " I'm not feeling well."
      "Then you must stay in bed and rest, dear. " her husband said. "I'll be pleased to look after our baby. "
      "Thank you. I'll have a quiet day and I'll soon get better. " his wife told him.
      "Shall I do the shopping for you as well?" her husband asked.
      She was very pleased and said, "That will help me very much. I'll give you a list of things to buy. "
      She wrote out the list and gave it to him.
      "You can get all these things at the supermarket," she said.
      "You can put the baby in the shopping cart, then you won't have to leave him outside."
      The man took the baby to the supermarket and put him in the shopping cart. Then he pushed the shopping cart along the rows of things to buy and looked for those that were on his list.
      At first all was well, but then the baby began to cry.
      Then he started to scream.
      And scream!
      And SCREAM!
      "Keep calm ,George, " the man said. "Don't get excited. Don't shout, George. Don't lose your temper, George.
      A woman in the supermarket heard him saying these things. She walked up to him.
      "I think you are wonderful," she said. "You are so patient with your little George. "
      "Madam, " the man said, "I'm George. He's Edward.

      (1) shopping cart 购物手推车 (3) lose one's temper发脾气
      (2) scream v.尖声叫喊 (4) be patient with有耐性


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    *Story 41*:〈She Is Left-handed〉
      A married couple, both avid golfers, were discussing the future one night. "Honey," the wife said, "if I were to die and you were to remarry, would you two live in this house?"
      "I suppose so-it's paid for."
      "How about our car?" continued the woman. "Would the two of you keep that?"
      "I suppose so-it's paid for.
      "What about golf clubs? Would you let her use them too?"
      "Heck, no," the husband blurted out. "She's left-handed.

      (1) avid adj.热望的
      (2) golfer n.打高尔夫球者
      (3) It's paid for理所当然
      (4) heck(俚语)地狱(用于感叹句中)
      (5) blurt out脱口而出


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    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-12 22:54:59

    *Story 42*:〈Ways end Means〉
      A man handed a pair of slacks to the department-store clerk. "I'd like these altered, please," he said. The clerk asked for the sales receipt, but after searching his pockets, the man replied he had lost it. The clerk informed him that it was store policy to do free alterations without a receipt.
      "Okay, then, " the man said, "I'd I like to return the slacks. clerk processed the return and gave him cash equaling the cost of the slacks.
      The man pushed the money back across the counter. "Now I want to buy the slacks, " he said. The clerk rang up the sale, bagged the slacks and handed them to him with a receipt.
      Triumphantly, he put the slacks and the receipt on the counter. "I'd like to have these altered, please."

      (1) slacks n.宽松的裤子
      (2) receipt n.收据
      (3) process v.处理以保存
      (4) ring up用收银机收钱
      (5) bag v.打包;装入袋中
      (6) triumphantly adv.获胜地;得意洋洋地


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-13 22:25:16

    *Story 43*:〈You Let Me Search Quite〉
      Once upon a time, there was a man who always forgot things. One day, he went out with his little son. He was so happy that he put the son ride his neck.
      After a time, he suddenly thought of his son, he asked people: "Have you seen my child?"
      One of his villagers laughed and said: "Don't you know he is on your neck?"
      Hearing this, the man took down his son from his neck, he was so angry that he hit the son on the face, then shouted: "I have told you not to go here and there. Where did you go just now?"

      (1) think of想起
      (2) hearing this听到这话。这是个分词短语,相当于一个表示时间的状语从句,即:When he heard this.


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-14 22:13:47

    *Story 44*:〈The Long and Short of It〉
      Although I had never met him, I knew that my grandfather had been five feet, six inches tall, while my stately grandmother stood five feet, eleven inches. As a teen-ager leafing through old photographs with Grandma, I finally realized how unusual they must have looked together .
      "Grandma, " I asked, "how could you have fallen in love with a man five inches shorter than you?"
      She turned to me. "Honey," she said, "we fell in love sitting down, and when I stood up, it was too late."

      (1) stately adj.高贵的
      (2) leaf through迅速翻阅;浏览
      (3) teen-ager.十几岁的人
      (4) fall in love with爱上;坠入爱河


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    *Story 45*:〈The Shepherd and the Bureaucrat〉
      A bureaucrat was hiking when he came upon a shepherd tending a large flock. The bureaucrat took a fancy to the sheep and asked the shepherd, "If I can guess how many there are, may I have one?" The shepherd thought it unlikely the man would guess the exact number, so he agreed.
      The bureaucrat guessed, "You have 287 sheep." The shepherd was astonished, since this was exactly right.
      "Can I pick out my sheep now?" asked the bureaucrat. The shepherd grudgingly gave his permission. Selecting one, the bureaucrat slung it over his shoulders to carry home.
      The shepherd got an idea." If I guess your occupation'," he said, "may I have my sheep back?" The bureaucrat was surprised, but figured there was little chance of the shepherd guessing correctly, so he went along. "You're a bureaucrat, "announced the shepherd. Amazed, the bureaucrat asked.
      "How did you know?"
      The shepherd replied, "Put the dog down and we'll talk about it.

      (1) bureaucrat n.官僚
      (2) come upon偶然遇到
      (3) shepherd n.牧羊人
      (4) take a fancy to sth 喜爱
      (5) astonish v.使惊骇
      (6) pick out挑选
      (7) grudgingly adv.不情愿地
      (8) sling v.用力投掷
      (9) occupation n.职业;工作
      (10) figure v.料想;推断


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    *Story 46*:〈The Judges Pistol〉
      One day Mel Martin stopped by the chambers of a judge with whom he had lunch appointment. As his friend changed from robe jacket, Martin noticed a shiny black pistol bolstered to the judge's shoulder.
      The judge was not a firearms enthusiast, so Martin asked him why he was carrying it. His friend said that because of recent threats he had borrowed the pistol from the repository of confiscated weapons. Holding it up, the judge said, "I chose this one because it's so mean-looking, yet it hardly weighs a thing. I hope I don't need it, because I don't even know how to load it."
      "It's not hard," Martin said, examining it closely. "We can fill it at the water fountain on the way out."

      (1) chambers n.法官办公室
      (2) robe n.长袍
      (3) shiny n.闪亮的
      (4) holster v.装在皮套里
      (5) repository n.仓库
      (6) confiscated adj.没收的;充公的
      (7) mean-looking adj.吓人的
      (8) load v.装弹于(枪炮)


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-17 23:11:57

    *Story 47*:〈A Call from a Frog〉
      A frog telephones the Psychic Hotline and is told, "You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you . "
      The frog says, "This is great! Will I meet her at a party, or what?"
      "No," says the psychic. "Next semester in her biology class.

      (1) frog n.青蛙
      (2) psychic n.通灵之人
      (3) semester n.(美国)一个学期
      (4) biology n.生物学


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    *Story 48*:〈Wouldn't You Know〉
      I accompanied my eight-month-pregnant wife to her monthly checkup . We boarded the hospital's elevator to go to the appropriate floor. The only other passenger was an elderly man who studied intently and then said, "Boy."
      Without another word, he got off at his floor. I was about to tell my wife how strange I thought he was acting when suddenly I realized she was wearing a T-shirt sporting the "Guess?" logo.

      (1) accompany v.伴随;陪伴
      (2) pregnant adj.怀孕的
      (3) appropriate adj.适当的
      (4) intently adv.专心地
      (5) T-shirt n.T恤衫
      (6) logo n.标语


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-19 23:17:10

    *Story 49*:〈The Very Last Birthday〉
      When I was approaching 50, I announced to my three grown children that I no longer wanted to celebrate my birthday and that they could phone me instead of sending a gift. At first they protested, but finally they agreed to go along with my wish. So when the doorbell rang on the morning of my birthday, I was surprised to see the florist delivering a huge, beautiful plant. Suddenly, without a word, she rushed back to the truck and , with a sad look, turned once to glance at me. Puzzled, I read the card attached to the plant: "To Mom-with lots of love-on your very last birthday.

      (1) approach v. 接近
      (2) protest v.反对
      (3) go along with 同意
      (4) florist n.花商;经营花卉业者
      (5) glance at瞥视;匆匆一看
      (6) attach v.附上;系上


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    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-20 23:25:16

    *Story 50*:〈Good Thing He Has You〉
      While I was talking to a parent of one of my third-grade students, another teacher walked by. The mother, remarking how beautiful the woman was, said, "If my son had her for a teacher, he wouldn't be able to concentrate. " Then she paused and added, "Good thing he has you. "

      (1) remark v. 谈起
      (2) concentrate v. 集中注意力于;专心于


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    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-21 20:47:44

    *Story 51*:〈Do Me a Favor〉
      The mechanic was very busy when I took my car in for repairs, so I settled down in the waiting room with a book I'd brought along. The mechanic was in and out answering calls, and at one point he stopped and looked at me . "Would you do me a favor and flip back a few pages when someone comes in? That way it won't look as if you've been here all day."

      (1) mechanic n.汽车修理师
      (2) settle down安适地坐下或躺
      (3) do sb a favor帮助某人
      (4) flip v.以指捻


  • hiker

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    *Story 52*:〈Point of No Return〉
      My husband ordered home delivery of our local newspaper. Because we live in rural area where no street numbers are used, I was concerned that the carrier would have trouble finding us. Sure enough, we missed delivery several days despite frequent calls to the circulation department. Finally I phoned to cancel the subscription. "You'll have to tell me your exact location," the woman on the line said. "We can't cancel the subscription unless we know where you live.

      (1) delivery n.递送
      (2) rural area乡村
      (3) concerned adj.焦虑的;担心的
      (4) have trouble doing sth做某事有麻烦
      (5) despite prep.不管;不顾
      (6) frequent adj.时常发生的;惯常的
      (7) circulation n.发行
      (8) subscription n.订阅


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-02-23 23:18:29

    *Story 53*:〈The Story of a Snail〉
      When a snail crossed the road, he was run over by a turtle. Regaining consciousness in the emergency room, he was asked what caused the accident.
      "I really can't remember," the snail replied. "You see, it all happened so fast."

      (1) snail n.蜗牛
      (2) run over碾过(在地上的某人或某物)
      (3) regain v.恢复
      (4) consciousness n.知觉
      (5) emergency n.紧急事件;紧急情况


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    *Story 54*:〈Not Here〉
      Kathy and Polly were friends but they liked playing tricks on each other
      One day Kathy met Polly in the street. She said, "Hi, Polly. It's good to see you."
      "How can you see me when I'm not here?" Polly asked.
      "What do you mean, you' re not here?" Kathy asked. "Of course you 're here."
      "No, I'm not." Polly said. "and I'll bet you ten dollars that I can prove I'm not here."
      "Alright," said Kathy. "Ten dollars. Now prove you' re not here ."
      "Easy," Polly said, "Am I in Hong Kong?"
      "No," said Kathy.
      "Am I in Paris?"
      "No," said Kathy.
      "If I'm not in Hong Kong and I'm not in Paris," Polly said, " then I must be somewhere else. Right?"
      "Right," said Kathy. "You must be somewhere else."
      "Exactly." said Polly. "And if I'm somewhere else I can't be here, can I? Ten dollars, please. "
      "That's very clever, Polly," Kathy said, "but I can't give you ten dollars."
      "Why not?" asked Polly. "We had a bet.
      "Certainly we had a bet," Kathy said, "but how can I give you ten dollars if you're not here?"
      And with a laugh she walked away.

      (1) trick n.恶作剧
      (2) play a trick on sb.开玩笑;戏谑某人
      (3) prove v.证明
      (4) Hong Kong香港
      (5) Paris巴黎(法国首都)


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    *Story 55*:〈A Midshipman〉
      One of my fellow midshipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy was performing poorly in class and reported to his company officer for counseling., "Your marks are deplorable!" the officer scolded. "Is there a problem-that has kept you from studies?"
      "No, sir," the midshipman replied. "I have no idea what the problem is. I study the notes I take, and I'm never late to class. I don't even talk in class, but for some reason my professors don't seem to like me.
      The officer sat back and thought. Then he asked, "Do you get enough sleep?"
      My classmate replied, "Sir, do you mean at night or in class?"

      (1) midshipman n.海军军官候补生
      (2) the U.S.Naval Academy美国海军学院
      (3) perform v.执行;履行
      (4) company n.连(队)
      (5) counsel v.建议;劝告
      (6) deplorable adj.可悲的;可怜的
      (7) scold v.指责;责备


  • hiker

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    *Story 56*:〈Thats What They All Say〉
      While sitting on the bleachers during my youngest son's baseball game, I overheard another mother talking about her three-year-old daughter, who was playing with a neighbor's boy. The little girl kept saying to the boy, "Marry me. Marry me." The little boy innocently replied, "I want to play first."
      At this, the mother turned to all of the parents on the bleachers and announced, "That's what they all say!"

      (1) bleachers n.(美)运动场的露天看台
      (2) baseball n.棒球
      (3) keep doing不停地做
      (4) innocently adv.天真无邪地


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    *Story 57*:〈The Mistaken Father〉
      The morning following the birth of our first child, my husband was mistakenly directed to the room of another new mother on the maternity floor. As he walked into the room, he bent over the nap- ping mother, whose back was turned to him, and gave her a big kiss. The woman was startled to see a stranger. But before she could say anything, my husband smiled and said, "I didn't know having a baby would change you this much!"

      (1) mistaken adj.弄错了的 (4) nap v.小睡;打盹
      (2) direct v.批示方向;指点 (5) startle v.使惊奇
      (3) maternity n.(医院)产科病房


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    *Story 58*:〈This Hole in the Ground〉
      There was once a farmer who lived near a road.
      It was not a busy road, but from time to time, cars passed the farm.
      Near the farm gate, there was a large hole in the road.
      This hole was always full of water, and the drivers of the cars could not see how deep the hole was. They thought it was probably shallow.
      Then when they drove into the hole, they could not drive out because it was so deep .
      The farmer did not spend much time working on his farm. He spent most of it watching the hole.
      When a car drove into it, he pulled the car out with his tractor and charged the driver a lot of money for doing this.
      One day, the driver of a car said to him, "You must make a lot of money pulling cars out of this hole night and day."
      "Oh, no, " the farmer said." I don' t pull cars out of the hole at night. At night I fill the hole with water."

      (1) from time to time偶尔
      (2) tractor n. 拖拉机
      (3) charge v.收费;要价


  • hiker

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    *Story 59*:〈A Prospective Horse Buyer〉
      Then there was the preacher who decided to sell his horse. A prospective buyer was impressed with the animal, but the preacher said, " I must warn you-he only responds to 'church talk'. Go is 'Praise the Lord', and stop is 'Hallelujah"'.
      "I've worked with horses all my life," said the buyer, "and I've never heard of anything like this." Mounting the horse, he said skeptically, " Praise the Lord." The horse began to trot. He repeated "Praise the Lord" and the horse broke into a gallop. Suddenly the buyer saw a cliff dead ahead. Frantic, he yelled "Hallelujah", and they came to a stop a foot from the edge.
      Wiping the sweat from his brow, the buyer said, "Praise the Lord!"

      (1) prospective adj.预期的;可能的
      (2) preacher n.传教者
      (3) impress v.给予强烈影响;留下深刻印象
      (4) respond v.有反应
      (5) Praise the Lord感谢上帝
      (6) Hallelujah哈里路亚(赞美上帝之语)
      (7) skeptically adv.怀疑地
      (8) trot v.小跑
      (9) gallop n.疾驰;飞奔
      (10) dead adv.完全地;绝对地
      (11) dead ahead正前方


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    *Story 60*:〈Bad Business〉
      A salesman was chatting with the owner of a motel."Business is terrible," said the motel owner. 'Really bad."
      "But every time I drive by here you have the 'no vacancy' sign on. " said the salesman.
      "That's true," replied the motel owner. "But I used to turn away 30 to 35 people a night. Now, I only turn away ten to 15."

      (1) motel n.汽车旅馆
      (2) vacancy n.空缺
    (3) turn away n.谢绝


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    *Story 61*:〈The Cheater〉
      Donald was not very good at math.
      He could not understand the teacher's explanations.
      Even when the teacher explained something a second time, Donald still could not understand it.
      "Never mind," Donald told himself. "I'm quite good at other subjects. I'll cheat in the math exam, then I won't be in trouble."
      "I'll sit next to the boy who's best at math, he thought, "and copy down his answers."
      The day of the exam came, and Donald sat next to Brian Smith, who always was at the top of the class in math.
      Donald carefully copied Brian's answers on to his own exam paper.
      At the end of the exam, the teacher colllected the papers and graded them.
      Then she said, "Well, boys and girls, I've decided to give a prize to the student who got the highest grade. It's difficult for me to decide who to give the prize to, however, because two students, Donald and Brian, got the same grade.
      "Let them share it," one of the other students said.
      "I've thought about that," the teacher said, "but I've decided to give the prize to Brian."
      Donald was angry when he heard this.
      He stood up and said, "That's not fair. I got the same grade as Brian. "
      "That's true," the teacher said. "However, Brian's answer to Question 18 was 'I don't know'. Yours was 'Neither do I'."

      (1) be good at擅长
      (2) cheat v.作弊
      (3) be in trouble有麻烦
      (4) grade v.打分;分等


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-04 23:43:35

    *Story 62*:〈Which One to Call Back〉
      After I took office as mayor of a small Kentucky city, an unfortunate incident precipitated some hateful phone calls to my home. One night while I was conducting a city-council meeting, my wife answered the phone.
      "Is this the home of Bert May, the mayor?" a woman's voice asked.
      When my wife explained that I was at a meeting and would return her call if she left a name and number, the caller said. "That's confidential. This is his girlfriend. "
      My wife, knowing this was all a ruse, calmly responded, "Lady, if you don't leave your name and number, he won't know which one to call back

      (1) take office 任职
      (2) precipitate v.使突然发生
      (3) conduct v.主持
      (4) confidential adj.保密的
      (5) ruse n.欺诈


  • titus

    titus (gibtab) 2012-03-05 21:24:25

    : D

  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-05 23:23:08

    *Story 63*:〈Boy, Oh Boy〉
      When they're together, my five-year-old son and his cousin tend to cause mayhem. one Saturday, I put my foot down. "All right, you two," I said sternly. "No screaming , grabbing, whining, hitting, teasing, tattling, breaking toys, scratching or fighting."
      As I turned to leave, I heard my son say, "C'mon, Steven, let's get dirty . "

      (1) tend to(do)倾向;趋向
      (2) mayhem n.大混乱;大灾害
      (3) put one's foot down开始抗议
      (4) sternly adv.严厉地
      (5) whine v.哭闹
      (6) tease v.取笑
      (7) tattle v.扯淡


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-06 22:45:26

    *Story 64*:〈I Can't Let Him Get Away〉
      A male crab met a female crab and asked her to marry him. She noticed that he was walking straight instead of sideways. Wow, she thought, this crab is really special. I can't let him get away .So they got married immediately.
      The next day she noticed her new husband waking sideways like all the other crabs, and got upset. "What happened?" she asked. "You used to walk straight before we were married."
      "Oh, honey, " he replied, "I can't drink that much every day.

      (1) crab n.螃蟹
      (2) sideways adv.侧着;斜着


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-07 23:16:41

    *Story 65*:〈A Hasty Interruption〉
      The fine-furniture store where I work has been in business since the 1920s.Recently I received a call from a woman who wanted to replace some chairs from a dining set purchased from us in the 1930s.I assured her we could help and sought the assistance of the office manager. "You'll never believe this one, " I told him." I just got a call from a customer who bought some chairs from us in the 1930s. "
      Before I could finish repeating her request, he interrupted and said, "Don't tell me she hasn't received them yet!"

      (1) replace v.更换;替换
      (2) purchase v.购买
      (3) assure v.有信心地说
      (4) seek v.寻求
      (5) assistance n.帮助


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-08 23:11:49

    *Story 66*:〈A Small Surprise〉
      When his wife was expecting their third child, a father decided to tell his two sons, ages seven and nine, the facts of life. He checked out several books from the library on how parents should approach the subject. After stumbling through an explanation, he took a deep breath, and said, "Now, boys, do you have any questions?"
      "Yes," the younger boy answered immediately.
      "Go ahead," said the man, his heart in his throat.
      "Can we," his son asked, "have new baseball gloves?"

      (1) the facts of life(口,委婉语)性知识(例如讲给孩子们听的)
      (2) check out挑选出;筛选出
      (3) stumble v.结结巴巴地说话


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-09 23:33:36

    *Story 67*:〈The Cat and the Saucer〉
      An antiques collector was passing a small shop when he noticed a cat on the sidewalk out front, licking milk from a saucer. The man immediately realized the saucer was very old and valuable. He stepped into the shop with an uninterested look and asked to buy the cat. "I'm sorry, " the shop owner said, "but the cat is not for sale: "
      "Please, " the collector urged, "I need a cat around my house to catch mice. I'll give you 20 dollars. "
      "The cat is yours," the owner said taking the money.
      "Listen," the collector added, "I wonder if you could throw in that old saucer as well. The cat seems to like it and I'd hate to have him give it up. "
      "Sorry," the shop owner answered, "but that saucer brings me luck. Why, just this week I've sold 68 cats!"

      (1) saucer n.托盘
      (2) antique n.古董
      (3) lick v.舔
      (4) urge v.力劝;敦促
      (5) throw in 额外赠送


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-10 22:13:47

    *Story 68*:〈Long Life〉
      A man was selling medicines at a fair. At first he sold bottles of a cure for colds for just a dollar a bottle.
      Many people wanted to buy it and the man's young assistant moved quickly through the crowd collecting money and handing out bottles of the cold cure.
      Then, when he had a big crowd, the man held up a very small bottle.
      "And now, ladies and gentlemen, " he shouted. "here is the medicine you have been waiting for. The cure for old age. Drink just one bottle of this and you will live forever."
       "And, ladies and gentlemen," the man continued, "I'm not going to charge you a hundred dollars a bottle for this wonderful medicine. I'm not going to charge you fifty dollars a bottle. I'm not going to charge you twenty five dollars a bottle. No, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to charge you just ten dollars a bottle. Think, my friends, for ten dollars you can live forever."
      Most of the people in the crowd did not believe this.
      One person shouted, "if it will make you live forever, why don't you drink it?"
      Then another person cried , "Yes, you look as if you're at least sixty years old. "
      "Thank you, sir, thank you," the man replied, "I'm so glad you said that. My real age is three hundred and twenty nine. "
      The crowd laughed at this but there were still a few people who wanted to believe the man. One of them spoke to the man's assistant as she passed by. "Is that true," he asked, "that he's three hundred and twenty-nine?"
      “Don't ask me," the assistant said, "I've only worked for him for a hundred and fifty years."

      (1) fair n.集市
      (2) charge v.收钱;要价
      (3) look as if看上去


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-11 23:42:56

    *Story 69*:〈Diet Tribe〉
      Mom was very proud that she'd lost ten pounds. On the way to the store with my husband and me she talked of little else. We dropped her off in the lingerie department, but when we returned, we couldn't find her. Thinking she might be in the fitting room, I asked the saleswoman if she had seen my mother. "What does she look like?" the clerk asked.
      My husband said simply, "She just lost ten pounds.
      "Third door on the left." the woman replied with a smile.

      (1) drop sb off将某人送到(某处)
      (2) lingerie n.女内衣
      (3) fitting room试衣室


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-12 23:20:10

    *Story 70*:〈Stunning Reply〉
      My five-year-old son was not picking up his toys while I was preparing dinner as I had asked him. When I inquired why he wasn't doing his chores, he said that he didn't feel like it. Exasperated, I said, "Where would you be right now if I didn't feel like making dinner?"
      He thought for a moment and then replied, " A restaurant?"

      (1) pick up捡起;拾起
      (2) chore n.杂务;不愉快的工作
      (3) exasperated adj.愤怒的;恼火的


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  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-13 23:49:23

    *Story 71*:〈Senior Class〉
      During the doctor's periodic visit to my elderly mother, I told him that Mother would be celebrating her 98th birthday in few days. Delighted by the news, he bent down and gave her a kiss for the occasion. He then announced that he, too, would be celebrating a birthday in few days and asked for a kiss in return.
      When he left, my mother shook her head in disgust. "Can you imagine, " she said. "Seventy dollars and I had to kiss him too!"

      (1) periodic adj.定期的
      (2) bend down弯腰


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    每天背几篇,已经背到15篇 3Q lz

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    Don't mention it. It's my pleasure.

    *Story 72*:〈The Young Man at the Wheel〉
      My infant daughter began crying as I drove home from the store, and since she was harnessed to her safety seat in the back, I couldn't console her. Stopping for a red light, I turned around and waved my hands, calling her name to distract her. I gave her my biggest smile and blew her a kiss. The sound of a horn from the car behind us prompted me to look up. The young man at the wheel was smiling broadly .He waved and then blew me a kiss.

      (1) harness (to)v.系于;绑于He is harnessed to his job. 他工作脱不开身。
      (2) console v.给予安慰或同情
      (3) distract v.转移注意力;使分心
      (4) prompt v.驱使
      (5) the man at the wheel驾驶员
      (6) broadly adv.咧嘴地


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-15 18:07:36

    *Story 73*:〈What Went Wrong?〉
      A Japanese company and an American company had a boat race, the Japanese won by a mile. The Americans hired analysts to figure out what went wrong. They reported that the Japanese had one person managing and seven rowing, while the Americans had seven managing and only one rowing. The American company immediately restructured its team. Now they had one senior manager, six management consultants and one rower.
      In the rematch the Japanese won by two miles. So the American company fired the rower.

      (1) analyst n.分析家
      (2) figure out 想出;演算出
      (3) restructure v.重组
      (4) consultant n.顾问


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-16 18:18:54

    *Story 74*:〈You Never Called〉
      A guy spots his doctor in the mall. He stops him and says, "Six weeks ago when I was in your office, you told me to go home, get into bed and stay there until you called. But you never called. "
      "I didn't?" the doctor says." Then what are you doing out of bed?"

      (1) spot v.(从很多人或物中)认出;看出
      (2) mall n.集市


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-17 23:07:17

    *Story 75*:〈A Vacation Cruise〉
      One stupid guy reads an ad about a vacation cruise that costs only $ 100.After he signs up and pays, the travel agent hits him with a bat, knocks him unconscious and throws him out the back door into the river. Soon another guy comes in, pays his fee and gets the same treatment
      Fifteen minutes later, as the two are floating down the river together, the first man says, "I wonder if they're serving any food on this cruise."
      "I don' t know, the second guy replied. "They didn't last year."

      (1) cruise n.乘船巡游;巡航
      (2) sign up签约
      (3) bet n.棒
      (4) unconscious adj.没有知觉的;不省人事的


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    you did a good job.thank you sincerely

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    Thank you. Good luck!

    *Story 76*:〈This Way to Request〉
      I had fallen and dislocated my elbow, which made writing checks for my small business nearly impossible. I called my bank to explain that the signature on my checks would look odd due to my accident, and would they please horror them anyway.
      "Okay," said the woman on the phone, "but you' 11 have to write a letter to the bank telling them that you are requesting this. "

      (1) dislocate v.脱离原位;使脱臼
      (2) signature n.签名
      (3) due to由于
      (4) honor v.承认并如期支付


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    welll,excuse me ,could you please inteoduce youself?er```

  • REN

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    i'am curious about how can you speak english so well?

  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-19 22:44:46

    I am a hiker on the voyage of life who enjoy sports and English. I am doing a job as an editor. Thanks for your compliment. My English leaves a lot to be desired. I consider interest is the best teacher and diligence is the key to success.

    *Story 77*:〈The Problem of Two Flounders〉
      Simon was an inveterate fisherman, well known for exaggerating the size of "the one that got away". But there came a day when he actually caught two enormous flounders. He immediately invited a few friends over to dine, then tried to figure out how best to serve the fish." If I use both," he told his wife, "it will seem ostentatious."
      "Why not serve a piece of each?" she suggested.
      "No, if I cut them up, nobody will believe I caught two giant flounders." Simon racked his brain. Then he had an idea.
      The guests were seated at the table when their host strode in with a platter, holding the biggest flounder they'd ever seen. Suddenly Simon stumbled and fell. Everyone cried out in dismay as the fish crashed to the floor, but Simon quickly brushed himself off.
      "Dear, " he called out to his wife, "bring in the other flounder!"

      (1) inveterate adj.(指习惯、感情)根深蒂固的;由来已久的
      (2) exaggerate v.夸张;夸大
      (3) flounder n.比目鱼
      (4) figure out想出;理解
      (5) ostentatious adj.炫耀的;卖弄的
      (6) rack one's brain绞尽脑汁
      (7) be seated就座
      (8) stride v.大步走
      (9) platter n.
      (10) dismay n.惊慌
      (11) brush oneself off摆脱窘境


  • hiker

    hiker (kindness doubles happiness. :) 2012-03-20 23:53:44

    *Story 78*:〈At the Supermarket〉
       At the supermarket I noticed an elderly man who seemed to be following me wherever I went. As I moved to each aisle, there he was, smiling at me. Now I was wondering if he was interested in me. At the dairy counter I was checking out the eggs when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw that it was the same man. "Lady," he finally said, "you have my shopping cart."

      (1) aisle n.超市中两个货架之间的走道
      (2) dairy n.售牛奶、奶油、鸡蛋的柜台、商店
      (3) check out(超市上)付款离开



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    Thanks for your focus.

    *Story 79*:〈In the air〉
      Matt and his wife lived in the country. Matt was very stingy and hated spending money. One day a fair came to the nearby town.
      "Let's go to the fair, Matt," his wife said. "We haven't been anywhere for a long time."
      Matt thought about this for a while. He knew he would have to spend money at the fair. At last he said, "All right, but I'm not going to spend much money. We'll look at things, but we won't buy anything. "
      They went to the fair and looked at all the things to buy. There were many things Matt's wife wanted to buy, but he would not let her spend any money.
      Then, in a nearby field, they saw a small airplane.
      "Fun flights!" the notice said, " $ 10 for 10 minutes.
      Matt had never been in an airplane and he wanted to go on a fun flight. However, he didn't want to have to pay for his wife, as well.
      "I've only got $ 10, " he told the pilot. "Can my wife come with me for free?" The pilot wasn't selling many tickets, so he said, "I'll make a bargain with you. If your wife doesn't scream or shout, she can have a free flight."
      Matt agreed, and got into the small airplane with his wife.
      The pilot took off and made his airplane do all kinds of things. At one moment it was flying upside down.
      When the plane landed, the pilot said, "0. K. your wife didn't make a sound. She can have her ride free."
      "Thank you," Matt said. "It wasn't easy for her, you know, especially when she fell out."

      (1) stingy adj.吝啬
      (2) hate(doing)讨厌(做)
      (3) free adj.免费的
      (4) make a bargain with sb 达成协议;做成交易
      (5) upsidedown 倒转地;倒置地


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