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  • 长夜

    长夜 ( 2005-12-15 12:17:23

    Count me in.

    But the big problem's they have a limitation on the cyber edition of the mag,not all of the articles can be accessed through the internet,and it's hard to find any hardcopy of it in Shanghai(gonna prove me wrong?then tell me where to buy it:)).

    However,once I bought a copy from a mag vendor selling fastfood mags like time(Asia),FEER,Businessweek and what not,that issue's so impressing.

    In my opinion, could also be a good choice for online reading,though sometimes boring,even nonsense.

  • 听候清退旧精魂

    听候清退旧精魂 (αρετή) 2005-12-15 12:29:12

    Agree with you on Slate; I hate their movie reviews, generally. But at least it's better than

    You can have NYer delivered to your home if you are ready to pay $80 internaitional shipping rate on top of the subscription. It's not so bad, and my neighbors are not quite savvy enough to pinch them, I hope......

  • Jean

    Jean (落叶半床,狂花满屋) 2005-12-15 13:03:48

    "70% discount in quality"?! Seriously? Since when? I've been subscribing it for 12 or 13 (or 14?) years, but i haven't noticed the quality went down. :p

    I often suspect my postman pinch mine. Or just delaying the delivery till he/she has finished reading that issue. :(

    Once i read it somewhere that Bill Gates claimed "The New Yorker" was his default airplane reading material. I found that a wonderful suggestion. The varied subjects fit air travel perfectly.

  • 听候清退旧精魂

    听候清退旧精魂 (αρετή) 2005-12-15 13:17:47

    JJ: you will have to go back further than that---I guess among your first issues was the one with the renowned cover of a punk on a two-horse carriage? There already loomed Tina Brown's sinister presence. Good thing she was sacked a few years later, after irreversible damage.

    For a good idea of how it felt like pre-Tina, go to used-book stores and pick up a NYer from early 80s. Don't get me wrong: I do have some issues with that period, too, among which is a palpable Brooks-Brothers Preppiness and moth-ball clubbiness. And the fell swoop of Pauline Kael the Matriarch on European movies. But the endless profiles and excellent short stories run page after page, with few ads, and no magazine-like pandering to short attention spans. Reads more like a book---more so than even the "Granta" of our days.

  • Jean

    Jean (落叶半床,狂花满屋) 2005-12-16 13:04:44

    I subscribed to the New Yorker because I was so thirsty for fictions. Remembering the literature magazines we had in China: 收获,十月,etc.. Every month in it came the dose of stories that to quench my thirst.
    I tried in vain to find something similar in the States. Then i noticed that in the short story collection we used as text book in English class, many of the stories originated in "The New Yorker". So i decided to subscribe it.
    You could imagine how disappointed i was when i received my first issue. It has but one puny fiction in the entire issue!
    But this looks rather promising:

  • 听候清退旧精魂

    听候清退旧精魂 (αρετή) 2005-12-16 13:18:55

    Ha! Great minds think alike, yet again!

    I ordered the set last week, along with a Booth-terrier T-shirt and the logo cap.

    For fiction afficionado like you, I'd recommend Granta magazine. Avaiable in the Borders near you.

  • 顾遇绸缪

    顾遇绸缪 2005-12-16 13:38:36

    if you order it from new yorker website, the price is $70, free shipping, but you can get $20 off for next purchase. So I am not sure which one is cheaper...haha...maybe I will wait, then buy a used one.

  • 长夜

    长夜 ( 2005-12-16 13:46:11

    And u can save 30$ if u r using an amazon credit card,well,the promotion tricks just go on and on...

  • 顾遇绸缪

    顾遇绸缪 2005-12-16 14:06:43

    I have amazon card and used up this $30 already. But I can use my card to buy it, get some points, then get cash back. but amazon won't give you 3% rewards untill your points reach some number, like 1000. I forget the exact number.

  • 听候清退旧精魂

    听候清退旧精魂 (αρετή) 2006-01-03 11:32:34

    Recently I have had an on-and-off infatuation with Supplies me with a lot of high-quality gossip and some totally useless---therefore absolutely delicious---trivia. Give it a try, ladies and germs!

  • Ping

    Ping ( 2006-02-15 01:39:25

    there are a bunch of magazine sites on my favourite collection! and New Yorker! Oh, my! That's the highest. You know J.D.Salinger submit his works only to New Yorker.

  • [已注销]

    [已注销] 2006-03-11 09:04:01

    What is wrong with Harper's? Lefty? I used to enjoy these two mag's together at the school library.

  • 听候清退旧精魂

    听候清退旧精魂 (αρετή) 2006-03-12 15:29:55

    Harper's is quirky but uneven.

    For good writing I also read New Republic; James Wood (not the actor) is always worth listening to. But over the last 7 years, NR has taken a nasty turn to the Right. Too eager to align with the "Chicken Hawks", for my taste.

  • 铁蒺藜骨朵没有

    铁蒺藜骨朵没有 2006-03-16 00:13:49

    How's the New Yorker DVD set? I've been drooling over it for a few month, but I'm still not sure if I really need it. Since I'm not that into fictions adn I have all the copies from recent years, it seems this purchase would end me up with nothing but a lot of back issues. And there's slim chance that I will browse through it them exept for the first day. But still it's tempting or even tantalizing.

  • 北平℡

    北平℡ (北平ᴴᴰ) 2006-03-28 04:14:11

    Not a fan yet. But will read it. Thank you for recommending.


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