How To Grow Old - Bertrand Russell


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    This is one of my posts concerning 'how to grow old'

    Ms kayla4111: I’m very interested in your case. It is a case typically edifying and characteristic of my ideal. I envy you that you are living without relatives in a city. What you have realized is real independence.

    People tend to take celibatarians as weird persons. According to their supposition we have been either hurt in sensibility by the male or inborn with autism. They are seldom aware of the fact that one hardly can live alone for all one’s life unless one is blessed with a sanguine disposition.

    We all know that in the book4 of New Concept English there is a lesson titled as ‘How to grow old’. It was the last paragraph of an article written by Bertrand Russell. In order to illustrate ‘sanguine disposition’ and also, incidentally, to gratify NCE learner’s curiosities I extract some lines from the first paragraph of the same article:

    ‘My maternal grandmother, after having nine children who survived, one who died in infancy, and many miscarriages, as soon as she became a widow, devoted herself to woman’s higher education. She was one of the founders of Girton College, and worked hard at opening the medical profession to women. She used to relate how she met in Italy an elderly gentleman who was looking very sad. She inquired the cause of his melancholy and he said that he had just parted from his two grandchildren. “Good gracious”, she exclaimed, “I have seventy-two grandchildren, and if I were sad each time I parted from one of them, I should have a dismal existence!” “Madre snaturale,” he replied. But speaking as one of the seventy-two, I prefer her recipe. After the age of eighty she found she had some difficulty in getting to sleep, so she habitually spent the hours from midnight to 3 a.m. in reading popular science. I do not believe that she ever had time to notice that she was growing old. This, I think, is proper recipe for remaining young. If you have wide and keen interests and activities in which you can still be effective, you will have no reason to think about the merely statistical fact of the number of years you have already lived, still less of the probable brevity of you future.’

    Mr. Russell’s grandmother devoted most part of her life to her children and lived alone only when she became a widow; but I don’t think her optimism was other than ours. Perhaps we could imitate ‘how to grow old’ to write ‘how to live alone’ as a new article. Do you like this idea?


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