CANART 当代艺术机构

CANART 当代艺术机构


创建于2008-11-21     组长:子涵



·设计行业的展示空间,为本土设计师与国际交流、展示的平台。 ::











CANART 不是简单意义上的画廊,而是做为综合性的艺术空间为多种艺术形式(视觉艺术、行为艺术、音乐、影像及表演等)提供活动的空间,并且致力于组织专业学术性艺术展览和活动。探索并试图创造新的途径去研究及策划艺术展览的不同方式,通过开放性的平台搭建发现问题、提出问题、探讨问题的沟通桥梁。

The CICA is home to the best new art and culture from China and around the world.

The CANART Institute of Contemporary Arts was established in 2008 with both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces in Shanghai.

The CICA is dedicated to the exhibition, promotion and development of contemporary Chinese artists, art and ideas.

The exhibition programs, education programs and outreach activities all provide a platform for artists and audiences to engage with cultural and creative ideas. The exhibitions are supported by a publications program which helps make the art work more accessible to a wider range of audiences.

As a multi-function art organization, the main aim of CANART Institute of Contemporary Arts (CICA) is to develop and promote contemporary art in China and to build up a platform of cultural exchange and dialogue between Chinese and international artists. CICA not only directly supports visual art, performing/performance art, experimental music, new media and all the other cutting-edge art forms, but also promotes contemporary art through publishing, curating, and managing art projects.

Now the space is under construction and will open in Oct. 2008, it's the great honor that you visit the CICA later.

Mission and Objective

The goal of CICA is to create an open artistic environment in which contemporary art in all its different identities can be created, shown, and discussed. We discover, support and promote excellent young Chinese artists and promote international artists' recognition in China.
What follows are the main directives for CICA programming and artistic choices:


CICA's most important aspect is Openness. In our space that almost open to the outdoors we want to foster discussion, without necessarily trying to provide the viewers or the artists with answers. Everyone who wants to join the open platform that we are building can contact us with projects and proposals.


At CICA , events and programs are multidisciplinary, which challenge fixed boundaries of artistic disciplines. We stimulate interaction between visual art and music, architecture and performance, film and installation, the public and the performer -- any and every possible combination.


The space bases on interactivity and dicussion between artists, organizations and audiences as the name CANART. We also hold some forum between audiences frequntly.


CICA is more than just a gallery. Our starting point not only lies in the use of the space, and the diversity of the programs (from visual art and film to music and performance) but also in the events and expositions we put on. CICA wants to play a leading role in exploring different curating models.


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