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    The eclipses are back, for we can always expect them to come every six months, and a new family is starting up in the air sign of Aquarius and the fire sign of Leo. Both go perfectly with your Gemini air-sign element. All over your chart are planets sending star beams pointing to your ninth house of intellectual ideas and concepts, and your ability to write, speak, translate, research negotiate and do research. If the past few months have seemed to drag, with very little progress, change, or movement, your life will suddenly move at fast forward and likely please you to no end. Gemini is known to be very talented in communications, so this month should be delicious, like being served up your very favorite piece of pie.
    The month’s first eclipse will be a full moon lunar eclipse, August 7 in Aquarius, 15 degrees. You also have a very strong chart for distant travel, and if you do pack and go, as you read this, you may not even know you’d be heading to the airport very soon. Additionally, a very important career matter involving communication appears to be coming to critical mass, and it seems to involve a foreign company abroad, and/or a publishing / broadcasting communication project. The two might be intertwined.
    If you say that you don’t think you have any foreign people or companies in your life, look closer – the company’s main headquarters may be based in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the US, or another exciting location far that is far from your base. (If you were born in France, say, and live in the US, then the US is lucky for you in this example, for the US is foreign to you, as funny as that might sound.) Your future personal growth will rest with foreign people and places, and you will find this trend to be like a breath of fresh air.
    Other industries shine for you too: social media, telecommunications, and ventures involving the digital world. You will begin to think bigger and broader than ever before, and you may look back on previous years and conclude you used to see possibilities in narrow terms but now see those possibilities in grand terms, as you should. It’s an exhilarating eclipse – very broadening and intellectually exciting – so you will love the trend that is starting up now, and that will continue for months.
    You may launch an app or other digital product, or write a book. You might join a magazine or website as a regular columnist. Or, you may be given your own TV show to host or start a podcast by subscription that becomes a blockbuster. You may be asked to be a spokesperson for your company, or if you are a publicist, take on a great new client.
    Alternatively, on this eclipse you may be thinking about a study or teaching program at the university of your dreams. Legal matters might have to come up, mainly because I see so much negotiation happening for you. Aquarius is one of the best signs for you, and I love what is happening because Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, from your fifth house of creativity, will be beaming shimmering rays up to your ninth house of communication and intellectual expansion.
    The reason I am so excited about this eclipse is that you will have Jupiter in air-sign Libra, perfectly angled to this full moon, bringing final accord to all that you’ve been working on up to now. You might also be getting ready to sign more than one contract this month. Mars will be in Leo, the sign of entertainment, and you will be working through your third house of negotiation all month – there will be plenty of talk.
    Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, and when placed 120 degrees away from the full moon, it forms what astrologers call a trine position. This is the best you can get – enormous harmony. To top this off, Saturn, the planet of security, now in your partnership / collaboration house, will contribute stability to this eclipse. Not to be outdone, Pluto will send you financial gain at the eclipse early in the month, possibly based on performance, as a bonus, licensing fee, or commission.

    Any full moon – or eclipse – in Aquarius automatically brings in its ruler, in this case Uranus, to the conversation. The condition of Uranus is important to note if you and I are to judge how things will pay out. If the ruler of the eclipse were in angry angle to other planets, that would not be a good sign. Happily, Uranus, planet of surprise, is beautifully positioned to the Sun and moon, AND for Uranus to reach out to Saturn to help you forge a wonderful long-term relationship.
    If your birthday falls on June 6, you will be outstandingly favored by this full moon – give this date a plus or minus four days. The same is true if you have Gemini rising 16 degrees, or the natal noon in that sign and degree, plus or minus four degrees, or a natal planet in Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 16 degrees plus or minus four degrees.
    I love when Mars in your short travel sector, and Jupiter, now in your true love sector, are in sync over the weekend of August 19-20. That is the weekend to find love!
    Keep in mind that your ruler, Mercury will go retrograde from August 12 to September 5. The eclipses will bring a lot of commotion, and I would rather you not sign when Mercury is out of phase. The exception is if you previously worked with the person who you will be working with in the future, and for some reason it did not work out. Now you can work together without fear because you are continuing the relationship, not starting a new one.
    If you are out of work and need the job, and have no real history with the person you are interviewing with, then take it anyway, aware that the description of the job will change significantly in time, but in a way no one can predict precisely. It is often easier to get a job when you have a job, as unfair as that sounds. So take the job, and see how it goes.
    If the first eclipse, August 7, will mark a culmination to talks and negotiations, the August 21 eclipse will open a door to a new opportunity.
    That month’s second eclipse will be even more important and will occur on August 21 in Leo at 29 degrees as a new moon solar eclipse. It will light your third house, which is a house of short distance travel, contracts, and all the communication arts of writing, speaking, translating, coding, sales, telecommunication, public relations, advertising, publicity, marketing, and related areas – all areas you shine. I feel this eclipse on August 21 is when I believe your biggest contracts will come in, but hold off, because Mercury is still retrograde. So many people know about Mercury retrograde now that you need not be shy about saying you will consider the offer after Mercury turns direct next month, September 5. Give a space of a few days to September 5. I once told the President of ABC that we needed to wait nearly a month to sign, and he was surprised, but I assured him I was protecting us both – and I was.
    A new moon solar eclipse almost always brings good news. This one is being called the Great American Eclipse, for it will appear in the sky only across the United States, starting in Oregon and moving diagonally to the east coast until it reaches South Carolina. An eclipse like this one has not occurred since June 1918, and won’t appear again for hundreds of years. You certainly will see this eclipse on TV. For more information consult the NASA website.

    This new moon solar eclipse falls in Leo, a fire sign, at 29 degrees. Uranus, the planet of surprise, from your house of friendship, will signal that eclipse, so you may hear unexpected happy news from a friend at this time. If news from the friend (or about a friend) comes to you at eclipse time, it’s sure to be important, helpful news. Nothing ordinary happens at the time an eclipse occurs. At the same time, Saturn is at the right place to bring help from a partner – spouse, agent, representative, broker, writing partner, and other one-on-one go-between in your life. News in the days and weeks to follow this eclipse will get your full attention.
    Mars, the action planet, will be within four tiny degrees of this eclipse, also in Leo, adding a big boost of energy to this eclipse. Interestingly, by September 2, Mars will actually move over the same degree of the eclipse 29 degrees Leo, and this means if news does not hit on or just after August 21, it will by the first week of September. A solar eclipse always opens a door of opportunity, and usually it is about something new that you would not have ever expected to come to you. The third house of the horoscope also rules sisters and brothers, so you may hear news from your sibling about important family news taking place near September 21.
    Think back to the eclipse of August 22, 1998, when there was a solar eclipse, in Leo, at the same degree. (Yes, it was on August 22, not August 21.) Can you remember anything special that happened that year, or in early 1999?
    I know I have been very excited about your prospects, but I should mention that eclipses bring up so much news that sometimes some of the news could be news you initially don’t like. Part of the job of an eclipse is to evolve us to a new stage of maturity. Be philosophical about all that occurs. I cannot see everything in your chart, so I can’t say for sure that absolutely nothing will catch you off guard. Yet from all the eclipses I have seen over the years, from where I sit, I can say positively that these two eclipses this month seem to be among the best and ready to bring outstanding news
    It may help to read my essay “How to Deal with Eclipses” found on my home page on the lower left hand side if you go on your computer. If you want to read it on my premium (paid, subscriber) app, go to the menu, find Life+Love, then, Susan’s Essays, and you will see the article. I think it will be helpful to read now. (My app is on Apple App Store or Google Play, under Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily Horoscopes, but includes much more than daily scopes.) By the way, if you go on my website on your computer, look for the Table of Eclipses from 1994 to 2030, and all the upcoming and past Mercury retrograde periods 1994 to 2030.
    Romantically, sparkling things might be happening if you want love! Mars in Leo will make you magnetic and charismatic all month, and if you hope to travel for a weekend away, choose the weekend of August 19-20, when Mars will be in perfect sync with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, from your house of true love. Jupiter is in his final weeks of being in Libra, a superb place for Jupiter to be positioned to engender love. If you want to meet someone new, this is the time to circulate!
    The weekend of August 19-20 is surely surprising and special for you. If you are attached, it will be just as glittering a period for you. Travel seems to trigger the link to love. (As an aside, Friday, August 18, would be an ideal time to show ideas for a new creative project.)
    Other dates when love may be in the air will be at the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius in your ninth sector, August 7, plus or minus five days. Again at this full moon, travel will help you meet new people, but there will be other settings that can do that for you: college campuses, TV studios, publishing houses, digital and telecommunications / app companies (say, in the IT department) are all places where you may also have a surprising introduction that clicks. Decide the kind of occupation that you hope your new partner will be involved in, and then go to the area of the city where those people seem to be centered and attend the restaurants that your future partner might frequent. It might work for you now – you have the aspects! As someone once said to me, to dig for diamonds, you must go to a rich field.
    If you are already in love, you may be getting married and planning a very exciting honeymoon. You have so many planets in travel signs! Have fun!
    Two important eclipses are coming this month, the first in air-sign Aquarius and the second one in fire-sign Leo, both in elements outstandingly favorable to your air-sign Gemini Sun. Think of an eclipse as a full or new moon times three. All eclipses require sudden adjustment, but this month the ones you’ll need to make to changing conditions will be fairly easy. Also as a Gemini, you are inherently flexible, another reason you will be ahead of others to take advantage of what comes up.

    The first eclipse will arrive August 7 as full moon lunar eclipse, to light your ninth house of foreign people and places. You may be on a distant trip at this time, getting ready to go or return. Or, you may be about to crystallize a deal on a publishing or broadcasting venture. International relationships or import-export of ideas, goods, or services, all will go remarkably well. If you are waiting for an immigration matter to be settled, you will have glittering aspects to discuss a visa, green card, or citizenship – go for the gold. After this eclipse, you will know where you stand.
    Searching for the right college or graduate school? An interview you schedule with university authorities within four days of the eclipse could turn out to be life-changing, for these lunar events are known to bring lifestyle changes that you will likely long remember. This trip appears to be linked to a deep desire you’ve held in your heart a long time.
    Jupiter, the good fortunate planet, will be outstandingly friendly at the time of the lunar eclipse of August 7, bringing in the possibility for romance or to matters related to a child or pregnancy. You may also have an opportunity to show off your sophisticated creativity. Saturn, the planet that teaches long-range thinking, will also be on hand to bring stability and gravitas to your actions, another bonus. To unlock your help, you may need an agent, publicist, business partner or other person you work with in a one-on-one, seriously committed way.
    The ninth house rules the court system too, so if you are in a dispute, it can be resolved near August 7, plus or minus four days. Sometimes an eclipse will deliver its news one month to the day earlier, and at other times one month to the day later, with the same tolerance of days, plus or minus five days. A full 70 percent of lunar eclipses fall on the precise day.
    Two weeks later, on August 21, the new moon solar eclipse will occur in Leo, and again will stimulate travel, and this time, if you choose to go, it will be to a place close to home. Or, if you are overseas, you may decide to explore to nearby cities. You may, alternatively, be asked to sign a contract, but it might be best to put off doing so, as Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde from August 12 to September 5, not a time to agree to anything new. The exception is if you have a previous relationship with the person offering you the job or with the company (or situation on the table). In that case, you have an ongoing relationship that is simply continuing.
    No matter when you sign, you’d be wise to send the document to your lawyer – this is vital to do at eclipse time, for you need a second pair of eyes. You won’t notice much pressure on you to sign papers, for most people choose August as vacation time. It would be a good time for you to go away, too. If they can’t reach you, you can’t be pressured to sign at a time when you should wait (due to Mercury).
    It may be the paperwork will represent a contract to publish a book, screenplay, or column, or to work in social media. Or, the deal may be related to talks you had earlier this month regarding a collaboration that you would do to with an expert, or a project or deal that has been bubbling along as far back as six months ago, to last February.
    This eclipse will form a golden triangle in the sky, linking the eclipse, Sun, and active Mars to Saturn in your house of partnerships (underscoring the key role a partner / collaborator will play) and to Uranus, plant of surprise and all things unexpected, based in your sector of community and friendships. This is also the house of hopes and wishes. Clearly, this month brings with it a superb chance of getting very gratifying, happy news out of the blue.
    As said lots of times here, travel is possible, so if you need a rest, take one. Mars will be in Leo all month, giving sparkle to your personality and boosting your aura – others will be attracted to you. I love when Mars, in your short travel sector, and Jupiter, now in your true love sector, are in sync over the weekend of August 19-20. That is the weekend to find love!
    Near the end of the month, Venus will move into Leo, a perfect place for you from August 26 to September 19, so love would flourish beautifully on short getaways at that time. In late month, go to a place you used to visit years ago that you miss – Mercury retrograde is about going back to places and people we have loved and forgotten about and enjoying those pleasures again.

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    。。本来想一段段翻,怕被你骂,然后放弃,现在发现你也一段段翻。擦。 。。本来想一段段翻,怕被你骂,然后放弃,现在发现你也一段段翻。擦。 狐嫣染


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    尊的啊?那最后几段你随便挑,综述那块 尊的啊?那最后几段你随便挑,综述那块 过气女郎


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    第一次月食将于8月7日满月月食到来,照亮你的第九宫。你可能正在进行一次遥远的旅行,准备出发或返回。或者,你可能即将在一个出版或广播公司达成协议。国际关系或思想、货物或服务的进出口都会非常好。如果你正在等待移民问题的解决,你将有闪亮的各个方面来讨论签证,绿卡,或公民身份-出发去淘金吧!日食之后,你会知道自己的立场。 在寻找合适的大学或研究生院咩?在月食发生的四天内,你和大学主管一起安排的一次会面可能会改变你的生活,因为这些月食事件会带来你长久铭记的生活方式的改变。这次旅行似乎与你内心深处长久以来的渴望联系在一起。

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    「该条回应已被删除」 「该条回应已被删除」 过气女郎


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    其实这种义务翻译我们都不催,有空给翻点参考就行,不用太大压力 其实这种义务翻译我们都不催,有空给翻点参考就行,不用太大压力 小V


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    累累哒。最后2段给你嘞!@过气女郎 累累哒。最后2段给你嘞!@过气女郎 狐嫣染


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    好哒!谢了!辛苦鸟~~我也吃晚饭去,吃完再来。顺便吐槽一下母么家雷打不动的五点吃晚饭制度。太 好哒!谢了!辛苦鸟~~我也吃晚饭去,吃完再来。顺便吐槽一下母么家雷打不动的五点吃晚饭制度。太阳当空照,晚饭开始鸟~~ ... 过气女郎

    5点就吃晚上饿了咋办= =

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    5点就吃晚上饿了咋办= = 5点就吃晚上饿了咋办= = 狐嫣染


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    宵夜继续搞~ 宵夜继续搞~ 过气女郎


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    看星星组好久了的感觉,觉得你们和朋友一样,最近满难熬的,过来的次数就比较多,幸福的时候都不 看星星组好久了的感觉,觉得你们和朋友一样,最近满难熬的,过来的次数就比较多,幸福的时候都不来看运势了,哎 ... 小V


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    历来就有说法,来看运势的人都不顺,其实我冷眼来看过得蛮幸福的看官和翻译官都有,心态比较重要 历来就有说法,来看运势的人都不顺,其实我冷眼来看过得蛮幸福的看官和翻译官都有,心态比较重要,比起五六年前我的心情现在好到天上去了,生活稳定多了,也没多大的气生,但是运势这一块作为爱好暂时还不想放弃,估计以后也不会,除非去见马克思了。 ... 过气女郎


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    6月6 ……终于在好事上被点名了一回

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    双子 翻译:过气女郎




























    综述 翻译:狐嫣染

    第一次月食将于8月7日满月月食到来,照亮你的第九宫。你可能正在进行一次遥远的旅行,准备出发或返回。或者,你可能即将在一个出版或广播公司达成协议。国际关系或思想、货物或服务的进出口都会非常好。如果你正在等待移民问题的解决,你将有闪亮的各个方面来讨论签证,绿卡,或公民身份-出发去淘金吧!日食之后,你会知道自己的立场。 在寻找合适的大学或研究生院咩?在月食发生的四天内,你和大学主管一起安排的一次会面可能会改变你的生活,因为这些月食事件会带来你长久铭记的生活方式的改变。这次旅行似乎与你内心深处长久以来的渴望联系在一起。









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    @狐嫣染 你快去看苏三组里我发的双子月运标题,保证你笑死

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    @狐嫣染 你快去看苏三组里我发的双子月运标题,保证你笑死 @狐嫣染 你快去看苏三组里我发的双子月运标题,保证你笑死 过气女郎


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