创建于2010-03-20     组长:sh4w

KIOSK/Xiaomaibu is an art project, that uses modern technology in order to offer a platform for exchanges across cultures.

Kiosks are hubs for goods and stories. In both cultures, they are rooted as places that serve everyday living. A perfect site to exchange impressions, ideas and art. KIOSK/Xiaomaibu acts as a stage for events that enable the exchange about everyday matters as well as a studio for artists.

KIOSK/Xiaomaibu is to learn from the city by starting with a modest setting and by working with a broad mix of stakeholders. This collaborative art project is an opportunity for artists and the public alike not just to share aspects of daily life in different cities as and when it happens but also to jointly engage in an exploration of it.

Visual art, writing and music are all equally important building blocks in the making of KIOSK/Xaomaibu.

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