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forget art


创建于2010-06-22     组长:myfstudio

Forget Art is a guerrilla intervention-based institution initiated by Chinese artist and curator Ma Yongfeng in 2009, with the objective of launching a series of self-organized projects to seek the artistic practices directly related to society, the tactic is to input new concepts and methods by subtly becoming involved in the mechanisms, applying them to his social practices and resistances.

Forget Art是2009年由艺术家和策展人马永峰发起的以“游击性介入”项目为基础的机构,通过一系列自我组织的替代策略微妙的介入到机制之中,注入新的概念和方法,并将其运用到社会实践之中,试图在日益僵化的当代艺术体制之中制造边缘和抵抗。




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