Paul McGann

Paul McGann


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他是第八任博士,是名著影视的常客,他演过两部阿婆的小说,还演过我们共同的朋友、三个火枪手、虹、不可儿戏、霍洛布洛恩船长,他是《绑架 》中的大坏蛋,是凯瑟琳女王的爱人……仅仅是军人形象,他就塑造了至少四种性格,请自行深刻体会Mr Bush那声销魂的“Fire!”吧~~~

作为一个地道的利物浦人,Paul McGann以讲利物浦英语而自豪,他说 "At RADA they insisted that you learn to speak Standard English. I was terrible! I remember the voice coach saying, ‘You are the only person to leave here with a stronger regional dialect than when you started’. I think I wore my scouser-hood as a kind of badge, fearing these jazz-handed Southerners were going to steal my soul. I couldn’t be posh. I was the home-grown, grim-up-North type. " (丰富的俄站)
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